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You are very welcome! If you want to buy a new television, a good start is to choose a trustworthy brand. That’s why we prepared this article that explains you which are the best TV brands! T

here are many companies that manufacture televisions and several of them are established in the market. We have studied several important criteria to help you understand which ones are really reliable and we’ll tell you what we found out below!


  • If you want to know if a TV brand can be trusted, try to evaluate the technologies offered, the quality of the screen and the relationship with the client.
  • LG is the brand that stands out the most in our evaluation, both in terms of the technologies used and in terms of customer service and respect.
  • You need to check if the chosen brand has authorised technical assistance close to where you live and if the warranty offered by the brand is satisfactory in relation to the competition.

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Buying guide: What you need to know about the best TV brands

In our buying guide, you’ll find tips to find out which TV brands are worth the money and get to know the conclusions we’ve drawn in our study on the subject!

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Good TV brands offer great durability. (Source: mojzagrebinfo/

What makes a TV brand above average?

When choosing a TV brand, you need to take into account factors such as technology, value for money, durability and service. We are in a time of rapid technological evolution and, of course, this applies to television sets.

You should look at whether the brand you choose offers the latest in both screen resolution and picture quality, as well as connectivity.

Before choosing a TV brand, you should research what you want your device to deliver. How big do you want it to be? Will the screen be Full HD or 4K? Does it need to be smart and have compatibility with virtual assistants like Alexa?

Knowing all this, you can research the brand. Compare prices, read about technical assistance, see evaluation of services on the internet and check the average durability of the devices. A quality brand is built with positive repercussions and good customer reviews!

Which TV brands have the best technology?

We analysed the models of television sets recently launched by the most famous brands and compared the technologies. We came to the conclusion that the following companies are at an advantage:

  • Sony: Sony is a brand that offers fantastic technology. Its devices are compatible with virtual assistants and have a screen capable of automatically understanding and correcting images. However, the company has suspended operations in Brazil.
  • LG: The South Korean company has also been investing heavily in connectivity and makes its TVs very advanced in terms of artificial intelligence. Its models are powerful and very durable.
  • Samsung: Another South Korean giant in the electronics business, Samsung has in its new Neo QLED, Lifestyle and Cristal UHD lines the purest and most modern technology that exists in television sets.

Other famous brands full of positive points are AOC, Philco, Panasonic and TCL.

Which TV brands have the best ratings?

To get a good understanding of customer reviews and how a brand is willing to solve possible problems, we turned to the Reclame Aqui platform. There, we noticed that some of the companies we mentioned as champions in technology are very well evaluated.

LG, for example, has an average rating of 9.0 and an exceptional 91.9% of problems solved. Do you want to better understand how much each television brand presents problems and how it deals with customers? See in a table the numbers presented by Reclame Aqui:

Average grade Problem solving rate Would do business again
LG 9.0 91.9% 86.6%
Samsung 2.6 0% 0%
Sony 8.4 82.7% 77.6%
AOC 8.0 86.1% 66.5%
Philco 7.4 76.8% 63.1%
Panasonic 8.1 89.4% 70.8%
TCL 7.3 75.3% 61.2%

What are the best TV brands anyway?

Comparing the results of our research on technology and on customer relationship, we found two brands that stood out in both: LG and Sony. We can say, therefore, that they are the two best options for those who want to buy a TV.

Samsung also offers great technology, but its customer relationship problems are serious. Other brands present good indexes in both evaluations and are still good purchase options. About Sony, we must point out that the production of new devices in Brazil was suspended, but the customer service and technical assistance services are still working.

Purchase criteria: Factors to choose a TV brand

Before you hit the hammer for a TV brand, there are still some criteria that you need to take into consideration. We will discuss them below:


You need to access the official website of your chosen brand and observe if there is any authorized technical assistance in your city. Only then, you can rest assured about the purchase.

Having an authorized technical assistance within reach is fundamental to be able to maintain the warranty and to have the peace of mind that serious problems that eventually appear will not make you lose money. If there is no technical assistance nearby, it is better to opt for another brand.

Imagem mostra uma TV ligada ao fundo e cervejas e petiscos em primeiro plano.

With good technical assistance, the TV will always provide you with great entertainment. (Source:


Warranties on television sets are known to have huge durations. Advertisements famously offered the benefit for up to about a decade. With a warranty, you have the peace of mind that you won’t lose your TV because of defects not caused by misuse.

If you are in doubt between two or more models from different brands, it is a good decision criterion to choose the one that offers you the benefit for longer.

Compatibility with assistants

We are entering the era of smart homes and virtual assistants. More and more people are looking to services like Alexa and Siri to turbocharge their lives and leave environments fully connected.

Television sets are already compatible with virtual assistants

Television sets, of course, are part of this too. When they are compatible with a virtual assistant, you can even turn them on, change channels or make settings with a simple voice command. Some TV brands have partnered with specific virtual assistants, so there’s a compatibility issue.

If you have Alexa in your home, for example, LG is an excellent choice for using it.


When we analyse issues such as technological innovations, image quality and customer relations, we come to the conclusion that there are several great television brands on the Brazilian market. The most prominent, however, are the LG and Sony models.

Samsung offers great technology, but fails in its relationship with the client. AOC, Philco, Panasonic and TCL are among the other options that are quite valid.

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