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If you value your clothes and your appearance, a valet should not be missing from your home. The valet has many names, whether it is a mute servant, a mute butler, a dress boy or simply a suit stand. But whatever you call it, its use is quite clear: it helps you to store your clothes safely and without creases.

Of course, you could also iron your clothes, but do you have the time every morning? If not, we’ll help you find the right men’s valet for you below. In our product comparison, we have worked out and compared various models and aspects for you so that you can find the perfect product for you.


  • Men’s valets have been keeping clothes wrinkle-free since ancient times. There is no better guarantee.
  • Important criteria for buying a valet are the material, the stability, the number of hangers and how many additional shelves it offers.
  • It is not difficult to assemble or store a men’s valet.

The Best Valet: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for valets

A gentleman’s valet is not just a gentleman’s valet. There are a few points you should consider before choosing a product. To give you a better overview, we have summarised the most important criteria for your purchase decision below:

In order to provide more clarity, we will now describe these criteria in detail.


The material of a valet fulfils two important roles. First, of course, the quality of the mantelpiece, for example, whether the material used is resistant to moisture, splinters or rusts. What should not be forgotten, however, is that the valet is still a piece of furniture and should therefore also fit in well with your interior. If you want to keep your room modern, lacquered metal or steel is a good choice, if you prefer a rustic look, you should go for a wooden version.


A quality valet is, of course, also stable. It should be able to carry a complete outfit without any problems and also withstand some additional load. With men’s valets that have a seat, you should of course pay attention to the maximum load weight to avoid unnecessary accidents. You should also make sure that the rods are pulled tightly enough during assembly to avoid unnecessary wobbling and instability.

Number of trouser/skirt hangers

The more, the better! But don’t forget that it is also important to keep enough space between the different items of clothing, especially if you place wet clothes or towels on them. Often, the price of the men’s valet also increases with the number of struts and hangers, so if this is relevant to you, you should of course keep an eye on this too.

With seating

If a seat or even a chair is integrated into your valet, this offers several advantages. In this case, you not only have additional space to store folded clothes, accessories or shoes, but you can also comfortably get dressed and tie your shoes while sitting.

Jewellery / watch storage

A good outfit usually includes jewellery and/or watches. If you can place them directly on your valet, you not only have them within easy reach, but you also won’t lose sight of them so quickly. In addition, you can check whether your accessories match your chosen outfit.

Shoe rack

An additional shoe rack offers you the possibility to place the matching shoes to your selected clothes right from the start. This way you have your entire outfit right at hand and save unnecessary running back and forth, which saves you time and nerves.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about valets answered in detail

Not everyone is familiar with the word valet and even if you know what it is, there are still some questions that remain unanswered. In the following, we answer the most frequent and most important questions on the subject of valets.

What is a valet?

A valet is a frame that can be made of various materials. It has a different number of struts on which you can hang your clothes to keep them wrinkle-free or to have them ready for the next day. This is especially important for suits, shirts and blouses. Optionally, there are also additional hangers and areas for shoes or jewellery so that your entire outfit is ready to go.

Who is a men’s valet suitable for?

For anyone who wants to wear wrinkle-free clothes and bring order to their wardrobe or dressing room. Despite the name, it is of course also suitable for women and children. Since it does not take up much space, it is also suitable for those who have limited space. Furthermore, it is also suitable if you do not have a wardrobe or dressing room, so that at least one outfit is always available without creases.

What types of men’s valets are there?

There are men’s valets made of different materials, for example wood, metal, steel, bamboo and many more. Some of the bars can also be chrome-plated, silver or gold. This gives you the choice of buying the valet that best suits the ambience in your room. They also differ in the number of bars on which you can hang clothes, as well as in the number of additional shelves and seats.

Is it difficult to assemble a men’s valet?

No need to worry. Most men’s valets can be easily plugged and screwed together. The necessary tools, usually Allen keys, are often included. If this is not the case, you can buy them, as well as potentially needed screwdrivers, very cheaply online or in DIY stores. Since the valet, and thus of course its individual parts, have a very low own weight, assembly is absolutely no problem.


A men’s valet is very helpful to secure wrinkle-free clothes and thus a better appearance. It offers the functions of an iron without the associated tedious work, as well as saving on electricity – and water costs. Thanks to their often simple designs, they fit into almost any room without clashing with other furniture or designs. Since they are easy to assemble and transport, they pose no problem even for inexperienced furniture hobbyists.

Depending on how many components your outfit consists of, you should consider which type of men’s valet you want to buy. You should also pay attention to the stability and maximum load of your desired product, especially if it offers a seat. Of course, you should ensure good quality if possible, but in any case, there is something for every budget.

Image source: Olga Yastremska / 123rf