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Hello and welcome to Sweetest Home! Today’s topic will catch the attention of lovers of good quality coffee, because we’re going to talk about the V60 kit!

Who loves drip coffee knows that there is the right way to do it, right? The V60 kit consists of all the tools you need to strain your coffee.

It is a very complete set, composed by utensils with different functions, which provide you a complete experience when the subject is our country’s most famous beverage.

In case you do not know the advantages of this product yet, but are a little interested in exploring this universe, follow us because below we will present you with a guide full of information!


  • The V60 set is a kit composed of specialised tools to make high quality coffee. It is entirely designed so that the experience is 100% complete, with no alterations in taste or aroma.
  • One of the great advantages of the product is that it is super easy and practical to use, making it a great option both for homes and professional environments.
  • There are the portable options of the V60 kit, which allow you to carry in your bag your own set to strain your powder.

The Best V60: Our Picks

Anyone who has never owned a v60 kit will certainly have a hard time choosing their first one. To help you through this process, we’ve selected some options that won’t let you down when it comes to preparing your favourite drink:

Buying guide

They say that a good cup of coffee is the best way to start the day, and we can only agree.

If you are a coffee drinker, you will surely enjoy knowing all the advantages of the V60 kit, which we will present to you now, here in our guide.

Foto de uma mão feminina servindo um café em uma xícara de vidro, em uma mesa com vários grãos de café espalhados, outros potinhos também com café, uma jarra preta e uma segunda xícara de vidro vazia.

The V60 kit allows you to prepare delicious specialty coffees quickly and easily. (Source: Burts / Pexels)

What is a V60 set?

The ways of making coffee are becoming more and more modern, aren’t they? However, a well-strained cup of coffee never goes out of style, even though the technology involved in the process is also new.

The V60 set is nothing more than a kit of modern and sophisticated tools used to drip coffee in an easier, simpler and quicker way.

In some cases, the practicality is such that the kit can be carried in your handbag to be used and drunk absolutely anywhere.

Normally, this kit is composed of a glass carafe (or cup, in the case of the portable ones), a strainer and a filter, which can be made of stainless steel mesh or paper.

The purpose of this set is to transform the coffee percolation process into something practical that can be done in just a few minutes, either at home or at work.

What are the advantages of the V60 kit?

It is quite common that the V60 kit is used for a little more special coffees, because it is a sophisticated product, with a structure thought out so that there is no loss in taste or aroma.

This product has two major advantages: the first is exactly what we have just mentioned, its structure is special, made of materials and glass designed to retain heat and facilitate the expansion of the powder when in contact with boiling water.

It is, in fact, a very high quality product that guarantees 100% use of the flavour and aroma.

The other unquestionable benefit of the V60 is its ease and practicality. It is very easy to use and allows everyone to enjoy a good coffee without much mystery.

It is so simple to use that it is very famous in offices, since everyone can perform the process without any difficulty.

We should also mention that the v60 set is endowed with beauty. Regardless of the brand, most of them are usually elegant and charming, being also a great gift option.

In general, it is a high quality product and quite practical. The downside is the price, which depending on the model, can be a bit steep.

  • Structure 100% designed to facilitate the expansion of the powder and not generate any loss in flavor or aroma
  • Practical and very easy to use
  • Some options are portable
  • Beautiful and elegant
  • Some models can be quite expensive

V60 Kit for individuals or groups?

As we mentioned in the previous topic, one of the great advantages of the v60 set is that there are not only the common options, for groups, but also the portable ones, which allow you to have your own coffee, wherever you prefer.

Both are good options, but you should make your choice based on your routine. People who live with other people who also love coffee usually prefer the group option.

It is also a great option for those who share an office with co-workers who can’t live without coffee.

Usually, this kit has a lower price, and its carafe is large, so it is important that it is fixed in a space.

Foto que mostra uma mesa de madeira com uma jarra de vidro com café, ao lado de uma xícara preta e branca também com café, e um notebook ao fundo.

One of the great advantages of the V60 kit is that you can find it in different formats, either for use in groups, or for individual use. (Source: Iain / Pexels)

But if you live alone, or like to grab a coffee in the middle of the afternoon but don’t have a fixed work environment, or don’t have anyone to share it with, the portable option is definitely made for you.

It’s interesting because it allows you to take it on trips and to any other environment where you can get access to boiling water.

The portable versions are composed of cups that fit into the strainer, which often have a reusable filter, which makes the processes even easier.

For coffee addicts, there’s no problem having both options, after all, one you can leave at home and the other you can carry around, right?

Group V60 Set Portable V60 Set
Structure Jar, strainer and paper filter Cup, strainer and filter (paper or stainless steel mesh)
Size Medium to large Small to medium
Price Medium Medium to high

Purchase criteria: How to compare V60 Set models

When it’s time to buy your set, you should look at every detail to make sure you’re making the right choice. To help you in your search, we will point out some factors that cannot be overlooked:

Below, we will talk a little bit better about each of them:

Size of the pitcher

The size of your carafe will depend on the quantity of cups that will be made, remembering that this criterion only applies to the kits that are not individual.

On average, the V60 sets come with 600ml to 800ml pitchers, so, think about how many people will be served when choosing the product.

 Foto tirada de cima de uma xícara branca de café, com café em seu interior fazendo, sem querer, o formato de uma carinha sorridente.

Coffee is the most loved beverage by Brazilians. (Source: / Pexels)


Regarding the filter, the most common is that you have to buy it separately, in disposable sheets. Most kits already come with a few copies, but you will certainly need to acquire more over time.

Paper filters are easy to use and don’t need washing, however, they are not reusable or sustainable.

For those who are not comfortable with this method of straining coffee, there are sets that come with stainless steel mesh filters, a reusable and sustainable option.

In the case of this type of filter, it is worth remembering that the kits that have them are always the most expensive.

Strainer material

The strainer is one of the main parts of your set, therefore, it cannot be fragile, or much less made of material which releases chemical elements that alter the coffee flavor.

The polypropylene strainers are famous for being resistant and durable, being a great choice.


As we said, the V60 kits are usually very beautiful, and can even be used to decorate a room.

Most of them have a transparent design in sober tones, however, it is interesting that you choose one that suits your style and matches the space where it will be placed.

(Source of the highlighted image: Yulia Grogoryeva / Pexels)