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Nature has everything you need for a better life, so today we present the best tea tree oils you can find on the market.

If you are looking for a product that can provide you with purifying and regenerating properties, in a natural way, you need something organic and nothing better than tea tree oil with its wonderful benefits. There are so many artisans these days, that getting the best extract is difficult, however, we are here to help you.

We offer you more than just a review, we have for you the best buying guide you will find online. Because we bring you detailed information, technical aspects, pros and cons, product variants, user reviews and buying factors to help you make the best decision.


  • Tea tree oil is an oil extracted from the shrub mentioned above. It was discovered by the Australian Aborigines, who used it to soothe wounds and diseases. It is now sold around the world.
  • While there is only one such shrub, there are variants of tea tree oil, which lies in its purity. This is because not all people are resistant to it or, if used on animals, to avoid poisoning.
  • When buying tea tree oil you should take into account several factors to make a good decision. Some of these factors are the use you will make of the product, its bottling, its presentation and its purity. The quality and, of course, the price will depend on these factors.

The Best Tea Tree Oil: Our Picks

Buying Guide

We’re sure you and we’ve all heard the wonders of tea tree oil, but what’s true and what’s not? With our buying guide you’ll find out all about the oil extracted from this plant, its benefits, its variants and much more, with the aim of making your purchase the best.

Tea tree oil is used in spas for facial treatment. (Photo: Karel Joseph Noppe Brooks /

What is tea tree oil and what are its benefits?

Tea tree oil is an oil extracted from the leaves of the tea tree, scientifically called Melaleuca alternifolia. It is one of the pure oils that has a myriad of properties for you, your home and even your pet.

This oil has its origins in Australia, where the aborigines pressed and softened the leaves before preparing the infusion, which resulted in a thicker liquid. This liquid was used to treat wounds and burns, and they also added mud, which has other properties to cure skin infections.

Nowadays, artisans of organic and natural products continue to make tea tree oil as it is one of the most sought after. Which is not surprising when we see all the advantages that its use can bring to our lives. From disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, purifying and more.

  • Fights skin infections
  • Cleanses and purifies
  • Excellent for headaches, sore throats and muscle aches
  • Helps heal burns and wounds
  • May cause allergies
  • Cannot be used on pregnant women, children and cats
  • For external use only

Pure or diluted tea tree oil – what to look out for?

When it comes to tea tree oil we can find it in two forms on the market, the first one is completely pure and the second one is diluted. In this section we will show you how one or the other benefits us, as well as their particular uses.

Pure. This is the most common way of obtaining tea tree oil, as it is concentrated it ensures that all its properties can act on the problem or illness you are looking to solve or cure. They come in bottles of 10 ml up to 130 ml, ideal for your needs and pocket.

Diluted. Diluted tea tree oil was brought to the market to help those with sensitive skin and children. Not having a 100% pure oil prevents the skin from allergies, or being toxic, without losing its medicinal and cleansing properties.

Pure Diluted
Uses Cleansing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, fights skin infections, repels bacteria, insects and mites Cleansing, anti-inflammatory, fights skin infections for delicate skin and pets
Purity 100% 25%, 50% or 70%
Price High Low

Tea tree oil properties

Tea tree oil is probably the most versatile natural oil, besides aloe vera, on the market. It has so many healing, cleansing, purifying and cleansing properties that it is necessary to have at least one in our homes. In this section we will show you some of its uses.

Medicinal use, tree oil is excellent for treating abscesses, acne, arthritis, bronchitis, dandruff, cystitis, corns, it is perfect for post-surgical care. It is ideal for skin diseases such as dermatitis, it heals wounds and burns quickly. It is also a muscle relaxant.

Use in animals, first of all we must clarify that, to use tea tree oil, it is necessary to use it diluted because pure it can be highly toxic for animals, especially for cats. Even so, this oil is perfect for curing scabies, and repelling ticks and fleas.

Use in cleaning, with a few drops of tree oil diluted in water or vinegar you can have an excellent disinfectant and purifier. In addition, this combination can kill mould in damp places.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of tea tree oil

Buying tea tree oil seems to be one of the easiest tasks, just go to the counter or to your favourite website and buy it. The truth is, to ensure a good purchase, you need to consider the following factors.

  • Purity
  • Use
  • Bottling
  • Presentation


As mentioned above in the variants section, we can get tea tree oil in different purities, because there are uses where a stronger product is not needed. Purity not only affects its quality and use, but also its cost, so it is important to take this into account.

20 to 50% purity. When it comes to this percentage of purity it is certain that we are dealing with a diluted tea tree oil or with ingredients that are not natural. To find out which of the two, you can look at the ingredient label. This type of oil is excellent for household cleaning and pet care.

50-90% pure. Tea tree oil at this purity level is excellent for people who suffer from sensitive skin. A purity of less than 70% prevents skin allergy or damage, and it is also ideal to use tea tree oil with a purity of 50% if you plan to use it on children.

100% purity. If you don’t suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin, we recommend using 100% pure oils and adding them directly to your skin or cream. Maximum purity ensures you enjoy all the great properties that tea tree provides.

Tea tree leaves are where this great oil is extracted from. (Photo: splinex /


If you want to buy an oil it’s safe for a reason, whether it’s medicinal, for home use or for the furry friends in the house. Usage is a very important factor when it comes to natural products. It is important that you know what problems or illnesses you can solve.

Skindiseases. Tea tree oil not only eliminates toxins, it also fights fungus and bacteria and rejuvenates your skin, so it can fight diseases such as acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and scabies.

Respiratory and throat diseases. The aroma and gargling of this oil can improve the work of our lungs and clear our throat respectively. Attacking discomforts such as flu.

Ticks, fleas and mites. If your pet is affected by any of these, a little diluted tea tree oil will help them disappear.

Burns and wounds. With this oil you can heal them quickly and relieve the pain they cause. You can follow the advice of the Australian natives and mix it with ashes or clay.

Goodbye to bad smells and bacteria, your home will look cleaner and it will be cleaner because tea tree helps to exterminate bacteria and leave a pleasant smell wherever you spread it.


I’m sure you’ve read this factor and thought it was a bit ridiculous, but you should know that the bottling of a tea tree oil can tell you its quality.

One of the active ingredients or properties of tea tree oil is Terpinen 4-ol. This is one of the ingredients that helps fight skin diseases and it has been proven that exposure to light can diminish its effectiveness, so always try to buy oils in a dark brown, glass bottle.

When you see a clear plastic bottle it can mean three things, firstly that it is a diluted oil, secondly that it is a short-lived oil (to be used within 2 weeks) and thirdly that it is a very low quality tea tree oil. When buying, pay attention to the packaging.

“I used the BIENAT AROMATHERAPY 10ml in a diffuser and the aroma is what I expected, this aroma is usually found in hotels and it produces an atmosphere of comfort and calm, I recommend it 100%” Fernando Gonzalez.


We can find tea tree oil in different presentations, from 10 thousand to 130 ml, from droppers to sprays, know which one suits you best depending on the use you will give to tea tree oil.

The net content, when we talk about tea tree oil, it is important to know how much we need it. Do we want to use it for something specific or to make it part of our routine? If the answer is the former, it is better to buy 10 ml to save money. If the answer is the second, it is better to buy more ml.

Spry or dropper. It seems like a decision that comes down to taste, but if you think about the utility you will see that it is important. If you want to use the oil for household cleaner or to apply to your pets it is better to use a spry. However, if you want to use it for wounds and illnesses it is better to apply it directly or to a cream with a dropper.

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