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As we know how important your hair is, we have taken the task of explaining you the most relevant information about curling irons, so you can choose between the best options.

Taking care of your hair can be very easy if you choose the right tools. Nowadays, it is a trend to make waves in your hair, as it is a simple way to style your hair without the need to go to a beauty salon or hairdresser. To style your hair in this way you need to have a curling iron.

We are going to guide you through the most important features to look for in a hair curling iron. Read on, because we assure you that by the time you’re done you’ll be looking at the best options on the market.


  • A curling iron is an item that performs the task of styling, making curls or waves by means of heat applied directly to the hair. The heat is generated by means of electrical energy.
  • It consists of one or several cylinders which can be made of different materials. These cylinders are precisely the ones that receive the heat and transmit it to a lock of hair that is wound on the tube.
  • Hair curling irons have a temperature regulator located on the handle, the purpose of which is to manipulate the amount of heat that will be transmitted so as not to mistreat the hair too much.

The Best Tongs: Our Picks

Buying guide: what you need to know about tongs

There is a plethora of options for hair curling irons, so it can be very easy to get confused when buying one of these items. You need to be informed and know the most important features of these appliances.

A curling iron will be your best ally to achieve those perfect waves. (Photo: serezniy /

What are tongs and what are their advantages?

Basically, a tong is a tube or cylinder hinged to a handle, which in turn is hinged to a wire that is connected to an electric current. The cylinder usually contains a metal foil that serves as a hair clipper or tong, which holds a strand of hair.

These items, when connected to the mains, will heat up to a temperature determined by the user according to the type of hair, allowing the entire head of hair to be styled in a few minutes.

As all hair curling irons serve the same purpose, it is difficult to decide on just one. They can be made of different materials, such as titanium, aluminium, ceramic and even gold, and can come in different sizes and designs. Below, we will let you know some of their advantages and disadvantages.

  • They comb the hair easily and safely
  • They have heat intensities to protect the hair
  • Their size is practical to use, store and transport
  • They are not time consuming and do not involve chemicals
  • Some have detachable tips to change the size of the tips and curls.
  • Constant use damages the hair
  • If the heat is not set at the right temperature, the hair may burn
  • Cannot be stored if too hot
  • Use of additional hair products such as heat protectors
  • The user may get burnt.

Traditional or Ferro tongs – what should you look out for?

There are different types of tongs, including traditional tongs, which refer to their name as having a built-in clamp that holds the hair for curling, and ferros, which do not have a clamp. Both have been categorised as tongs because they perform the same function, however, they are not exactly the same.

Both styles of item have their positive and negative areas, which is why we have taken the time to give you a brief overview of some basic characteristics of both types of appliances.

Traditional pliers Ferro
Can be fixed or interchangeable Can be fixed or interchangeable.
Has a clamp Does not have a clamp.
Usually do not have a glove Usually have a glove due to the lack of a clamp.
Ceramic, tourmaline, titanium and aluminium Titanium and ceramic.
Practical for use, storage and travel Practical for use, storage and travel.
Defined Marked or light.

In short, when looking for a pliers you will be presented with a choice between a traditional and a ferro. Although they solve the same task, they have small differences that may determine how practical the device will be for you.

If it’s defined curls you need and you want the convenience of a tong, then we recommend a traditional tong, but if you’re looking to play with the type of waves or curls and prefer to have full control of your hair while holding it in a gloved grip, then a ferro may be your best option.

How much does a curling iron cost?

The price of tongs will be related to the material they are made of, their design, complexity and complementary elements.

Tongs in the mid-range, usually made of ceramic.

It is important to mention that prices can vary greatly depending not only on the materials, as mentioned above, but also on the number of complementary pieces or the place where they are sold.

The cost of hair curling irons is usually in line with the quality of the device itself. In general, the price is affordable compared to the ease of home styling. (Source: Tyler Olson /

Buying criteria

In order to choose the best hair curling iron you need to know the most important characteristics, so that you can identify which one is the best alternative for your salon hairstyle. To save you headaches we are going to explain each of these properties.

Material of manufacture

Hair tongs are available in a variety of materials. Each of them has a main purpose, either better heat diffusion or to prevent breakage. Among the most commonly used materials for the manufacture of tongs are:

Ceramic: allows a smooth glide and prevents breakage and dryness of the hair ends.

Tourmaline: helps to keep hair smooth and frizz-free because it has negative ions.

Aluminium and gold: distribute heat evenly.

Titanium: is one of the most common materials in curling irons because it does not crack under heat and provides sufficient softness to the hair.

Hair tongs can contain more than one material and in this way the articles become more complete, as they are a combination of several properties that provide better care for the hair.


The diameter refers to the width of the barrels. The smaller the diameter, the tighter the curls and the larger the diameter, the more open the waves, allowing for a beach style.

For tight, well-defined, afro-style curls, you will need a tube of approximately 12.7 millimetres. For natural waves, we recommend getting a barrel between 19 and 25 millimetres in diameter. But if you want very open waves, look for a barrel between 31 and 38 millimetres.


Among the options on the market, there are packages of tongs that include more than one barrel. These can be of different sizes so that, depending on the occasion and your tastes, you can use the one that suits you best.

Also, as mentioned above, the tongs can come with special gloves that protect your hands from the heat of the cylinder. By using this extra component, you will be able to maintain contact with the hot part of the tongs without getting hurt.

Additional Features

Like many products on the market, there are pliers that come with some sort of warranty. Some brands may offer to exchange the item due to manufacturer’s defects, while others may offer maintenance at certain intervals or parts replacement.

To obtain greater satisfaction in your purchase, we recommend that you take into account these factors that may be of benefit to you after purchasing the product and at some point can get you out of trouble or prevent you from buying a new pair of pliers.

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