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Welcome to MONEDEROsmart. If you are thinking about buying a Swiss Army Knife, we have great news here. You are in the right place, as today is the day to know which are the best models available on the Brazilian market in 2019. Imagine a product that has a thousand and one uses. No, we are not talking about that well-known steel wool, but about Swiss army knives. This type of tool helps you perform several functions. From simpler things, like sanding your fingernail, to some more specific ones, like peeling fish, this product can be essential for your daily routine. Therefore, in this article, you will learn what the main features of this product are. Stay informed, make the best purchase and don’t regret it.


  • A Swiss Army knife can have more than 30 functions. Before buying, see if the pocket knife has the ones you will need.
  • A Swiss Army Knife is useful for use indoors and also in outdoor sports activities, such as hiking and camping.
  • Because of the sharper blades, some types of Swiss Army Knives are not recommended for use by children and adolescents without adult supervision.

The Best Swiss Knife: Our Picks

Buying Guide

The Swiss Army Knife is a companion for every moment. Even though it is a small tool, with it you can solve many problems that arise in your daily life. Whether you need to cut your fingernail, open a bottle or tighten a screw, this type of pocket knife can be very useful. In this buying guide, we will tell you what you have to consider when choosing which one to buy. Besides, you will know the main differences between the models.

Canivete suíço na palma de uma mão.

The Swiss Army Knife can be used inside and outside the home. (Source: design56 / 123RF)

What is a Swiss army knife and what are its advantages?

The Swiss Army Knife is a multi-purpose tool, which can have more than 30 functions. Like the traditional pocket knife, the Swiss model is a product of cutlery. This is the technique of producing cutting instruments. This craft also includes knives, swords, axes and razors.

A Swiss Army Knife has many uses. It can be used both inside and outside the home.

It is an item that easily adapts to various uses and very public. One of the main advantages is that it is light, weighing around 150 grams, and therefore can be taken anywhere with ease. Among the various Swiss Army Knife models, we find some with only four functions and also options with up to 33. To know which one to buy, it is important to analyze what each blade can offer in each place.

Três maçãs e um canivete em cima de mesa. Uma das maçãs está descascada.

A Swiss Army Knife can even be used to peel fruit. (Source: pasja1000 / Pixabay)

How useful is a Swiss army knife in the home?

The most basic tools provide a variety of household uses. With the simplest blades, you can peel fruit and other foods, sand your nails, as well as cut paper and plastic. Most models also have a corkscrew to open wine bottles, for example. Because of these characteristics, the Swiss Army Knife is ideal for routine situations.

How useful is the Swiss Army Knife outside the home?

Are you thinking of spending the next weekend on a camping trip? Then do not forget your Swiss Army Knife. Who likes this type of activity, in the middle of nature, should choose a model with specific blades and functions. Who wants to go camping, for example, may benefit from blades that serve to saw wood. On the other hand, those who enjoy spending their days fishing will appreciate the help of a fish scaler. The larger and sharper blades will be of great help for those who practice outdoor sports activities. After all, during hikes and climbs, you will be able to cut bushes and wood that are in the way.

Quatro canivetes lada a lado em um fundo preto.

Keep an eye on which functions of the Swiss Army Knife will be useful to you. (Source: Hans / Pixabay)

Multifunctional or utility Swiss army knife?

When it comes to looking for a pocket knife to buy, you will come across at least two different types. The multifunctional Swiss Army Knives and the utility (outdoor) knives. In this guide, you have access to information on the Swiss Army Knife models that are mainly geared towards more everyday activities. The other pocket knife model has a different focus. It has only one blade, which is generally large and sharp. This is because the idea is that they are used for cutting more resistant materials. This type of pocket knife is also used by some people for personal defense. Thus, before defining your purchase, evaluate which model will meet your expectations. See in the table below the comparison between these two types:

Swiss Army Knife Traditional pocket knife (utility)
Weight Lighter Heavier
Functions Has several different functions Less functions, more focused on cutting
Blades Cut less sharp Sharper.
Size Small Large, reaching 22 centimeters

What is the legislation surrounding the Swiss Army Knife?

An important factor to be taken into account when buying a Swiss Army Knife is the legislation regarding this accessory. In Brazil, carrying blades – and, therefore, penknives – is not considered a crime. However, there is a controversy around Article 19 of the LCP – Lei de Contravenções Penais, which can be interpreted in several ways. The article considers it a misdemeanor to “bring with you a weapon outside your home or its dependency, without a license from the authority. Given the various possibilities of interpretation of the law, the only certainty is that the use of the penknife to threaten or harm another person is obviously outside the law. The ideal thing is to keep your pocketknife at home or, when you go out with it, to keep it well stored, removing it from your pocket or backpack only in case of extreme necessity.

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare different Swiss Army Knives

When you are going to choose a Swiss Army Knife, take the following factors into consideration. This way, you will be able to choose the model that best suits your needs.

  • Number of functions
  • Blades
  • Size

We will talk in detail about each of these items below, so you can choose the right Swiss army knife for you.

Number of functions

When we analyse a Swiss Army Knife, the number of functions is an important purchase criterion. Before making your decision, think about what the use of this tool will be. From there, you can choose the one that best suits your daily life. Do not get carried away in buying the pocket knife with more functions just for that. If you do not use most of them, it will just be money thrown away.

Canivete suíço com algumas lâminas abertas.

You need to know what use you will put your Swiss Army Knife to before you choose yours. (Source: Hans / Pixabay)


Swiss Army Knives may even look fragile because of their size, but they are not. In some cases, the blades are quite resistant and sharp. When buying, it is important to check what purpose they were created for. There are models that can cut even wood. If you are going to use the pocket knife for simpler tasks, a less resistant blade may be enough.

Canivete suíço fechado em um fundo preto.

Swiss Army Knives started being produced in 1901. (Source: jftben / Pixabay)


Swiss Army knives are already small normally. Some models manage to be even smaller. Be aware, however, of the following detail: the more functions, the bigger the tool will be. So, if you intend to carry the Swiss Army Knife in your pocket, the ideal is to choose one with fewer functions. Consequently, it will be lighter. (Featured image source: bujinzhao / Pixabay)