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Television tables as we know them serve to lift your television set and to place it aesthetically. Such tables tend to be minimalist and simple. Especially practical are those TV tables that have built-in storage space. For example, drawers or glass doors provide space for all multimedia accessories. TV tables are available in a wide range of designs.

Whether in country house style, modern futuristic look or vintage look, they cannot be pigeonholed. In our big guide 2022, we would like to present the best TV tables from our editorial team. Furthermore, their criteria are examined more closely, so that our recommendation could be exactly the right one for you.


  • Compared to the past, today’s televisions are real lightweights and thus offer you more agile use in combination with various TV tables.
  • Your television is usually a larger investment. Therefore, it only makes sense to provide it with a suitable, elegant base.
  • The aim of a TV table is to present the multi-media station attractively in the living room. The appearance of the table is decisive. The height and depth of the table must be considered individually.

We show you which TV tables perform particularly well in our comparison.

The Best TV Table: Our Picks

Buying and rating criteria for TV tables

In the following, we show you our criteria for choosing the above-mentioned TV tables:

But what exactly are these criteria? So that you can also take a closer look behind the TV table, let’s take a closer look together.

The size

Regardless of whether it is minimalist or fancy, every TV table has its justification, as long as it fits into the room. In general, it is recommended to choose a TV table that is at least as wide as the TV itself, so that a harmonious picture is created. The base of your TV also plays an important role. Decentralised feet, i.e. two, are particularly suitable for wider TV tables.

Central feet, on the other hand, are also suitable for smaller TV tables. It is also important to consider the depth of the feet. Similar to our shoes, the television also needs a little more space. You can also make sure that the TV table leaves enough space between the TV and the viewer. Ideally, there should be three times the diagonal of the screen between the viewer and the set to protect the eyes. Height is also important. The set should be at least at the height of the viewer’s seat.

The system

Depending on how you want to place your set, this is also reflected in the choice of TV table. If you want to hang your TV, you can choose a TV table that also hangs. This creates a harmonious picture. For standing devices, on the other hand, standing TV tables are a good choice. Wall cabinets are simple and discreet. However, it is important to be sure, because for such a system, holes have to be drilled in the wall and an extra fixture for the TV has to be bought.

Such wall cabinets, however, offer less storage space and do not need to be overloaded with too much weight. Nevertheless, you have a safe place for game consoles, receivers or all kinds of other multimedia systems. If there is no lack of space, it is advisable to choose a coordinated TV set. These offer a lot of storage space and are more aesthetically pleasing.

The material

The choice of material for the TV cabinet is essential. It influences the style and maintenance of the TV table. For stylistic refinements, we recommend TV tables made of wood, chipboard, metal, safety glass or rattan. Such TV tables are suitable for both classic and more daring interiors. However, if you prefer easy-care furniture, the material differences should be taken into account.

A glass TV table, for example, may not be as resistant to damage, but it is very easy to clean. A wooden TV table is more hard-wearing, but requires more effort to maintain. Ín terms of durability, however, the wooden TV table is clearly more advantageous with the right care.

The extras

One of the most important extras of a TV table are the cable channels. This helps you avoid cable clutter and keeps everything nicely organised. The various storage options are also important: drawers, compartments and shelves make for organised media equipment.

If you like convenience, you can opt for the quiet and durable Push-To-Open systems. LED lights with foot switches are also a blessing in the dark or when eyes tend to tire quickly. Those who like to vacuum can also pay attention to the castors and feet of the TV tables, unless a floating solution is used anyway.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about TV tables answered in detail

In the following, we clarify the most important questions so that nothing will stand in the way of choosing your TV table.

How does a TV table work and how can you use it?

TV tables are usually placed in close proximity to the matching TV sets. So that you can watch TV comfortably and ergonomically, such a TV table is a real asset. A TV table is usually placed directly against the wall. The TV table can also be used with the integrated compartments, drawers or shelves to accommodate all the devices. The cable openings can also be used to counteract any cable clutter.

What are the advantages of a TV table?

TV tables are available in all kinds of variations. Whether high, low, deep or narrow. There is a suitable table for every television.


It all depends on the right criteria. We show you what you should consider when choosing your TV. Image source: Pixabay / 영훈 박

In addition, the variety of models of TV tables allows them to be even modular, if necessary.


In conclusion, it is important to say that the purchase of a TV table should always be based on one’s own ideas. However, this also means weighing up which style, size, installation and extras should be included.

Basically, it always makes sense to think about a TV table. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a hanging TV or a standing one. The storage space created is extremely advantageous for all other media systems.

Image source: Pixabay / TA Lucifer