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A tablet with a pen is almost indispensable in today’s working world. There is a lot of emphasis on being mobile. With a computer, you are always tied to a fixed location. Often there is not enough space. If you want to be flexible in your workflow, a tablet with a pen is the optimal support.

In our tablet with pen test 2023 we want to give you the opportunity to find the best tablet with pen for you. We have compared different models and listed their advantages and disadvantages. In addition, other options may also be available to help you make a purchase decision.


  • A tablet with a pen allows you to be flexible because you are not dependent on a fixed location. It is the optimal replacement for a computer.
  • In principle, a tablet with a pen is suitable for every life situation and every person. The decisive factor is the reason why you want to buy a tablet with a pen. It can be used for business purposes as well as for private use.
  • With many models, a pen is already included in the price package. Depending on the use, it may make sense to buy the pen separately.

The Best Tablet With Pen: Our Picks

Tablets with a pen: buying and evaluation criteria

In the following, we would like to show you what you should look for when buying a tablet. To help you with your purchase decision, we will look at these criteria:

In the following, we will show you what is important in the individual criteria.


In most cases, tablets replace a notebook or computer. It is used to work from anywhere, so it should be handy and light. There are exceptions that tower over 2 kilograms. These are usually tablets with a lot of memory or large graphics SD cards.

Most models weigh between 400 and 600 grams.

Before buying, be aware of what you mainly want to do with the tablet. If you travel a lot and don’t want to carry a lot of luggage, a tablet with a light weight is an advantage.

Storage capacity

If you want to have a lot of documents on your tablet, you should choose a model with a large storage capacity. Here, the main memory differs from the mass memory.

The main memory is useful in that it makes the tablet work at all. Mass storage is the deciding factor when buying a tablet. It is responsible for storing your files, such as pictures and videos.

If you want to have access to many files, the mass storage should be over 64 gigabytes. Often the tablet is used as a second device in the home. So if you mainly use it to play games and watch films on Netflix, 32 gigabytes should be enough.

Resolution / size

When using pictures and videos, the resolution of a tablet is of great importance. With a Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, you can expect a razor-sharp image. The size of the tablet or picture diagonal can also say a lot about the picture quality.

The higher the resolution and the larger the diagonal, the better the picture quality.

The most common models have a size of 10 inches. In addition to these basic characteristics, the contrast ratio and colour fidelity are also important. If you use the tablet a lot for reading, these are definitely important measurements that you should take into account when buying.

Pen / stylus

Most brands also have their own stylus types, such as the S Pen from Samsung or the Apple Pencil. However, there are also models that are suitable for all tablet types. If you buy the pen separately from the tablet, the following features should be taken into account:

  • Material: The tip of the pen is usually made of rubber or plastic to prevent scratches on the display. The body of the pen is often made of aluminium like a real biros.
  • Type: The type of pen is distinguished between an active and a passive model. The active pen always communicates with the tablet (Bluetooth). With the passive pen, the tablet is only dependent on the pressure of the touch.
  • Pressure sensitivity: The higher the pressure levels of the pen, the more accurate the written result.

You should consider these criteria before buying, depending on how important the pen is to you. An active stylus with many pressure levels is always recommended.

Operating system

The influence on the purchase of a tablet is often connected with the operating system, as it should also match your own mobile phone, notebook or computer. The focus is on the application of the tablet. In most cases, it is needed more for private use and is used more as a supplement to the mobile phone. It is often also used as a supplement to a notebook or computer if one travels a lot on business and has to work on the road.

The operating system will determine your purchase of a tablet.

The three most powerful operating systems are shortlisted: Windows, iOS and Android. If you mainly want to work with your tablet, Windows devices are often the best option.

The Google-powered Android system is independent of the tablet and is therefore often integrated into the most popular manufacturers. If you decide on an iPad, the choice is limited to Apple’s iOS operating system. This makes most sense if you have an Apple mobile phone.

Finally, Android tablets are open operating systems and can be used more flexibly. Here you can already find good models in the lower to middle price category. With Apple models, you have a secure and therefore closed operating system, but they tend to be in the more expensive price segment.

Tablets with stylus: frequently asked questions and answers

Following on from the criteria we have already listed, we would now like to answer the most important questions about tablets with pens. After reading the guide, you will know the important requirements and confirm your purchase decision.

What is a tablet with a pen?

If you are thinking about buying a tablet with a pen, the model of the tablet and the type of pen are of crucial importance. The pen is already included with many tablets. If you already own a tablet and want to produce accurate results, buying a specific stylus is an advantage.

A tablet with a stylus can be used for private purposes as well as for business. (Image source: Yura Fresh / Unsplash)

Many people don’t have room for a computer and their mobile phone is too small to work properly with it. In most cases, a tablet with a stylus will make work easier. Sometimes it can also only serve as a supplement to the mobile phone.

Before buying, be clear about your main reason for buying a tablet with a pen. Be aware of whether your needs match the functions of the tablet.

Who is a tablet with a pen for?

A tablet with a pen can be used by anyone of almost any age. It serves many purposes – whether private or professional. In private use, it can be used by children for drawing and playing. But graphic artists and artists are also using it more and more for their painting activities.

Tablets with pens often find great popularity for professional purposes. Especially for students and teachers, a tablet with a pen makes work much easier. They can take notes, sign and adjust documents.

A tablet with a pen facilitates the work process and can be used flexibly. (Image source: Karolina Grabowska / Pixabay)

For example, when a presentation is projected from the tablet onto a screen, a presenter can expand and amend written material during the presentation.

What types of tablets with pens are there?

To help you find out whether a tablet with a pen is suitable for your purposes, we have summarised the functions. In general, you can choose between two types of tablets: LTE tablets and Wi-Fi tablets. Below we have compared the most important advantages and disadvantages:

Type Advantages Disadvantages
LTE tablet with pen Data reception via the mobile network, flexible use in many places, fast data transfer Usually more expensive than WLAN tablets
WLAN tablet with pen Dial-up in hot spots, use also possible at home Dependent on WLAN networks, Inflexible use when travelling

A WLAN tablet can be used in secure WLAN access points, such as at home or in hotels. Meanwhile, many trains and regional trains also have free internet access. Here, however, the speed can be throttled and make data transfer difficult. With LTE tablets you are more flexible, but here too you should have a generous data volume if you need to work a lot on the internet.

How much does a tablet with a pen cost?

You can find tablets with pens in all price categories. It depends a lot on the brand, the image quality and the additional functions. If it’s purely about drawing, you can find some good models for 50 to 150 euros.

If you want a powerful battery and a high-quality operating system with good resolution, a tablet with a pen can cost up to 1000 euros. The following examples give you an approximate price range:

Model price range
LTE tablet with pen approx. 200 to 700 euros
W-LAN with pen approx. 100 – 600 euros

For everyday professional use, a tablet with pen can already be found in the medium price category. The higher the demands on the brand and its functions, the more expensive the choice will be.

In general, a high-quality tablet with a pen is always an advantage. You may have to pay a little more, but you will get more out of your tablet in the long run.

A tablet with a pen can be an additional working aid for creative people. All drawings can be recorded digitally. (Image source: Helena Lopes / Unsplash)

If you have to use the tablet with the pen very often, the pen should also be very well chosen. Especially for drawings, an ergonomic pen with many pressure levels is useful.

Where can I buy a tablet with a pen?

Most tablets with pens are bought in specialist shops because you can try out the individual models directly there. Many also use various online shops. Tablets with pens are most often bought online from these suppliers:


If you already have your eye on a particular tablet, you can buy your favourite directly from the websites presented. If you are still undecided and want to try out the functions of the tablets first, a visit to a specialist shop makes sense. This way you can be sure that your expectations of a tablet with a pen will be met.

What are the alternatives to a tablet with a pen?

In case a tablet with a pen is not the right choice, we have selected two alternatives for you:

Type Description
Small notebook with built-in keyboard Some manufacturers offer notebooks in smaller formats. They are not as big as laptops and not as small as a smartphone. A mini notebook is easy to transport. The built-in keyboard makes typing easier.
Larger smartphone Many providers also offer larger models as an upgrade. The display is large enough for reading and working. All documents are thus stored on one device.

Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. It always depends on what you mainly want to do with the respective device. For people who need to edit and sign a lot of documents, a tablet with a pen is the best solution.


The tablet with pen can be very helpful if you want to work on the move. It is much easier to carry around than a laptop. The pen writes like a biro and can make precise drawings.

You can get models with the pen already included or both separately. When choosing a tablet and a pen, you should think about what purpose both should serve for you. The display size and image resolution should not be ignored.

If you travel frequently and want to work on the go, an LTE tablet with a pen makes sense. However, they are usually a little more expensive. However, the network guarantees fast data transfer. A W-LAN tablet is therefore well suited for home offices and for a central workspace.

Image source: ldprod / 123rf