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The barbecue season is often opened at the first sign of fine weather. This rush shows the need of many for a barbecue experience. However, you don’t necessarily have to wait for good weather. Tefal offers grills especially for indoor use (but not necessarily exclusively). In the following Tefal grills test 2023 we want to help you find a Tefal grill that is best for you. We have compared Tefal grills in a wide range of sizes and models and want to show you the various advantages and disadvantages in the following. This should make your purchase decision as easy as possible.


  • Tefal has specialised in electric grills for indoor use.
  • Tefal offers 3 different types of indoor electric grills. Simple and smart contact grills are offered as well as table grills without contact function for open grilling.
  • When buying Tefal grills, you should consider various purchase criteria, namely: the dimensions, the presence of a contact function, the features of thermostats, setting options and sensors, the suitability for dishwashers and the repairability.

The Best Tefal Grill: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Tefal grill

Before you buy a Tefal grill, there are certainly some questions you should ask yourself. Therefore, below we answer a collection of frequently asked questions that are relevant before you buy.

What distinguishes Tefal grills from other manufacturers?

Tefal grills are specially designed for indoor grilling. They are electric grills that can be used in various ways and can also be placed on the table for grilling. Tefal grills resemble toasters to some extent, as a large number of Tefal grills have a contact function. They are therefore often advertised as grill and toast. In any case, Tefal grills are optimally designed for barbecuing in bad weather, for example in winter, as well as for barbecuing in flats without balconies.

Tefal Grill-2

A contact grill opens up a wide range of possibilities. Because the food is enclosed in two grill plates, both sides can be grilled or toasted evenly.
(Image source: Kurguzov/

Are Tefal grill spare parts and accessories available?

Depending on the specific grill, more or less accessories are available for Tefal grills. Basically, however, there is a wide range of additional accessories. For example, there are additional inserts for making waffles, for baking pastries or for heating/cooking/sautéing various dishes or as a collection container for juice. Apart from the various accessories, Tefal also offers spare parts, such as grill plates. These spare parts are best obtained from the manufacturer’s own online accessories shop

[4]. An Instagram user shows, for example, that the Tefal Optigrill can be quickly converted with accessories so that you can even make cakes or pizza:

At what prices are Tefal grills available?

A simple contact grill is available from around 50 euros. Smart contact grills or larger table grills without contact function, on the other hand, can cost between 100 and 240 euros.
Type of grill price min price max
Simple contact grill from 50 euros up to 110 euros
Smart contact grill from 120 euros up to 280 euros
Table grill without contact function from 50 euros up to 300 euros

What alternatives are there to Tefal grills?

As an alternative to Tefal grills, which are specially designed for indoor use, there are various types of grills for outdoor use. Among others, there are grills that are operated electronically or with gas or coal. The various advantages and disadvantages of the grill alternatives for outdoor use are presented below. First of all, there is an introductory video that compares the different types of barbecue:

Charcoal grill

With a charcoal barbecue, you have to be patient until the charcoal turns grey and gives off enough heat to barbecue. You have to wait until there are no more flames. In addition, you have to reckon with the fact that the temperature of a charcoal grill can only be regulated to a very limited extent. However, many hobby grillers are convinced that a charcoal grill offers the advantage of a particularly good charcoal aroma. In addition, charcoal grills tend to be easier to use on the move. It is therefore easier to take them along for a barbecue at the lake, etc.

Tefal Grill-1

For many, a charcoal barbecue offers a particularly authentic barbecue experience, as it is grilled directly over the (extinguished) fire.
(Image source: Vincent Keiman /

Electric grill

An electric grill often has to face some outdated prejudices in the German-speaking world. For example, many believe that an electric grill does not produce as good a barbecue aroma as a charcoal grill. However, this view turns out to be outdated in a blind test, as most people cannot really tell the difference. Furthermore, there is often the prejudice that electric grills only achieve a very low output. However, this cannot be confirmed, especially with new electric grills, which can now reach up to 300 degrees. A big advantage of electric grills is that they are comparatively quicker to set up and easier to use than charcoal grills or even gas grills. In addition, the absence of smoke from the balcony or annoyed neighbours can be a great advantage.

Gas barbecue

Similar to the electric grill, the gas grill is easier to use compared to the charcoal grill. It is also quicker to set up than the charcoal grill. Another advantage is that no smoke is produced. A disadvantage, however, as with the electric grill, is that it is less mobile due to its weight.

Features Charcoal grill Gas grill Electric grill
Smoke formation Yes No No
Temperature control Only slightly possible Adjustable Adjustable
Different zones, i.e. direct and indirect heat Slightly possible Yes Possible depending on the appliance
Mobile for use at the lake Yes More difficult due to weight (together with gas bottle) More difficult due to the necessary electricity connection
Price Also very cheap models available Tends to be more cost-intensive Tends to be more cost-intensive

Decision: What types of grills does Tefal offer and which one is right for me?

Tefal offers three basic distinguishable types of table grills. On the one hand, Tefal offers two types of contact grills, simple and smart. In addition, Tefal sells table grills without contact function, which offer a more authentic grilling feeling. In the following, these 3 types of grills from Tefal are compared with each other and their respective advantages and disadvantages are outlined.

Simple contact grill

The simple contact grills offered by Tefal function as toasters with a grill function. They consist of two grill plates that can be closed so that the meat/vegetables are sandwiched between the plates. You can grill meat, fish and vegetables as well as toast paninis and sandwiches with these simple contact grills. In contrast to the other types of Tefal grills, the simple contact grill only has limited adjustment possibilities. So you often can’t adjust the heat very individually.

  • Grilling and toasting in one
  • Easy to use
  • Most cost-effective grill type from Tefal
  • Only few individual setting options

Smart contact grill

The basic function of the smart contact grill hardly differs from the simple contact grill. However, in addition to the simple grill and toast function, it has further individual setting options. Depending on the device, it can determine exactly how far the meat is cooked and you can thus prepare the meat optimally according to your personal wishes. In addition to the adjustable heat, there are various grill programmes that are designed for different types of meat and fish. Furthermore, these grills often come with additional accessories that turn the grill into a waffle iron or a pizza oven, for example. The grill can therefore be used multifunctionally.

  • Individual settings possible
  • Various accessories available
  • Detection of cooking status for optimum result
  • Cost-intensive

Table grill without contact function for the real indoor grill feeling

Unlike contact grills, the tabletop grill consists only of a plate, which means you can actually watch the grilling and thus have a more authentic grilling experience. As with outdoor grilling, the grilled food must be turned for a perfect result. Table grills come in different variations with more or less individual settings.

  • More authentic grilling experience
  • Grilling visible and not hidden by second plate
  • Tends to be larger and therefore more space
  • Turning necessary
  • Longer waiting time

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate Tefal grills with each other

Now that you know which basic types of grills Tefal offers, we will go into more detail on individual purchase criteria. These criteria should help you to find the most suitable Tefal grill for you.


Basically, it can be said that the table grills without contact function have larger dimensions than the contact grills. This makes it possible to grill larger quantities on them. The simple contact grills have a grilling area of 600 to 740 cm2. The smart contact grills have similar dimensions with a grilling surface of 600 to 800 cm2.

The largest of these are the table grills with a grilling surface of up to 1550 cm2.

Table grills, on the other hand, even reach a grilling surface of 870 to 1550 cm2. Table grills, like other grills, are rectangular and not square. Unlike the contact grills, not all table grills can be stored vertically.

Contact function

One of the most obvious features of Tefal grills is the difference between contact grills and grills without contact function. While grills with contact function can also be used optimally for toasting paninis and sandwiches, this is more difficult with grills without contact function.

Faster grilling with the contact function

The contact function on grills results from the second plate being lowered onto the first plate, thus clamping the grilled food in between. The additional plate makes grilling faster and easier, without the need to turn the food. Depending on whether the priority with Tefal grills is an authentic grilling experience or quick everyday grilling without the need for turning, you should choose a grill with or without a contact function.

Thermostat / grill programmes / sensors

Tefal offers appliances with different options for setting the temperature. There are grills with thermostats that can be adjusted to different degrees. Tefal also offers grills with preset grill programmes or even sensors to measure the cooking status. Whether an appliance with or without a thermostat, grill programmes or sensors comes into question depends first of all on the variety of food you want to grill. If only chops, sausages, vegetables and toasts are to be grilled, a thermostat with many settings is probably not absolutely necessary. Whether an appliance with many grill settings makes sense also depends on the personal demands on the appliance. If you enjoy grilling and like to check the cooking status yourself regularly, an appliance that automatically checks the cooking status will probably take some of the fun out of grilling.

The type of grill programmes, adjustable thermostats and sensors should therefore be selected according to the desired comfort during grilling and the desired variety of possible grilled food.


After using a grill, the grill or especially the grill plates must be cleaned. This can even be quite tedious from time to time. Of course, this can be made much easier if the plates are dishwasher-safe. Basically, it can be said that Tefal grills are at least partially dishwasher-safe (e.g. juice collection tray) and the plates can be cleaned relatively easily with a damp cloth. However, there are also individual appliances where the grill plates can be specifically removed and washed in the dishwasher.


In principle, Tefal is committed to ensuring that its products can still be repaired for as long as possible. The products are therefore produced in such a way that individual parts can easily be replaced to make the product fully functional again.

Repairability is highly valued

There are individual products that are marked with a “10-year repairable” seal. For these products, Tefal undertakes to guarantee spare parts for 10 years. It therefore makes sense to consider the seal as a purchase criterion and to keep an eye out for it.

Trivia: Facts worth knowing about Tefal grills

Now that you know what criteria are crucial to finding the most suitable Tefal grill, the following section is dedicated to any problems or questions that may arise after a purchase.

What can I do if I have problems with my Tefal grill? Who can I contact?

Basically, Tefal has a comprehensive customer service that can help with customer problems. There is a contact page on the homepage for help with various questions and problems [5]. as already mentioned, Tefal is committed to a long repairability of its products and has committed itself to a 10-year repairability for certain products. Accordingly, information on which products can still be repaired can be found at [6] and a search for service partners who can carry out such repairs can be found at [7].

How can I clean a Tefal grill?

Tefal grills are at least partially dishwasher-safe. For cleaning, some grill plates can easily be removed from the appliances and placed in the dishwasher. However, the grill plates can all be cleaned relatively easily with a damp cloth even without a dishwasher.

What guarantee do I get on my Tefal grill?

Tefal offers an extensive guarantee. You can find detailed information about the terms and conditions on the homepage [8].

Where can I find instruction manuals for Tefal grills?

The official Tefal homepage offers a lot of information about the different grills. Among other things, you can also find a search for various operating instructions. Simply enter the product name in the search field and the user manual will be suggested [9].

Where can I find recipes for Tefal grills?

The Tefal homepage also offers various recipes for the different grills. You can find the recipes on the corresponding product page under the “Recipes” tab.

Tefal Grill-3

In principle, a wide range of dishes is possible. Everything from vegetables and meat to fish and sandwiches can be grilled.
(Image source: subbotina/

Image source: Argutinskaya/