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If you love the beach, pool and summer, you’ll be glad to know we have a friend in common: suntan lotion! And today we’re going to talk about this much sought-after beauty item on sunny days. The most loved season of the year by some is accompanied by very high temperatures, and at this time everyone tries to get a tan, right?

But for that to happen, you need a tanning lotion that not only leaves your skin dark and shiny, but also protects it from the excesses of the sun’s rays. If you still haven’t found the ideal product for your skin type and have any doubts on the subject, just follow us and we’ll present you with a guide full of information below! Let’s go?


  • Suntan lotion is not a substitute for sunscreen. Ideally, you should use the two together to ensure tanned skin that is safe from the risks of sun exposure.
  • Stay hydrated while you’re tanning! It is very important that you take some skin care on the hottest days.
  • You will find both oil and cream tans, each has its advantages, and it’s a matter of preference.

The best Suntan Lotion: Our Picks

Suntan Lotion: Buying Guide

There’s always that little bit of doubt when it’s time to buy a suntan lotion, isn’t there? Many people are afraid of getting their skin too red when using it, and end up not buying the product. In truth, bronzer has excellent advantages and that’s what we’re going to talk about in this guide, right below!

Foto de uma mulher de biquíni preto, sentada na areia de uma praia, olhando para longe, com o mar ao fundo.

The suntan lotion is a great ally in sunny days. It protects the skin. (Source: Bruce Mars / Pexels)

Suntan lotion: What is it and what are its advantages?

The bronzer has long been the best friend of lovers of golden skin. Its purpose is nothing more than to allow tanning, but in a more intense and safe way. Very popular in the summer, this product acts according to your body’s production of melanin, so those people who have naturally lighter skin are less protected and should not use tanning lotion for a long time. It works so well due to an amino acid called tyrosine, present in its composition. This amino acid acts by accelerating the production of melanin in the skin, which consequently darkens faster and more intensely.

Some of these cosmetics also have carrot extract in its composition, which ensures an even greater brightness to the skin. The advantages of suntan lotion are clear and can be seen after a few minutes of exposure to the sun: the colour looks really beautiful, and gives a youthful appearance!

Most of these products also have compounds that ensure greater hydration to the body, preventing skin peeling in the future, which is also good news.

  • Intensifies the skin tanning
  • Leaves a golden tone on the skin
  • Moisturises
  • Easy to use
  • Should not be used in excess
  • Should opt for those with protection factor, or use with a sunscreen in conjunction
  • Should be moisturised during use
  • Should not be used on the face

What care should I take when using suntan lotion?

Nowadays, everyone knows that sun exposure must be done consciously and carefully, because, otherwise, your skin may be damaged. Before anything else, it’s important that you choose a suntan lotion with a good protection factor, or use sunscreen together, because too much sun can cause serious illnesses, like skin cancer.

It’s also very important that you keep your body hydrated during the time you’re tanning. Always have water at your side, OK? Another recommendation we can make is that you don’t overdo it with the suntan lotion on your body, and, especially, don’t spend it on your face! Our skin is extremely sensitive, and we must take care so that it is always healthy! Beauty is important, but health must always come first!

Tanning lotion or sun block?

Many people are in doubt between buying suntan lotion or sunscreen, and our tip is: buy both! In fact, they are very different products and one does not replace the other, they complement each other. Sunscreen aims to create a barrier against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Its function is to protect the skin, and not let it get a reddish tone.

The suntan lotion, as we said, is a product that accelerates the production of melanin, in other words, it intensifies the tan! The ideal is that you use both together, because this way you’ll achieve the much-desired golden tone, and you’ll guarantee your body’s health, avoiding any excess from the sun! Besides, using both products is an excellent way to guarantee that your skin won’t peel after a few hours in the sun! Great, right?

Bronzer Sunscreen
Function Bronzing the skin protecting the skin
Price Variable Variable
Use Use only for the specific purpose of tanning Should be used every day

Buying criteria: How to compare different suntan lotions

Before you choose your bronzer, it is good that you look at some details in each of the available options, such as:

Now let’s talk a little bit about each of these topics, so you understand what their importance at the time of your choice.

Protection Factor

Bronzers do not have a protection factor, however, if you choose these, it is recommended that you wear sunscreen underneath. To make it easier, it may be more interesting to already buy the tanning lotion with protection factor. It is important that you take care not only to get a tan, but also to protect your skin from the excesses of the sun, otherwise, you may get a reddish tone, get spots and even burn.


The skin is the largest organ of the body, and for this reason we should take care of it with great care, and keep it well hydrated. Give priority to suntan lotions that have elements such as coconut oil, almond oil or cocoa butter in their composition, because they are great to prevent skin dryness. After removing the tanning lotion, it is also important that you apply a moisturizing cream all over the body, to prevent peeling and help maintain the colour.


Do you check the composition of everything you rub on your body? Although we don’t always have this habit, it’s very important that we know what we’re using! It’s no different with suntan lotion. Preferably, choose a brand that you trust, and never forget to check the composition of the product.

Foto de uma mulher de biquíni vermelho, deitada em uma bóia verde, dentro de uma piscina.

The bronzers are great for a beautiful skin, but it is necessary to pay attention to issues such as the protection factor and composition. (Source: Godisable Jacob / Pexels)


There are bronzers with oily texture and with creamy texture, and you can choose which type you like more. Although the oily tanning lotion is more sticky, it is usually much more resistant to water, which can be an advantage if you want to use it on the beach, for example.

The creamy one, on the other hand, despite being much more practical and more pleasant to the touch, is not always so strong, because most of the tanning elements are oily, such as annatto oil, coconut oil and beeswax.

(Source of the highlighted image: Bruce Mars / Pexels)