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You don’t give it a single thought in your daily work routine. But if it’s not there, its absence is the first thing you notice and makes you look irritated – the towel rail.

Whether free-standing towel rails, with or without drilling, self-adhesive or foldable, towel rails are a dime a dozen. One thing is certain: we can’t imagine everyday life without them. But which one suits you best? In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about buying a towel rail to make your decision easier and clearer!


  • The towel rail is a product that is not only used for hanging up towels, but also has hygienic benefits such as air circulation and killing germs.
  • There are four categories of towel rails: self-adhesive, free-standing, drillable and heated.
  • As the number of functions, size and design increases, so do the prices of towel rails – there is something for everyone.

The Best Towel Rail: Our Picks

In the following, I present our recommendations so that you can get a first impression of the different variations of towel rails and make a decision more easily!

Buying and evaluation criteria for towel rails

Even with everyday objects like towel rails, it is important to think about certain buying criteria. These will help you choose the product that is best for you. The following criteria can help you make the right decision:

Towel rails are a practical and versatile product. In the following, we will go through the buying criteria so that you can get a better idea!


If the towel rail is too close to the washbasin, you will have to deal with permanently wet towels and cosmetic residues on the towel rail. If, on the other hand, the towel rail is too far away from the washbasin, it is both impractical and a visual nuisance. So you see, the size of the product plays an important role.

The product should be neither too high nor too low. If you are looking for a towel rail for the bathroom, for example, it is advisable to think about where the product should be placed before buying. Then you can take the measurements and know how big the towel rail you are looking for should be.


The material is not only a question of functionality, but also of design. When it comes to towel rails for the bathroom, products made of chrome-plated stainless steel are often in demand. These are durable, rustproof and corrosion-resistant. However, chrome reacts sensitively to acids. Other options are, for example, wood or plastic.

You can also use combinations of materials. For example, wood and stainless steel. Or stainless steel and plastic. In this way, in addition to the choice of colours, you can set aesthetic accents and visually enhance the room.


The weight of a towel rail plays a major role in terms of stability. However, it plays just as big a role when it comes to practicality. A free-standing towel rail for the pool, for example, should be heavy enough to withstand wind and weather. If the product should be compact and light, there are options made of lightweight wood. These are easy to move and carry.

Load-bearing capacity

If you want the product to be load-bearing, there are a few options to choose from. Towel rails in the form of hooks, for example, are also popular for pots in the kitchen. Some of these products have a load capacity of up to 5 kg. Large towels can therefore be held by these towel hooks without any problems. Foldable towel rails are quite sufficient for small towels or rags.

Type of fastening

There are various ways to mount a towel rail on the wall. On the one hand, you can stick it to the wall, on the other hand, you can drill it into the wall. If you are considering the latter option and live in a rented flat, it is a good idea to talk to the landlord beforehand.

They do not always agree to this type of fastening. It can also happen that the tiles crack when drilling. However, free-standing towel rails are also available as an option. All you have to do is put them in place after installation. Towel rails in the form of ladders, for example, can easily be leaned against the wall without much effort.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about towel rails answered in detail

You can find the most important questions and the corresponding answers here! In the following, we will go through them to give you more clarity for your purchase decision.

What types of towel rails are there?

There are basically four categories. There are self-adhesive towel rails on the market. These often come in the form of towel hooks. The adhesive strips can be found on the underside of the product. Another type of towel rails are towel rails for wall mounting (drillable). These are often attached by drilling them into the wall. However, there are also wall-mounted towel rails that can be glued.


Towel rails ensure sufficient spacing between towels and thus promote adequate air circulation. The range of towel rails is often just as wide as the related questions.
(Image source: Denny Müller on Unsplash)

Another category is free-standing towel rails. These do not need to be glued or drilled into. After assembling them, you can put them up and you’re done. Finally, there is the category of heated towel rails. This category of towel rails is usually mounted on the wall and heats up by electricity or hot water.

Which adhesive do I need to fix a towel rail?

Mounting glue is mainly used to attach a towel rail. This is often included in the delivery with orders.

What does a towel rail cost?

The costs of towel rails start at 00.83 cents and can reach into the thousands. Prices often depend on what you are looking for. In the low-priced category, you’ll find everything from simple towel hooks to solid stainless steel towel rails. High-priced products often include unique designs in a striking style. They are sometimes characterised by a lot of attention to detail and/or high quality material. To illustrate the price ranges, you can look at the table for orientation!

Price range functions
Low-priced (00.83 – 50 €) Hooks with simple adhesive strips, foldable, several arms, simple design
Medium-priced (50 – 150 €) often with mounting material, usually already some additional functions such as heated, swivelling arms
High-priced (from 150 €) high-quality and unique design (e.g. antique, gold, porcelain accents etc.), robust, in sets with other bathroom accessories, extensive sizes



Towel rails can be a practical addition to our everyday lives. There is also no shortage of variations and functions. There are the most diverse sizes, materials and orientations. Furthermore, the hygienic aspect is not ignored in many products and there is a wide price range. Whether you are a weekend camper looking for a compact and practical towel rail for your trips or someone with a keen sense of design who wants to complement the rest of their bathroom furnishings – there is something for everyone!

Before buying a towel rail, it is therefore important to consider the purchase criteria. You should therefore be clear about what exactly you are looking for, so that you will find what you are looking for more quickly!

(Cover photo: Sanibell BV on Unsplash)