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Vegetables and fruit are very healthy and should be integrated into the diet on a daily basis. The peel in particular contains many nutrients. However, many people do not like the peel and with some vegetables you should not eat it at all.

A vegetable peeler helps to easily remove the peel from fruit or vegetables. There are significant differences and some vegetable peelers ensure that the peel is only removed very thinly. In our product comparison, we have examined six different vegetable peelers to make your purchase easier.


  • Vegetable peelers come in different designs and also sizes. Depending on the attachment, different types of fruit or vegetables can be peeled.
  • There are already very inexpensive models that are very simply equipped. If you prefer a model made of high-quality material, you can buy a medium-priced vegetable peeler.
  • If your vegetable peeler has become blunt, you don’t have to throw it away. There is a simple tip on how to sharpen your vegetable peeler again.

The best Vegetable Peeler: Our Picks

In the following, the most important vegetable peelers are analysed and compared with each other. This will make your decision easier when buying a vegetable peeler.

Buying and evaluation criteria for vegetable peelers

The following section analyses various criteria that are very important when buying vegetable peelers. The buying criteria should help you to make your decision and purchase of vegetable peelers easier.

The criteria listed are explained and described in more detail below.


The material of the vegetable peeler is very important. You should make sure that the blade is made of stainless steel. If this is the case, the vegetable peeler is very durable and rust is avoided. When choosing the handle, you should make sure that it is also made of stainless steel or plastic.

If the handle is made of plastic, the vegetable peeler fits very well in your hand and does not slip. If it is important to you that the vegetable peeler has a noble design, then the handle can also be made of stainless steel, just like the blade.

Suitable for children

If you are looking for a vegetable peeler that is also suitable for children, you should buy a children’s vegetable peeler. The blade of this vegetable peeler should be rounded at the front to protect against injuries.


To ensure that you can also use a vegetable peeler if you are left-handed, it is important to buy a vegetable peeler with a blade that can be used on both sides. This ensures that left-handed people can also use the vegetable peeler. Because of the blade, the peeler can peel faster in both directions. However, there are also vegetable peelers that are only suitable for left-handers.


The vegetable peeler should not be too heavy so that it sits well in your hand and makes peeling easier. Especially vegetable peelers made of plastic have this lightness and can be handled very easily. Stainless steel vegetable peelers are usually a little heavier.

When you buy a vegetable peeler, it is up to your personal preferences when choosing the weight. If it is more important to you that the vegetable peeler is super light, you should choose one made of plastic. If you want it to be a little heavier, choose one made of stainless steel.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about vegetable peelers answered in detail

To give you a deeper insight into the topic of vegetable peelers.

What is a vegetable peeler?

A vegetable peeler is used to peel vegetables or fruit and remove the skin. A vegetable peeler has a handle and a blade attached to it.


A vegetable peeler makes it easy to remove the peel from fruit or vegetables. (Image source: unsplash / Maria Petersson)

In many cases, there is also a cutter at the top to remove dents or unsightly spots from the vegetables or fruit.

Who is a vegetable peeler suitable for?

Vegetable peelers are suitable for anyone who likes fruit or vegetables. Because of the different types, vegetable peelers adapt to the different types of fruit and vegetables. A vegetable peeler is a must in every household to remove the peel from the fruit or vegetable. Since there are also vegetable peelers for left- and right-handers, everyone can find the perfect vegetable peeler.

What types of vegetable peelers are there?

There are vegetable peelers for right-handers and vegetable peelers for left-handers. Then there are vegetable peelers that can be used for both because they have a reversible blade. Furthermore, a distinction can be made between the shape of vegetable peelers. There are vegetable peelers with a Y-shape and straight vegetable peelers. Both can be used very individually.

What does a vegetable peeler cost?

Due to the different materials and brands, there are also differences in price, which are shown below.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (3 – 5 €) Very simple vegetable peelers, mostly made of plastic
Medium-priced (5 – 10 €) Higher-quality vegetable peelers, more likely to be made of stainless steel
High-priced (from 10 €) Premium vegetable peelers, often with accessories

The table shows that the price of vegetable peelers starts very low. The difference in price is due to the materials of the handles and whether accessories are included with the vegetable peeler.

How do you sharpen a vegetable peeler?

When vegetable peelers become dull, you can sharpen the blade of the vegetable peeler. To sharpen it, you can use aluminium foil. You can fold the aluminium foil several times and run it through the blades of the vegetable peeler. After repeating several times, the vegetable peeler is sharp again. Afterwards, you should only clean the vegetable peeler and you can use it again.

Can the blades of vegetable peelers be replaced?

The blades of vegetable peelers cannot always be replaced. There are models that have an insertable blade. In this case, you can easily replace the blade. If this is not available, you can only buy a new vegetable peeler. However, if only the blade has become blunt, you can use the tip before to sharpen it.


Vegetable peelers come in a wide variety of designs and differ mainly because of the blade. There are straight blades and Y-shaped blades. Vegetable peelers can also differ in the size of the blade.

A particularly large blade is suitable for larger vegetables. Vegetable peelers also differ in terms of material. Vegetable peelers made of plastic fit particularly well in the hand and prevent you from slipping easily while peeling. There are already very inexpensive vegetable peelers that have a very simple design.

In contrast, there are also more expensive vegetable peelers. These are either made of a very high-quality material or have accessories. Dull vegetable peelers do not have to be thrown away immediately. You can sharpen the blade yourself at home and continue to use your vegetable peeler for a long time.

(Cover picture: fotoblend / pixabay)