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Have you ever heard that a cluttered house causes instability? Well, having a multi-purpose trunk could bring you back to calm. Besides, these elements are decorative and bring a unique style to the place where you put them.

Enjoying the harmony of our most intimate spaces is priceless. It is delightful to walk through uncluttered corridors and feel yourself in the area where you live. You can achieve this with the help of the necessary tools, designed to beautify and bring back to life those areas devoid of order.

We like to share authentic content. We’ve taken seriously the task of researching everything you need to know before taking a trunk home. We invite you to read on to enjoy the details that will make your online shopping experience so much easier every time.


  • It is an item in the shape of a bucket that can be used to store any kind of things. It is characterised by its versatility and good taste that gives the place where you place it an air of classic elegance. Undoubtedly, the perfect complement for any area of your home.
  • Integrating antique or modern trunks into your home is an excellent alternative. What’s more, combining both styles will add a unique mix that will be appreciated by the inhabitants of your home and will surprise your visitors.
  • Become an expert when buying these pieces, knowing the most important buying factors. What are their uses, materials of manufacture, latest styles and number of compartments are relevant and practical aspects.

The best Trunks: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about trunks

Fortunately, you can choose from a variety of trunks. However, this factor, which is positive for many, sometimes leads to confusion. That’s why we’ve put together a handy buying guide, so that you have the essentials at your fingertips.

As versatile as they are spacious. (Photo: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz/

What is a trunk and what are its advantages?

We refer to a large box with a rectangular or square base used to store objects, fitted with locks, padlocks and buttons in order to protect the security of its interior. We can also say that it is a piece of furniture used to store personal or household belongings.

Beyond their usefulness, for some people, trunks symbolise the space dedicated to memories. There are many who treasure them fondly because they have passed from one generation to the next with the belongings of their ancestors. Undoubtedly, a piece of furniture whose historical connotation generates family emotions.

Appreciating the aesthetics and symbolic value of these antique or contemporary items brings with it an improvement in the layout of the home. Do you want to make the most of the space available? Then we suggest you buy a cube and place it wherever you like. You will not regret this decision when you see the pleasant harmony at home.

  • They come in various sizes
  • Ample storage space
  • Available in modern models
  • Made of resistant materials
  • Ideal for storing things
  • Some are heavy
  • Old models are not very popular
  • Not suitable for small children
  • Made up of small parts
  • Take up some space

Antique or modern trunks – what should you pay attention to?

Yes, this statement shows us a common dilemma among people who want to have a trunk. We fully understand the reasons that lead them to wonder which of the two to choose. Because, although both are very useful, each one has an exceptional style, capable of giving a decorative twist to your home.

Antique. Just by looking at them you feel seduced by their imposing vintage presence. Most of them combine wood and wrought iron, two ideal elements to bring the nostalgia of those bygone eras to the present day. You can find them in antique shops or among your grandparents’ belongings.

The truth is that these trunks fulfil specific functions: they have a large drawer in which to store objects and they also have an irresistible classic air, for lovers of collector’s items. By buying one of them you will have in your hands a treasure that will surely last for a long time and will be passed on to your descendants.

Modern. Let’s say they are an updated version of the older ones. Only in this case they follow the minimalist trend, due to the clean cuts in their rectangular or round shape and neutral colours like black, white or grey. In addition, they are modest in size, and not so heavy.

These multifunctional trunks match all the furniture in the home. So they perform their common storage functions, but can also be converted into a small table or a piece of furniture. After all, you decide what to use it for and where to place this implement.

Antique Modern
Weight Moderate Low
Size Large Regular
Materials Wood Polyester
Lid Fixed Removable
Compartments One Several

Perfect for storing all the children’s toys. (Photo: WindSurfer62 /

Purchasing criteria

You may not realise how important these factors are. However, today you are going to discover and check their usefulness when buying trunks. Before choosing the right one, review these aspects that shape the right item for your home.


It’s simple, what will you use your trunk for? We’re not lying when we say they’re versatile. They have as many applications to people’s lives as you think possible. Here are the most common uses for these complementary household implements.

Outdoors. These items are made of materials that are highly resistant to the weather. If you are lucky enough to have a terrace or garden, we suggest you place an outdoor trunk to decorate the area and use them as benches.

For indoors. You can use them to give a unique touch to your living room, place them at the foot of your bed, store any kind of objects, place them under the window. In short, the use of these buckets is up to you, use your creativity to have a satisfactory experience.

To store toys. We are referring to trunks made for the little ones. By using them you will avoid the usual mess of toys distributed in the corners of the house. Also, in order to educate your children in organisational tasks.

Jewellery boxes. One of women’s favourites. Ideal for storing all kinds of jewellery. The security of your accessories will be under lock and key if you buy one of these, as they have a small padlock. Go ahead and store your beauty items in a jewellery box.


This is one of the most important purchasing factors. And we mean that in every sense of the word. The quality of the materials will define the lifespan of your cube and even the preservation of the items inside it.

Wood. The material of choice for making trunks. We suggest you buy this piece of furniture forged in hardwood to give a rustic look to the space where you put it. On the other hand, it will be a great help because it prevents humidity from damaging the items.

Wicker. It is a thin and flexible type of wood. If you are one of those who appreciate the delicacy of country style, these trunks are for you. You will have a beautifully woven utensil as a deep basket, with one or more compartments at your disposal.

Polyester. Manufacturers use this plastic resin to make chests resistant to weather, chemicals and moisture. Get your polyester trunk for indoor or outdoor use.


We all like to own a style, who can resist an attractive chest? This home furnishing piece perfects the way we decorate our most intimate spaces in just a few minutes. Find out which trend you identify with and add it to your way of life.

Minimalist. Straight lines, neutral colours, the beauty of the extravagant in the subtlety of an item. Does this resonate with you? If your answer is yes, then you should get a minimalist cube to fill your spaces with elegance.

Classic. Although they denote an antique feel, they are products of the era associated with the 1920s. Reminisce the longing for the times that are no more by including beautiful chests forged from classic wood in your home accessories.

Rustic. A chest like this will make you feel like you’re in the middle of the countryside thanks to its magnificent wrought iron details. Enjoy the dark tones: silver, black, grey and burnt wood, and the scent that it gives off from inside.

Vintage. This is the last of the styles, but not the least important. In fact, this type has been revalued in the market because it is in great demand. Enjoy the romantic air it brings to any place where you put it, it will make you feel in another era.

Wooden boot with iron details. (Photo: PublicDomainArchive /


The inside of the piece of furniture is as important as the outside. You should evaluate how much space is available inside it to store your belongings. As well as the layout offered by the manufacturer in drawers or dividers.

With compartments. They are usually divided by 2 or 4 medium-sized compartments, the purpose of which is to optimise space and the distribution of the elements. They will help you to classify objects and keep them easily in view.

Without compartments. Take advantage of them to store things of almost any size. Among them you can include clothes, shoes, suitcases, bags, small furniture, bed linen and anything else you think is convenient.

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