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Do you want to go on holiday? Are you planning a short city trip? But a suitcase is too bulky for you and carrying a bag gets on your nerves? A travel bag with wheels could be a remedy.

This article will help you find the right travel bag. In our large travel bag with wheels test 2022 we present different travel bags with wheels. We provide you with a lot of background information so that you can choose the right travel bag with wheels for you.


  • The trolley travel bag combines the advantages of a suitcase with those of a travel bag. It is practical, handy and can still be pulled on solid ground.
  • Basically, a distinction is made between shoulder bags with wheels, trolley travel bags with four wheels, backpack travel bags with wheels, duffles with wheels for outdoor adventures. Each category brings its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Whether for a business trip, wellness weekend or city break, the right wheeled travel bag can be found for every holiday.

The Best Travel Bag with Wheels: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a travel bag with wheels

What is a travel bag with wheels?

A travel bag with wheels is like a sports bag with wheels. It is a particularly robust bag and usually has a sophisticated interior layout.

As the name suggests, the wheels are an important element of this luggage. The travel bags vary between models with two or four wheels.

A wheeled travel bag is usually made of strong and robust material. Although it is a bag, it is still resistant and solid.

The roller travel bag combines the advantages of a suitcase with those of a travel bag. (Photo: / Brian Brxtn)

Travel bags with wheels are often among the larger travel bags and usually have a helpful interior division. There are many different models, from laptop compartments to shoe compartments.

What are the advantages of a trolley travel bag over a suitcase?

The special advantage of the trolley travel bag is that it can be carried with a shoulder strap. It is handier and more practical than a suitcase and can be easily stowed away on the trip.

Roller travel bags with good quality can already be purchased at a lower price. Travel bags with wheels are usually much cheaper than suitcase models with a comparable quality.

The empty weight of a bag with wheels is considerably less than that of a suitcase. If you have to carry it on bumpy roads, this is a great advantage. It also allows for more content when travelling by plane, where the weight of the luggage is limited.

  • Handier and can be carried with a shoulder strap
  • Cheaper
  • Lighter empty weight
  • More difficult to pack
  • Contents are less well protected
  • Clothes slip more easily

Nevertheless, the trolley travel bag is not well suited as checked baggage. When loading and unloading, luggage is usually handled roughly. In a hard suitcase, the contents are usually better protected.

What are the advantages of a travel bag with wheels over one without?

Wheeled travel bags are easy to transport in any situation. Unlike travel bags without wheels, you can pull them on solid roads.
  • Easier to carry thanks to wheels
  • Firm and sturdy
  • Have lots of storage space
  • Bulkier
  • Heavier
  • Take up more space

Compared to most other travel bags, trolley travel bags are more robust and durable. They are usually made of more solid material and can also withstand more strain.

Most trolley travel bags have more storage space and belong to the larger travel bags.

A backpack with wheels can be shouldered like a backpack on sandy ground. (Photo: / The Climate Reality Project )

For which trips is the trolley travel bag particularly suitable?

Trolley travel bags also come in a wide variety of models and basically there is a suitable bag for every trip.

Often, the travel bag with wheels in a smaller and compact format is used for two-day business trips.

However, the handy format also makes the roll travel bag popular for outdoor holidays. Whether by the water or on a safari, the travel bag with wheels is practical and ideally suited for these trips.

Did you know that a travel bag with wheels is also good for your health?

Unlike a handbag or a backpack, pulling a travel bag is easier on your joints. And of course, pulling a travel bag is much less strenuous than carrying it.

How much does a travel bag with wheels cost?

The cheapest models with solid quality are available for between £50 and £100. If you only need it once or twice a year, such a bag is absolutely sufficient and satisfactory.

However, if you travel more often and want to use the travel bag more frequently, it is worth buying a more expensive model. At a price of between 100 and 150 GBP, you can buy particularly robust and solid travel bags.

In our experience, it is not worth spending more than 300 GBP on a travel bag. Most of the time, there is no added value that would explain this extra price.

Nevertheless, you should always keep in mind the destinations you are planning to visit in order to assess how much you are willing to pay. For special holiday destinations, it is worth paying more for a suitable travel bag.

Decision: What types of roller travel bags are there and which is the right one for you?

Basically, you can distinguish between four different types of travel bags:

  • Shoulder bag with wheels
  • Trolley travel bag with four wheels
  • Backpack travel bag with wheels
  • Duffles with wheels for outdoor adventures

Each of these categories is suitable for different travel destinations and brings its own advantages and disadvantages.

To help you find the right travel bag with wheels for your type of travel, we present all of the above categories with their advantages and disadvantages.

What is a shoulder bag with wheels and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A shoulder bag with wheels is a particularly light travel bag that can still be pulled. It is similar to a sports bag. It usually has padded shoulder straps with an anti-slip function to make it as comfortable as possible to carry.

  • Lighter empty weight
  • More comfortable to carry
  • Less stable when pulled
  • Clothes crumple more easily

Shoulder bags with wheels are light and comfortable to carry. If you travel with such a bag, you are flexible when changing and can always stow the travel bag easily.

What are the features of a backpack with wheels and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

A backpack trolley can be carried comfortably on your back as well as comfortably pulled behind you. It is usually small and compact.

  • Can be carried over a longer distance
  • Distributes the weight
  • Two in one
  • More difficult to pack
  • Contents slip more easily
  • Clothes wrinkle more quickly

The great advantage of the backpack trolley is that it is convenient to carry in any situation. It is suitable for longer distances over bumpy or snow-covered roads.
Nevertheless, the backpack trolley is not suitable for trekking tours. The extra weight and the shape of the wheels interfere with the ergonomics of the backpack.

Trolley travel bags are particularly suitable for children. They are small, handy and you can still pull them. (Image source: unsplash. com /The Climate Reality Project )

What is a trolley travel bag with four wheels and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A trolley travel bag with four wheels is most like a suitcase. It is usually small, compact and stable.

  • Especially stable when pulled
  • Easier to pack
  • More resistant
  • Heavy to carry
  • Less practical and handy
  • Takes up more space

The four wheels guarantee stability and comfort when pulling the travel bag. This prevents it from tipping over and thus also protects the contents of the travel bag.
The roller travel bag is usually particularly robust and is made of padded material. This also makes it easier to pack the travel bag and prevents clothes from crumpling.

All in all, the travel bag with four wheels is particularly well suited for business trips. It is practical and still guarantees protection for the contents.

What are the features of a Duffles with wheels and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Duffles with wheels are a particularly robust, resistant and waterproof piece of luggage. They are usually made of tarpaulin. A material that protects against water and sand.

  • Particularly robust
  • Waterproof
  • Less comfortable to carry
  • Less elegant

This sports bag with wheels is suitable for outdoor travel. They protect the contents in all weathers and can also take a little dirt.

They are also great for holidays by the water, whether on the beach or at a lake. The wheels also allow you to take a break from carrying it once you are on a solid road.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate trolley travel bags

You can use the following factors to decide which travel bag with wheels is right for you:

  • Colour and design
  • Interior design and layout
  • Material and finish
  • Material of the wheels
  • Stability when pulling
  • Size and volume
  • Empty weight

In the following paragraphs you can read about these buying criteria.

Colour and design

Trolley travel bags come in different colours and patterns. From a timeless dark model to a cheerful floral pattern.

Travel bag with wheels for men

Most men prefer roller travel bags with a dark colour. Models in different shades of grey, in blue or in black are popular.

Men appreciate the practical travel bag and more and more manufacturers are adapting their range to their needs. Examples include Eastpak, Puma, Bogner, Samsonite and Adidas.

Roller travel bag for women

Whether for a wellness holiday or a city tour, a travel bag with wheels always fits. There are modern, elegant, sporty, colourful and plain models. There is something for every fashion type.

The important thing is that it’s right for you and that you still appreciate the design of the travel bag even after years of use.

Travel bag with wheels for teenagers

Many young adults like modern designs with unusual patterns. Tastes vary, but there is also a wide range.

Particularly popular manufacturers of wheeled travel bags for young adults are Dakine and Eastpak.

Trolley travel bag for children

Most children like colourful patterns. Sometimes there are even models with the favourite animal or a film character that are very popular. In the best case, the travel bag becomes just as important as a loyal toy.

Travel bags with wheels are particularly suitable for children, as parents can easily carry the bag when the child is too tired to pull it.

Interior design and layout

Most wheeled travel bags have several interior compartments. This helps with packing and prevents the contents from slipping around. One particularly useful compartment is the shoe compartment. It keeps dirty shoes away from the clean contents. The misshapen shoes can thus be stowed away quickly and in a space-saving manner.

A laptop compartment is practical for business trips. The laptop is quickly and safely stowed in the padded compartment. Another useful packing aid are packing straps. They keep shirts and blouses as crease-free as possible and separate them from the rest of the clothing.

Material and workmanship

An overview of the most commonly used materials and their properties:

  • Synthetic fibres: This material is particularly light, but still tear-resistant and stretchy. However, synthetic fibre hardly cushions the bag and offers little protection for the contents. An example of synthetic fibre is polyester.
  • Tarpaulin: A roller travel bag made of tarpaulin is particularly robust and waterproof. The material protects against dirt and moisture. It is a sturdy material, but does not conform.
  • Nylon: A light, hard-wearing material that does not scratch. It is also dirt-repellent and waterproof.

Look for well-made seams near the handle and at the zip.

Wheel material

Wheels made of soft rubber are recommended. Soft rubber adheres well and guarantees comfort when pulling. Also, wheels made of soft rubber do not break.

Today, hardly any wheels are made of hard plastic. Nevertheless, care should be taken that your bag does not have such wheels. Hard plastic wheels can break, unlike those made of soft rubber.

Stability when pulling

To keep the travel bag stable when pulling it, it is important that the wheels are rather far apart. This prevents the travel bag from tipping over. Travel bags with four wheels are particularly stable. These can also be pulled more easily and are easier to handle.

With large wheeled travel bags, it is important to ensure that the centre of gravity is in the middle. This makes the bag less likely to tip over and easier to pull.

Do the test: if the travel bag wobbles when you pull it, the handles are not firmly anchored in the shaft and it is therefore unstable.

Size and volume

Depending on the duration of the holiday, a large or small travel bag with wheels is required. Here is a small overview of which volume is recommended for which duration:

Length Volume in litres
One weekend 30-40
One week 50-80
Two weeks 90-120

Hand luggage dimensions vary from airline to airline. Nevertheless, there are standard guidelines you can follow: 55cm x 35cm x 20cm. In most cases, the weight should not exceed 5-7 kg.

Empty weight

A lightweight travel bag with wheels is particularly desirable. Usually travel bags made of synthetic fibres are particularly light.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that a lighter empty weight is also associated with less stability and resistance.

Facts worth knowing about travel bags with wheels

Can a trolley travel bag be repaired?

Repairing a travel bag is not an easy task. Basically, you can sew up tears with a lot of skill. However, this is usually not a permanent solution.

Good travel bags with wheels usually come with a guarantee. Depending on the manufacturer, the travel bag will be completely replaced or repaired. With cheap roller travel bags, it is usually not worth repairing the bag.

Did you know that fully packed suitcases are less susceptible to damage than half-empty luggage?

If your suitcase or travel bag is packed half empty, damage may occur more quickly during transport, as the contents support the stability of the suitcase or bag.

How do you dispose of a travel bag with wheels?

Basically, there are four ways you can dispose of a travel bag when you no longer want it:

  • Offer for sale on an internet platform or at a flea market.
  • Dispose of with the rubbish or, depending on the size, with the bulky waste.
  • Dispose of it at a recycling centre.
  • Donate to a charitable organisation.

Image source: / Erol Ahmed