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Tequila originated in Mexico and became an internationally known drink. Tequila should only be drunk for pleasure, as it is classified as a spirit and has a high alcohol content.

The many different designs, shapes and colours of tequila bottles can make them real eye-catchers in any kitchen, bar or cellar room. Not only are you a good host, but you can also decorate your living space with them.

We have compared various products and summarised everything you should look out for when buying so that you can find the right tequila for you and your guests.

The most important facts

  • Tequila comes in a wide variety of flavours, designs and alcohol content, so that all tastes are satisfied.
  • The drink is suitable as a nightcap or as an addition to a mixed drink. Tequila should not be consumed in large quantities in a short period of time due to its high alcohol content.
  • The alcohol content of a tequila can be between 38 and 40. Depending on which brand is chosen, the alcohol content of the bottle can also be up to 55 percent.

The Best Tequila: Our Picks

In this section, we have compiled the facts of all our favourites, which should help you make the right buying decision. There should be something for everyone in this selection and you should be able to find it online or in grocery stores.

Buying and evaluation criteria for tequila

To help you choose your next tequila, we have summarised the most important criteria so that you can find the best tequila for you. The following are our selected criteria:

We will now explain the selected criteria in more detail so that you are well informed when making your next purchase decision.

Alcohol content

The alcohol content of a tequila is between 38 and 40 percent. There are also tequilas on the shelves that can have an alcohol content of up to 55 percent.

A very high alcohol content can be produced if drinking strength is reduced or a few drops of water are added after distillation. This produces so-called distillation strengths, which can also be found in rum or whisky. These enter the bottles directly and undiluted.

Country of origin

The tequila you can buy in supermarkets or other department stores comes from Mexico in North America. The raw material for tequila is extracted in the area around the city of Tequila in the Mexican state of Jalisco. The raw material is also found in four other states in the circle of the blue agave.

Tequila is shipped from Mexico, as it is permitted to have the drink bottled in its liquid state elsewhere. Therefore, always look for the country of origin label, which is indicated by a NOM or DOT identification number on each bottle.


The closure of the various tequila bottles can vary depending on the brand. A distinction is made between screw caps made of various materials and cork caps. The most common variant for tequila is the plastic screw cap.

This can also take on a particular shape, such as the red cap of the Sierra Tequila brand, which represents a hat and also serves as a measuring cup.


When it comes to flavour, you should decide according to your individual preferences. Tequila is available in a wide variety of flavours, such as gold, silver and reposado. Some can take on a sweet note, a very spicy or woody flavour. You should simply test your way through a range of different tequilas to find the flavour you want.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about tequila answered in detail

Below we give you answers to questions that may arise before, during or after buying a bottle of tequila. So you are well informed and can enjoy your tequila of choice.

Who is a tequila suitable for?

A tequila is permitted and suitable for people over the age of 18. It is important to note the minimum age for consuming a tequila, this age limit may vary slightly in some countries.


Tequila is a drink to enjoy on hot days as well as summer evenings. It should only be enjoyed in moderation. (Image source: Nextvoyage/ Pixabay)

Basically, if you have already consumed harder spirits and tolerated some of them well, you can also reach for a tequila and enjoy it in moderation.

What types of tequila are there?

Tequila can be found in different flavours and colours. The best-known types are Tequila Blanco, Tequila Gold and Tequila Reposado. In addition to Tequila Reposado, there is also Tequila Anejo and Tequila Extra Anejo. The different tequilas get their names from the length of time they are kept in the different barrels.

How much does a bottle of Tequila cost?

The price of a bottle of tequila can vary greatly depending on the flavour and brand. With expensive products, the brand name often accounts for the largest share of the price, so it is important to pay attention to the ingredients and origin.

The following table should give you a brief overview:

Price range Available products
Low-priced (10 – 29 €) No-name brands, classic design, simple bottle
Medium-priced (30 – 69 €) large selection of different designs, brand-name products
High-priced (70 – 150 €) upmarket brands, individual designs, large selection

It turns out that you can already find a bottle of tequila in every price segment. You should choose according to your taste and pay attention to the price.

With which drinks can you mix tequila?

The most popular and probably best-known cocktails that contain tequila are the Tequila Margarita and the Tequila Sunrise. For a Tequila Margarita, lime juice and orange liqueur are mixed with the tequila and a dash of lime is added with a pinch of salt.

The popular Tequila Sunrise is prepared with lemon juice, orange juice and tequila and refined with a centilitre of grenadine. Tequila can be mixed with other drinks in various ways.

Is tequila healthy?

Because of its high alcohol content, it can be said that a small shot glass of it can be good for strengthening the immune system. Because of this, however, tequila should not be consumed daily and in large quantities.

In particular, Tequila Blanco contains agave, from which tequila is made, which is considered very healthy. Among other things, agave has a positive effect on cholesterol and blood sugar levels.


Tequila is a very good option for offering guests and friends a refreshing and spicy change on the drinks menu. Due to the wide variety of flavours, which are available everywhere in the trade, there is something for every guest and you can score well with it. Due to the untreated alcohol in the drink, tequila has a long shelf life and can therefore be easily stored in the household.

When deciding which tequila to buy, be sure to consider the desired alcohol content and the preferred flavour, and perhaps keep an eye on the price at the beginning. If you have never tried tequila before, it does not necessarily have to be the most expensive model.

(Cover photo: Xavier Espinosa/ Pixabay)