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Welcome to ReviewBox Brasil! If you are a fan of cutlery or like to venture out on trails and camping trips, you probably have a Victorinox pocket knife as an object of desire! It’s time to learn more about these exceptional tools and find out what it takes to buy yours! Victorinox pocket knives are beautiful, elegant and, above all, very useful. The Swiss brand almost gets confused with the very notion of what these utensils are. With so many benefits, we have prepared this article that brings all the necessary information about them. Stay with us to make the best possible choice!


  • Victorinox is the world reference in pocket knives, manufacturing the weapons used by the Swiss army and even NASA.
  • With such confidence and durability in its products, it even offers a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.
  • It is possible to choose between Victorinox pocket knives with varying amounts of functions, different materials or collections with ideals that change a lot. In common, always quality.

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The Best Victorinox Pocket Knives: Our Picks

Buying guide

Victorinox is a great reference when it comes to pocket knives. Is this reputation justified? What do the models offer you? What are the differences between them? After a lot of research, we bring you all these answers in our buying guide!

Imagem mostra duas pessoas fazendo churrasco em um acampamento.

Victorinox pocket knives are excellent for activities like camping. (Source: chulmin1700/

Why does Victorinox stand out in the cutlery business?

Few brands are as reference in a subject as Victorinox. It was created in 1884 already with the intention of manufacturing the official Swiss army knives. Over time, its tools came to be known internationally as “Swiss army knives”.

Today, Victorinox manufactures the standard equipment used by NASA in service. The confidence in the quality of the products is so great that they are sold with a lifetime warranty: any manufacturing defect at any time entitles you to a new model. The innovation of creating such incredibly versatile tools and the quality of the materials used have raised Victorinox to a level that few companies can reach. If you like cutlery and really demand the best quality, there is no other brand to think of!

Did you know that the name Victorinox is a combination of “Victoria” and “inox”? The brand’s founder, Karl Elsener, originally named it after his mother, Victoria. Only later, in the 1920s, was stainless steel incorporated into the name, in reference to the base material of the pocket knives.

What are the advantages of Victorinox pocket knives?

Just the fact of having a product from a brand of such quality, respected worldwide, is already a huge advantage that makes you opt for a Victorinox pocket-knife. But what about the lifetime warranty, which only amplifies all this confidence? With a Victorinox pocket knife, you have in your hands basically all the utensils you may need for everyday life. Not only in cases of camping or hiking, but even in everyday urban life. There are functions such as bottle openers, tweezers and corkscrews. Victorinox utensils are among the most complete that you can have. Some of them have up to 33 functions. And it is rare to find something that is able to combine durability and utility so efficiently. The only downside of Victorinox pocket knives is the high price, but it is probably worth paying a little more for such quality. See in the table below the main advantages and disadvantages of Victorinox pocket knives:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Extremely useful, can have up to 33 functions
  • Made with great care: Weight almost imperceptible
  • Incredible durability
  • Price quite high

Which are the Victorinox pocket-knife collections?

Victorinox currently separates its collections according to the material of the pocketknives and the main functions they offer. Let’s get to know a little more about each of the three main ones?

  • Camouflage Collection: It is where the most traditional pocket knives are, as Skipper, Climber and Huntsman. They are made in stainless steel, but the handle can assume several colours and shapes that help in camouflage. And, of course, they guarantee more style.
  • Wood Collection: Many of the most traditional Victorinox pocket knives are also present in this collection, but with a difference: Wooden handle. And not just any wood, but a totally sustainable one, taken from European walnut trees.
  • Alox Collection: Innovation of engineering and design of pocket knives, this collection replaces stainless steel by aluminum oxide, or alox, an even more durable material that has a special resistance to rust and the actions of time.

In the table below, we compare the three collections:

Camouflage Collection Wood Collection Alox Collection
Differentials Handles in various colours, allowing camouflage Wooden handles Use of aluminum oxide, also known as alox
Advantages More affordable price, possibility of camouflage More style, more sustainability Incomparable durability
Prices Medium to high High Medium to high

How to take care of your Victorinox pocket knife?

As we have already mentioned, Victorinox offers a lifetime warranty for its pocket knives. However, this warranty only covers manufacturing defects or problems with parts. Defects caused by misuse and carelessness obviously do not allow refunds. If you have a tool of such quality, you must take good care of it. And Victorinox provides on its official website documents teaching how to maintain its products.

The ideal is to use a good penknife oil and keep the tool lubricated

The ideal is to use a good penknife oil, keeping the utensil always lubricated, and a sharpening stone, capable of leaving the cut always preserved. If there are electronic components, they must be removed before any cleaning. You must not wash your Victorinox pocket-knife! It is also important to move all the blades of the tool from time to time, ensuring that they do not lose mobility. If there is a problem, a drop of mineral oil between the part and the spring should help to restore the original function.

Purchase criteria: What to pay attention to when choosing a Victorinox pocket knife

Decided to buy a Victorinox pocket knife? Then it’s time to choose the perfect model! We have selected four technical criteria that can help you a lot:

Below, we go into more detail about each of them.

Number of functions

One of the main reasons to buy a pocket knife is to enjoy all the functions it has to offer. When we talk about a Victorinox model, this is even clearer: there are models so complete that they can have up to 33 different uses. When buying a pocket knife, you always need to think about whether you are looking for just the blade, a small amount of functions, some specific function or if you want the complete package. This way, you can choose the model that best meets your needs. Know exactly what you want when you choose your Victorinox pocket knife. That way, you will not run the risk of regretting it later on!

Imagem mostra um canivete Victorinox aberto com suas lâminas expostas.

The best Victorinox pocket knives offer many functions. (Source: skeeze/


Victorinox excels at producing pocket knives that are quite small and lightweight. They do not generate any inconvenience in transport and are often absolutely unnoticeable.

The size of the pocket knife is important even for transport and storage issues

But of course there are some larger models, especially when it comes to the so-called tactical folding knives, or when there are some electronic functions along with the blades. It is important to note the size of the utensil so that you always know exactly how you will transport and store it. Another issue related to size is weight: the lighter the pocket-knife, the better. Handling becomes much more comfortable and the very issues of transport and storage are made easier.


All the materials used by Victorinox in its pocketknives have a lot of quality. But you can choose, for example, between a wooden handle and a more traditional one, made of quality plastics. Some models even have a polyamide coating that generates beauty and comfort in handling. For the blades and utensils, you can choose between stainless steel or aluminium oxide.


When you look for a pocket knife from a brand such as Victorinox, is your main priority beauty or utility? Or, why not, both? If design is paramount, the Swiss company offers great options! Stylish models with wooden handles, others with camouflage, some simple, with just the logo highlighted, maybe even more modern shapes, which refer to our time. Just choose what you most identify with and have a pocket knife that really represents you visually! (Source of the highlighted image: Immo Wegmann/