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This time we want to talk to you about table lamps and each of their characteristics. Because we know that they are not only an ornament, but they will add a special touch to your home.

A table lamp is mostly known for being used by those who love reading at night, although they have many other purposes, however, this is one of the most characteristic.

In ReviewBox we want to provide you with the necessary information so that you can get to know in more detail the product you are buying, from the standard price of the same, to the models and the aspects that you should consider before buying it; we assure you that at the time of your purchase you will be completely satisfied.


  • The table lamp is a variation of the conventional lamp; they are usually smaller and much more practical; they are mostly used on bedside tables and can be quite helpful for those who enjoy a good read before going to sleep.
  • There are many variations of table lamps, however, the main point of comparison is between table lamps with spotlight or led lights, which can be differentiated according to their price and durability.
  • Before purchasing a product such as table lamps, you should know that there are different aspects that you need to be aware of, ranging from the power source, limitations of use, manufacturing materials, among others.

The Best Table Lamps: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Buying a table lamp is not only about choosing the most beautiful design, nor the one that matches the decoration of the house, because there are several features that make up this product that today we want to let you know, so you can achieve a successful purchase.

Table lamps are the ideal companion for a night of reading and work. (Photo: Collins Lesulie /

What is a table lamp and what are its advantages?

The table lamp is a variation of the conventional lamp; they are usually smaller and much more practical; they are mostly used on bedside tables and can be quite helpful for those who enjoy a good read before bedtime.

Over the years, the evolution of lamps in general has been present in everything from models to power source and table lamps are the best example of this, as they are the most popular variants of lamps.

As far as lamps are concerned, we can say that there has really been a great evolution in table lamps, as more and more models are appearing that surpass the previous one, such as compact lamps or lamps with LED lights, which consume less energy, but have the same light power.

  • They provide luminosity
  • They provide great ornamental value
  • There are models that help the planet
  • They can collapse
  • Some can be expensive
  • If they have a bulb, it must be changed regularly

Table lamp with spotlight or led lights – what should you pay attention to?

When purchasing a table lamp, you should be fully informed about every variant and feature of the lamp, as this will ensure that you are completely satisfied and safe when you make your purchase.

Table lamp with spotlight: This is the most popular type of table lamp, although, depending on the trends, it may be forgotten due to the high consumption it can generate. They usually have a quite striking design, although they can also have a simple design.

Table lamps with LED lights: This is undoubtedly a much more cost-effective option, as they do not consume much energy and will provide you with the same level of luminosity that any other common lamp can give you. Their designs are quite simple and modern.

Table lamp with spotlight Table lamp with led lights
Price Medium High
Light output Depends on the spotlight High
Durability 6 months to 1 year 1 to 2 years

How much does a table lamp cost?

There is a great variety of table lamps, as they can vary according to models, sizes, types and other characteristics, which can range from the most traditional, with a slightly older design, to the most modern. This is why the price of these lamps can vary considerably.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of table lamps

Table lamps, besides being a product that will bring more light to the area you want, will add a great ornamental value to it, however, it is important that you know that there are certain aspects that you should take into account before purchasing one so that at the time of your purchase you are completely satisfied.

  • Manufacturing material
  • Power supply
  • Switching on and off
  • Limitations of use

Manufacturing materials

Knowing each of the characteristics that make up a product that we wish to purchase is of utmost importance, even if it is the materials with which the product is manufactured, since knowing this, we can create better points of comparison and make our purchase completely successful.

Metal or iron: In general, metal or iron lamps usually have a quite striking design; for example, those table lamps that have curvilinear details on their base. They are quite resistant and can be considered to have a long life.

Plastic: These types of table lamps usually have a slightly more modern and futuristic design, as most of them do not have conventional bulbs, but LED lights. They are much lighter and even smaller. They are made of a hard plastic that is quite resistant.

Crystal: Crystal table lamps undoubtedly add great ornamental value to any area of the home, as, despite having a simple design, they are really wonderful. These lamps are a bit more delicate, they require more care. They have a small metal base to support them.

Fabric: The fabric used to make the top of the lamps is called lampshade fabric. They are mostly known to be quite strong and have a wide variety of designs and colours.

Table lamps can perfectly complement your home decor. (Photo: Tatiana Lapina

Lighting source

When buying a table lamp it is important that you pay attention to the type of power source it has, as this will allow you to assess whether it is more or less suitable for you and the purpose you want to give it:

Connection to the socket: This type of lamp consumes voltage, however, they guarantee a long life in terms of illumination. Constant use of the socket can increase your electricity bill and prove to be a very high expense.

With batteries: And although batteries are usually a little cheaper and can be a much more convenient method for your pocket, you should know that they do not have a long life, so they must be changed constantly.

Switching on and off

As we have mentioned, over the years, the evolution in lamps is getting better and better, which is even noticeable in the way in which we turn them on and off, as different companies have been responsible for creating designs that facilitate such a simple aspect as that:

By switch: The most common and popular method, table lamps with a switch are not usually as widely purchased lately, however, they are recognised for having a classic design with lots of details.

Motion or sound sensors: A variety of lamp manufacturers in general have taken it upon themselves to make turning them on and off much easier and more fun. Table lamps with this function can be activated by any sound or movement.

Via wifi or bluetooth: Another method that has become quite popular and acquired. Generally the table lamps with this function are LED lights, as well as being able to be switched on and off via a phone or any smart device, they can change colour and even adjust their intensity.

Lamps with a spotlight usually have a more traditional design. (Photo: Aaron Burden /

Limitations of use

And although it is a tool that will help you to bring a little extra light to different areas of the home, you should know that table lamps can have certain limitations, which we want you to be aware of, so that when you buy it there is no complication whatsoever:

  • They are not suitable for illuminating a whole room, only a part of it.
  • They cannot last for a long time when switched on.
  • Although they are small, they are not suitable for transport.

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