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You are very welcome. This article is dedicated to help you who want to buy a USB keyboard for your computer, but are in doubt about the brand and model best suited to your needs.

With the most modern type of connector for wired keyboards, USB keyboards make users’ lives easier with their practicality and durability. Unlike older models, the USB keyboards are compatible with most models of laptops and computers, having more resistant and uncomplicated connectors.

Follow this article to the end and check our tips and information so you can choose without fear the USB keyboard best suited to your user profile, use routines and needs.


  • The USB keyboard is the model that came to replace the keyboards with PS2 connector, since this type of input is no longer present in most modern computers. In order to choose the ideal USB keyboard model, it is fundamental to analyse the user’s profile and the product’s usage objectives.
  • In addition to the brand and type of keyboard, it is recommended to pay attention to issues such as standard, layout, durability of the keys, cable size and height adjustment to make the right choice.
  • The prices of keyboards will vary according to the brand and model.

The Best USB Keyboard: Our Picks

In this section we present you the 6 best USB keyboard models available. After checking this Ranking that we made for you, follow reading the Guide to learn how to choose the right model. Check the list:

Buying Guide

USB keyboards are excellent additions to your daily life in many situations. If you are thinking about buying one of these, but still have doubts about how they work, continue with us. Below, we will bring all the details about this type of keyboard, increasingly present in homes and businesses.

imagem em close da mão de homem usando um teclado preto

The keyboard is a fundamental part to compose the computer. (Source: TBIT/Pixabay)

What is a USB keyboard?

The USB keyboard is the keyboard model that, as the name already indicates, connects to the computer through a USB cable.

The big difference between the USB keyboard and the keyboard with Mini Din or PS2 connection is that the USB keyboard can be plugged in and unplugged while the machine is running, being recognized and working without major problems.

The connection of PS2 models must be made with the computer off. Otherwise, you run the risk of burning or damaging the input port and even the keyboard.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the USB keyboard?

The vast majority of USB keyboards are equipped with Plug and Play technology, where you simply plug the device to the machine so that it is recognized and installed, eliminating the use of CDs with installation software.

Another advantage is that this type of keyboard is compatible with the vast majority of models and configurations of notebooks, as long as it has a USB input port. Its durability is also very high.

uma mesa de escritório com computador, mouse, teclado, papel e caneta

The USB keyboard is compatible with the vast majority of notebook models and configurations. (Source: jonathansautter /Pixabay)

The downside is on the cable, many people like their desk as clean as possible and the cable can tangle.

Precisely because of this wire, the USB keyboard offers little mobility. And it is also not compatible with mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets that have no USB input.

  • Can be plugged and unplugged with the machine running
  • Most have Plug and Play installation, eliminating installation CDs and software
  • USB cable is more durable than PS2
  • It is compatible with most computers and notebooks
  • Cable can fog
  • Little mobility
  • It is not compatible with mobile phones and tablets

What precautions should I take before choosing a USB keyboard?

To choose the ideal keyboard at the moment of purchase it is necessary to take into account the user’s profile and his/her purposes. So be aware of the main features of the product and consider what they suit your needs.

Pay attention to the keyboard USB input type to make sure it is compatible with your machine. Models indicated for USB 2.0 inputs may not have the expected performance in common USB inputs, for example.

Also check the size of the keyboard in relation to the desk or table where it will be used. Remember that as a wired model, the USB keyboard will not be very mobile, so you should ideally buy it in the right size for comfortable use.

Both in the case of imported and domestic models, do some research on the reputation of the product brand. Check the indications and recommendations for use of the model. Find out about the availability of technical assistance and spare parts for the chosen model in your region.

Purchase Criteria: How to compare USB keyboard models

Now that you have several general information about USB keyboard, check out the list of features that you can compare to recognize the best accessory option to meet your needs and expectations. They are:

Below you will understand why you should pay attention to each of these factors.


The most common standards for keyboards are QWERTY: used mainly in the USA and Latin America; and AZERTY, adopted in France, Belgium and some neighbouring countries, especially the French-speaking ones.

The patterns are named after the order in which the first six letters of the first row are arranged. Depending on the country, symbols and accented characters may occupy different places on the keyboard in this pattern.

In the AZERTY pattern, the letters ‘A’ and ‘Q’ are reversed, as are the letters ‘Z’ and ‘W’. In addition, the ‘M’ is on the right side of the ‘L’.

Another difference is that the number keys which are above the letters have their main function occupied by accented characters. So, it is necessary to use shift or caps lock to use the numbers, which are the secondary function of the key.


There are a few different keyboard layouts. Generally adaptations are made according to the language of each country. The standard for the Portuguese (BR) is ABNT2 in the QWERTY pattern.

It has an individual key for ‘Ç’, high numerals, accents and brackets and the Alt Gr button. The Alt Gr key allows the use of the third function keys – those with three characters: one in the centre, one in the lower right corner and one in the upper left corner.

If the chosen keyboard has a different ABNT standard, it is possible to change the configuration. However, this change may cause a mismatch between the character printed on the keyboard and the one activated during typing.

Check, also, the space between the keys of the chosen model. Although keyboards with wider spacing are more comfortable for typing, this space is conducive to the accumulation of dirt and debris on your device.

imagem de várias teclas de um teclado preto soltas

Material and the mechanism of the keys determine its useful life. (Source: Wokandapix/ Pixabay)

Key durability

The durability of the keys on your keyboard is a factor that will directly depend on the material they are made of and the type of actuation mechanism.

In general, mechanical type keys are more durable than membrane or gum type keys.

Manufacturers usually indicate in the product specifications the estimated lifetime of the keys, which depending on the model can exceed 10 million key presses.

Cable size

The size of the cable also deserves attention. Make sure that the length of the wire will allow installation in the desired location. Take care that the user’s final position is not with the face too close to the PC screen, which is unhealthy and, in the long run, can damage the vision.

USB keyboard connection cable sizes vary according to brand and model, ranging from 1 meter to 2.5 meters in most cases.

Shorter cables will avoid excess loose wires that can end up tangling with others on the back of your machine. However, they will provide little mobility and, depending on the layout of your machine, may require you to stand too close to the monitor.

Longer models, on the other hand, allow for greater mobility and allow the user to stand further away from the screen.

mesa de trabalho com computador, mouse e teclado

Some models offer options of 3 or more levels of height. (Source: StockSnap / Pixabay)

Height Adjustment

The height adjustment is a very important factor to control the position of the hands during typing and, consequently, the comfort in the use of your keyboard.

Fortunately, even the simplest today has this type of regulation.

Some models offer options of 3 or more height levels. However, some adjustment mechanisms can be fragile or unstable, which deserves attention, as this factor can impair the user experience.

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