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Do you also lean uncomfortably over your sink in the poorly lit bathroom in the morning to put on make-up? Or are you even short-sighted and do the whole thing half-blind? A table mirror could be the remedy. Whether for putting on make-up, plucking eyebrows or examining skin blemishes – no household should be without this product. A quick Google search shows that not all table mirrors are the same and that the choice is immense.

In this article, you will learn what you should look for when buying a table mirror and which mirror meets your individual needs. We have selected some products for you and answered the most important questions about table mirrors.


  • A table mirror is an everyday helper for all those who do their make-up, hair and shave. But some models also look good as furnishing objects.
  • There are table mirrors with lighting, which are particularly suitable for people with poorly lit rooms. Or mirrors with magnification, which can be a great relief for short-sighted people in particular.
  • A suitable model can be found for every budget. The decisive factors are usually the size and additional functions of the product.

The best Table Mirror: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for table mirrors

As already mentioned, not all table mirrors are the same. We have summarised some buying criteria that should help you find the right mirror for you and your individual needs.

The following criteria can be compared:


You can find mirrors with a diameter of between 30 and 80 centimetres in the shops. Depending on what you want to do with your table mirror, the size you need will also vary. Another factor is, of course, where the mirror should be placed.

Small mirrors are good if you like to use the mirror in different rooms or want to take it with you when you travel. Larger mirrors, on the other hand, are helpful if you want to use it for make-up or doing your hair, as you can see more of yourself in it.


The design of the table mirror is crucial because you need to integrate it into your existing interior. What is the interior style of the room in which the mirror will be used later? The answer to this question determines the colour, shape and material of your new mirror.

If you want to use the mirror in several rooms, or if you do not have a fixed furnishing style, then you can choose between a table mirror with a simple frame or even a completely frameless mirror. These can be integrated into any interior.


A table mirror with lighting is often a great advantage. If you have a poorly lit room or have to get up early in the morning so you can’t benefit from daylight, an illuminated table mirror can literally bring light into the darkness. This way you can be sure that your make-up is well blended at home and not notice it at work or even on a date.

Especially if you want to use the table mirror for make-up, you should pay attention to the colour of the light. Daylight white light is better than warm white light. Don’t forget, however, that you sometimes need a power source or batteries for such mirrors.


If you like to look at your pores or pluck your eyebrows, a table mirror with magnification is the right thing for you. It allows you to work more precisely, as you can see even the finest hairs.

If you are short-sighted, a table mirror with magnification is a real everyday helper. If you take off your glasses when putting on make-up, the magnification can help you to see yourself clearly. The higher the diopter, the higher the magnification should be.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about table mirrors answered in detail

In the following, further important questions on the subject of table mirrors are answered. You can then decide which one is right for you.

For whom are table mirrors particularly suitable?

Table mirrors are suitable for everyone,

  • who like to put on make-up,
  • pluck their own eyebrows,
  • shave their beard
  • are short-sighted
  • have a poorly lit room

In short: no household should be without a table mirror.

What types of table mirrors are there?

Table mirrors are mainly distinguished by their shape and size. If you differentiate according to function, you can identify several types:

  • Illuminated / Unlit
  • With / without magnification
  • Fixed or swivelling

Before buying, it is best to think about what you want to use the mirror for and in which room the mirror will be placed later. If you want an illuminated mirror, you should think about an available power source.


Table mirrors can be important everyday helpers when applying cosmetics. (Image source: Cottonbro/ Pexels)

How much do table mirrors cost?

You can find table mirrors in every price segment. Most of them are actually found in the low and medium price segment. The main differences are in function and size.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (10 – 30 €) Mostly smaller mirrors, low magnification, battery-powered lighting
Medium-priced (30 – 100 €) Larger mirrors with stronger lighting and higher magnification, also eye-catching design
High-priced (from 100 €) Special areas of application (e.g. for speech therapy), noble design

So you can find a suitable product in every price segment.


Table mirrors are important everyday helpers that no household should be without. Many are not only functional, but can also be optimally integrated into the furnishings thanks to their design, thus enhancing the interior. Helpful functions include magnification, lighting or compactness. So you can choose the right product depending on your individual needs.

Many products available on the market even combine several of these functions, so that in the end you are spoilt for choice. Decide which functions are most important to you personally and then see which look you like best. You can also find a suitable product for every budget.

(Cover photo: Pavel Danilyuk/ Pexels)