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This time we are going to be letting you know which are the best towels available in the complex web of toiletries. Towels are pieces of cloth that are used to wipe away either moisture or dirt. They play a key role in key moments of the day such as personal hygiene, from shaving to removing make-up.

On the other hand, they are also needed to keep the lenses of lenses or cameras clear. Here we would like to present you with a series of factors that will allow you to make the right choice of one of these indispensable household items, and we will also try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.


  • A towel is a cut segment of cloth, usually rectangular or square in shape. It is used to wipe surfaces, be it body, stained glass or any other.
  • They come in many different versions. Hooded, glass, travel and cooling towels are the most common. Choose the one that best suits your requirements.
  • What colour they are, the size of the set, whether it has pictures or figures or includes accessories are some details that can add value. This is closely related to what your variant is.

The best Towel: Our Picks

Buying Guide

In addition to making comparisons between goods in the same range, there are facts to consider when you intend to buy something. This is nothing more than examining the item itself. Often, when it comes to such common items, you can become overconfident. In the following section we will inform you well about them.

They are very necessary for activities such as exercise. (Photo: Zerocool /

What is a towel and what are its advantages?

Towels are cloths that are used for hygiene, both in the body and in household areas. They are made from a multitude of different materials, most notably polyester and cotton, although some use other fibres. They need to be absorbent or able to effectively remove dust.

Size is primarily what determines how useful they can be. For example, smaller ones can be used for dressing tables or for cleaning tables and so on. This depends on what you want to use them for. Another important aspect is the theme, if any.

Many are decorated with flowers, with animals or with drawings of any kind. The aesthetics of your cloth depends on what your needs are. But beyond that, where you are going to use it. This detail affects what the person wants to say. A floral patterned one may not be the best for a swimming pool, for example.

Among their most important virtues is that they are a great help in certain contexts. One of them could be the gym, where you can have a pair both for bathing after exercise and for wiping off sweat when exercising.

  • They are cheap
  • Sets can come with many pieces
  • They take a long time to wear out
  • There are many types for every occasion
  • They are easy to find
  • It is a product that can be of poor quality
  • They must be washed constantly
  • When they receive moisture they can harbour fungus
  • It is important that they are hypoallergenic
  • They need softeners to keep well

Hooded towel, window towel, travel towel or cooling towel – What to look out for?

When it comes to these types of items, unlike what anyone might at first suspect, there are many variants to choose from. However, the truth is that most of them relate to points such as design and other finishes. The most definite versions in which you will find them are as follows.

Hooded towel

Contrary to what you may think, these are not bathrobes, which are a totally different product from a conventional washcloth. It is a fabric cover that includes a separate hood, sometimes even detachable from the rest of it. They are quite common in those intended for children.

Window towel

Those for cleaning objects such as watches, cameras or lenses have a spot finish. They are usually made of polyester or any less absorbent material. This is because their purpose is not so much to dry, but to wipe off residues such as fingerprints and dust.

Travel towel

They are made of vegetable fibres or a mixture of fibres, although some are also made in the traditional way, i.e. with cotton. Their size is smaller than that of a large one, but not as large as a medium-sized toilet towel. They are also not very absorbent as they are less fluffy to make them easier to carry.

Cooling towel

This is the ideal towel for sports. The materials they are made of and the way they are tied keep them at a lower temperature than the ambient temperature. This means that when you dry your sweat with it, it cools you down even more.

Hood For crystals Dee travel Cooling
Material Fabric Polyester Mixed Mixed
Absorption High Low Medium High
Size 50 centimetres-1 metre 30 centimetres max 50 centimetres max 50 centimetres max

Specific types are available for surfaces such as lenses, wood or metals (Photo: pascalhelmer /

Buying Criteria: Factors that allow you to compare and rate Towels

When you go shopping, there are a number of small details that can be overlooked. Precisely because of their apparent insignificance, few people realise that these types of points can make the purchase much more relative. As our intention is to avoid inconveniences for you, we have created the following section with you in mind.

Here is a list of some of the aspects that you should take into account in order to buy efficiently. Keep each of these attributes in mind at all times. The list is as follows:


This is quite important depending on who the user is, especially if it is a boy or a girl. It is clear that in these cases it is common for them to be assigned colouring types according to their gender, so you should pay attention to this before buying their cloth.

But this section is concerned with another very select area, and that is the design of the space. Towels will hang for some time, either in the bedroom or in the bathroom. It is therefore important that they have a suitable appearance for the environment they will be in. Knowing how to combine them with the tiles and walls is important.

Their design and colours depend on your style. There are less or more sober (Photo: Alexas_Fotos /

Size of the set

Other things depend on the number of units offered in each package. One of them is the diversity of towels you will find inside. In fact, it is important that you ask the seller what types of items the grouping will contain. Some quantities in relation to the types are usually as follows.

  • 6 pieces: Generally, this is the maximum quantity included by manufacturers. In this case, they usually allow 2 of the same size. That is, large, medium and small, one pair of each size.
  • 4 pieces: It is common that in this case one type is omitted, or that they include 2 of the same dimensions and 1 of the other 2. It can also happen that they make 4 of exactly the same width and length.
  • 2 pieces: These are the most modest of all. It is often not advisable to buy such small groups because they are expensive compared to others that offer more. In this case, it is rare that there is a diversity of sizes.


Some manufacturers, especially those targeting the children’s sector, add certain aspects to their creations. Examples of this are face figures on the hoods, if any, or drawings, either sewn or made with colours on the fabric itself. This is what could be considered a design.

This will always depend on what your taste is, but it is advisable to take it into account because it can make the article more or less good for you. And if you are a person given to sobriety, you may prefer something monochrome, which does not have this kind of ornamentation.


Towels are not the kind of products that come with extra accessories. In fact, apart from the cover bag that protects the sets, they don’t have anything else. This changes in the more elaborate ones. Examples of this reality are the ones with crystals or the cooling ones.

They have extra elements. Some of them are:
Bag. This comes in the travel ones. This is a little bag that presses down to make packing easier. The cloth is pressed and thus saves a lot of space inside the suitcase.

  • Box: In order to be able to cool down, trainers need a small covering that revitalises their thermal values. In this way they are kept at a lower temperature than the exercise environment.
  • Spray: Those that are intended for the lenses usually include a lens cleaner primer. This is sprayed onto the lens or glass and then the wipe is wiped over it, leaving it completely clean.

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