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There is no doubt that a Muela knife could improve your performance in extreme activities. This manufacturer sells sharp tools to those who practice outdoor sports.

We know that this tool has as many applications as you can think of. However, its sporting use is quite precise. It can be used for cutting, carving wood, storing small things and even works as hunting equipment.

So this product should be used with caution, and above all responsibility.

In this new edition of we have prepared for you quality content about this indispensable tool for humans. Read on and learn everything you need to know before purchasing the best Muela knife, in order to favour your performance during your adventures to the limit.


  • A Muela knife is a tool with different uses. In sports it is used to facilitate the player’s experience when playing outdoors or underwater. This is so that he can reach his goals in an optimal way.
  • There is a wide range of different types of knives on the market. But the most common ones associated with physical activity are sports knives and all-rounders. Both of these are indispensable and very useful in extreme environments.
  • To choose, the first thing to do is to know what material it is made of. Then, we suggest you evaluate whether it has a fixed or movable blade, how long it is, what type of edge it has and how resistant the sheath is that protects it.

The best Tooth: Our Picks

Shopping Guide

There are so many types on the market with particular characteristics that it is sometimes a difficult task to choose the ideal one. And when it comes to these tools, the best thing to do is to reduce the chances of making a purchase mistake.

That’s why we’ve put together this structured guide to help you.

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What is Muela and what are its advantages?

Muela is a brand that has been manufacturing handmade knives and knives since 1950. The company is located in Argamasilla de Calatrava, a Spanish municipality in Ciudad Real.

There they have state-of-the-art technological equipment to produce more than 350,000 pieces a year and export them all over the world.

Their leadership in the market for sports, tactical and hunting knives has made them a benchmark for cutlery in Spain and abroad. You should also know that all their products are highly valued due to the quality they offer. So much so that some of them have a lifetime guarantee.

We know that it is always necessary to choose the ideal knife or razor for each situation. There are knives for scuba diving, Bowie, hunting, and finishing.

That is why it is so essential for you to know the benefits of each model, according to the sporting activity you do. So that you can make the most of them for a long time.

  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • Discreet size
  • Some models have a lifetime warranty
  • Fine and sharp blade
  • Sold worldwide
  • Not all models are resistant
  • Some are unique pieces difficult to find
  • High cost
  • Their protective sheaths wear out
  • They require careful handling

Muela, sporting or all-round knives – what should you pay attention to?

So, which of the two knives do you need? While both are excellent choices, they will perform differently depending on how they are used. If you’re an outdoor recreationalist, you’ll probably need both. So it’s in your best interest to know the details of each.

On the other hand, it may be that you are just starting your adventure days camping, scuba diving, mountaineering or hunting.

In any of these cases, have the necessary equipment at hand to enjoy a good experience. So, read on and learn all you need to know.

Sports equipment. To enjoy hunting, cycling, diving, mountaineering or any other sport in contact with nature, you need knives with a sharp blade and cutting power. Some of the most popular models are: clinchers, developers, tactical, folding, kangaroos, axes, bowies and aquatics.

Sporting knives have several practical functions. They are some of the quintessential tools that have accompanied us for years in our activities.

On the other hand, they favour cutting, have reach, guarantee a safe grip, and are used to guarantee optimal conditions for the practitioner.

All-rounders. Manufacturers incorporate particular features into the design of these devices to make them useful in diverse environments. They are also called survival knives, because they help the person to cope in a wilderness environment, far from civilisation.

They are appropriate for dealing with an emergency, especially on occasions where the sportsman, hunter or user does not have the rest of his main equipment at hand. These tools can be used to defend, capture prey, cut wood, cut holes and store small items in the handle.

Sporty All-terrain
Endurance Medium High
Size Medium Varied
Versatility Limited Extensive
Price Low-Moderate Moderate-High
Filo Guaranteed Optimum

How much does a grinding wheel cost?

Purpose, materials used in its manufacture and exclusivity of the piece are three factors that directly influence the cost of Muela products. However, before buying a product, we recommend that you evaluate the sporting activities you will use it for outdoors.

Muela’s production is so varied that you have the option to choose from many items online. Also, consider that some user reviews rate this safe and long-lasting choice positively. For a moderate investment we recommend you to have between 680 MX and 1,600 MX.

You will also find expensive models ranging from MX 1,700 to almost MX 3,000. In these cases, bear in mind that the quality of their products is worth it. On the other hand, it is important to know that they are usually unique presentations and they may have few in stock.

This is because they are made with raw materials that are difficult to find.

Do you want a sports knife for your adventures? Then we suggest you investigate which Muela models suit your needs. Likewise, it never hurts to buy an exceptional hunting knife that not only fulfils its purpose, but is also guaranteed for life.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to buy and rate different Muela products

In this section you will find useful information about the purchasing criteria you should analyse if you want to buy a good knife. Study each one carefully, that way you will benefit from all the content that will make your final decision easier, when it comes to choosing the one you like the most.

  • Materials
  • Sheet
  • Length
  • Edge
  • Sheath


Durability and quality will depend on the materials used. Of course, also its price. To choose one item over another, take into account the activity you want to use it for, as well as your budget. Remember that it is worth investing in a reliable tool.

Stainless steel. It is characterised by its excellent properties. It is generally very resistant and does not bend. It doesn’t lose its sharpness either, so you won’t have to worry about constantly grinding it. It does not stain and rarely changes its original shape. Buying a stainless steel knife is your best option.

Titanium. It is a light metal, very strong against oxidation. A little heavier than aluminium, but much more elastic, which increases its versatility compared to other materials. It can be scratched, unlike stainless steel. If you will occasionally use your knife, consider this element.

Wood. Historically, it is the most widely used material for handles because it gives an elegant, shiny and rustic appearance. There are several types of wood on the market, so choose the one that best suits you according to the activities in which you will use the tool.


The blade is the most important part of Muela products. It comes in many different shapes, which vary depending on the purpose for which it is designed. A good blade must retain its sharpness and be strong. Unlike knives that are used for cutlery, the blade and handle are made of different materials.

Fixed. It is characterised by its resistance and the possibility of finding it in any size. It usually does not break and is easy to maintain because it can be cleaned directly. If you like adventures, this option is for you, as it is ideal for tactical situations.

Flexible. A blade of this style is only suitable if you will be hunting or doing occasional adventure sports activities. This allows you to keep the knife in your pocket and use it for purposes other than cutting or carving.


Knives would not be such a versatile tool if they did not exist in different sizes. They can be very small and can be stored anywhere, or very large and eye-catching. The best option for choosing one over another is to analyse the environment you will be working in, as well as your experience.

Less than 10 centimetres. First of all, you can carry this item comfortably in your pocket. It is recommended for daily use in very basic tasks, as due to its size it does not have much resistance.

More than 10 centimetres. Some consider it the ideal knife for all tasks that need to be done in nature, although carrying it is not so comfortable due to its size. Of course, they are more resistant to weather conditions. If you need a faithful ally in your adventures, choose one with more than 10 centimetres.


One of the most important parts is the cutting edge, because it will help you to achieve a certain cutting angle. Depending on how sharp it is, you will be able to use it on different occasions.

However, in addition to the type of edge, you should also take other variables into account when choosing the best one, such as its durability and resistance.

Straight. This is the simplest and most common, with its V-shape. This type of edge allows clean cuts and increases the surface on which you are going to work. Note that it becomes thicker as it wears and needs to be ground again.

Convex. If you want a durable knife, then you need a convex edge. Its profile is very robust, which gives it a very strong edge. However, bear in mind that it requires an experienced grinder to bring it back to sharpness.

Mixed. A model recommended for people who enjoy adventures, thanks to its versatility. This is because it can make clean cuts on relatively hard surfaces, but will also rip ropes.


One of the aspects that should not be taken lightly when buying a knife is its sheath, as there are several types. They are very important because they allow you to carry it anywhere, as well as protecting the blade and the cutting edge from external agents that can damage them.

Leather. A traditional item, which also looks very good. However, you should maintain the sheaths of this material very well, because it could deteriorate in your adventures and even last less than the knife itself.

Synthetic. These can be plastic sheaths or sheaths made of artificial threads such as nylon. Depending on the material, their price varies. They do not require a lot of maintenance and their durability is long lasting. If you travel to different environments frequently, consider this option.

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