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Your children are fans of the most famous robot-cars of the last decades and want Transformers toys? Then let’s discuss the best ones with this theme available in the Brazilian market. This way, you will be able to make the kids happy!

There are toys related to the Transformers of various types and that allow different types of play. Of course, the most famous are the dolls, or “action figures”, but the options are not restricted to this.

In this article we will show you what these options are, talk about what you should take into account before making your purchase and answer any questions you may have. Nothing better than seeing your kids happy with their new toys, right?


  • Transformers is a toy line by Hasbro that inspired the recently successful movie series. Therefore, only it has the right to officially reproduce these toys. Avoid imitations.
  • There is a huge variety of toys related to the Transformers, not just dolls and action figures. This way, children of all tastes and ages will have good options at their disposal.
  • The prices of a good Transformers toy vary between GBP£ 100 and GBP£ 300, but those special toys, made for collectors or with many features, can reach up to GBP£ 700.

The Best Transformers Toys: Our Picks

Buying Guide

After all, how do you choose which Transformers toys are the most appropriate for your children? There are so many options and styles of toys that it is only natural that doubts arise.

With that in mind, we have put together a complete Buying Guide to clear all your doubts. Just follow along with us!

Imagem mostra um grupo de crianças junto com um ator fantasiado do personagem Bumblebee.

Children are usually very fond of the Transformers saga and its toys. (Source: Pavel Sytsko /

What are Transformers toys?

Today very famous because of the films, the Transformers franchise was born with toys. In 1984, the American Hasbro and the Japanese Takara Tomy started producing this line of alien robots that turned into cars.

Television series and other small works of fiction came along, but it was the Hollywood films that really led to the Transformers boom. There are now six released and billions of dollars reached at the box office.

So there are plenty of Transformers toys on the market. There are the official ones from Hasbro, still the most popular, most following the original “action figures” model, and there are imitations or versions in different formats.

It is possible to find dolls, bicycles, tricycles, board games, other kinds of games, object holders, car kits, drones and much more. Let your imagination take you!

Generations have played with these alien robots and it will probably continue to happen for a long time to come.

How to choose the ideal Transformers toys for every child?

There are two ideal factors when choosing the ideal toy for a child. You will need to make a combination between what they want and what is ideal for their age group.

There is no point in wanting to buy something very different to a child’s tastes or requests. If what he wants is a bicycle, the reaction may not be the best with an “action figure”. We can also say the same about the opposite.

Imagem mostra um boneco Bumblebee.

Bumblebee is one of the most famous characters in the Transformers series. (Source: Disclosure Hasbro / Amazon)

On the other hand, it is necessary to understand if the desire is in accordance with what is recommended for the age group. Play is not simply a recreational activity and to pass the time, is also fundamental to human cognitive and motor development.

A toy for age groups above that of the child may cause accidents, such as pieces being swallowed, or not be understood. And in the opposite case, it may be too simple, not generating enough interest.

The table below shows the types of toys recommended for each age group:

Age Range Types of Toys Examples with Transformers toys
Up to 4 years old Soft toys, with sounds and stimuli, with no risk of pieces coming loose No Transformers toys recommended
4 to 6 years old Toys that simulate adult life and stimulate motor coordination Simple dolls, simulators of real events (car tracks, for example), bicycles, tricycles
6 to 8 years old Stimuli to creativity and toys that help to spend energy “Action figures”, dolls with transformations, bicycles, tricycles
Over 9 years old Games and collections that help in the intellectual development Collectible dolls, board games, voice masks

Is buying original Transformers toys the best idea?

The official Transformers toys are only those produced by Hasbro, owner of the brand. There is licensing, for example, for Bandeirante to produce things like bicycles and tricycles, but it stops there.

The value of these official products can be quite high. However, this is the only disadvantage since the quality is much higher, durability is great, there is an official line of enormous variety.

Pirated toys with the indication of belonging to the Transformers brand will not have great quality, besides piracy being a crime. And imitations, after all, are not exactly Transformers.

See the advantages and disadvantages of buying original toys:

  • Official toys, carrying the Transformers brand and its characters
  • Quality proven for decades in the market, great durability
  • Huge variety of toys to choose from
  • Price quite high

How much does it cost?

As the variety of existing Transformers toys is very large, the price range will be too. The values can reach up to something close to GBP£ 700 in the most complex and full of functionalities “action figures”.

However, most of the attractive toys and capable of generating interest in children will be between GBP£ 100 and GBP£ 300. The cheapest official products found are around GBP£ 3 in this case, a card game and a flute.

In this ranking, the Transformers toys mentioned range from GBP£ 32 to GBP£ 65.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to take into account when buying Transformers toys

Apart from the age and the child’s wishes, there are a few more issues you can pay attention to before making the purchase. We list the main ones below:

  • Features
  • Quantity of pieces
  • Line
  • Warranty

We will explain each of them below.


In this category we will talk specifically about dolls and action figures. The more modern they are, the more functions they bring. Of course, the fundamental is the transformation from car to robot and vice versa, but the more the years go by, the more the possibilities grow.

There are those that speak, either imitating the owner’s voice or being factory programmed with phrases. There are those that bring lights or other special noises. And there are even those that are able to reveal secrets in other models of the collection.

Of course, all this will also influence the price, so know what you are willing to pay for!

Number of pieces

The amount of pieces of a toy is important for when children are very young. Ideally, they should not be detachable if the age group is young, so that accidents don’t happen.

Those full of parts can be difficult to assemble. Or, if that is part of the challenge, they may also be good for slightly older children. Again, it all depends on what kind of toy you’re looking for!

Imagem mostra três exemplares de robôs Transformers lado a lado.

Transformers robots can amuse even adults. (Source: birdman_pony /


Transformers toys, as we have already mentioned, have been produced since 1984. Many lines have already appeared and it is natural that modernization happens year after year. But it is not only that which influences.

With the film series raking in a lot of money around the world, the most sought after toys of the moment tend to be those that appear in the latest issue.

In 2018, for example, “Bumblebee” was released, and today that is the easiest toy to find on the market. The prices of the others tend to decrease, and the one of this one, to get more expensive. It is always important to see what is in fashion so you can find bargains!


We know that children tend to break toys. So it’s rare that they have long warranty periods. The case of Transformers is a little different, as they are collectibles that attract the attention of even some adults.

Therefore, it is possible that some of the more elaborate action figures that are part of collections have considerable warranties. If this is the case, enjoy!

Just don’t leave it in the hands of a small child who may easily break the product, as this will not be covered.

(Featured image source: birdman_pony / Pixabay)