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Spending time in the garden is an essential part of life for many people. There is nothing better than relaxing under the sun and enjoying a pleasant conversation or a good read. The best way to ensure a great experience is to buy a sun lounger. Garden furniture must be carefully selected to provide many hours of relaxation.

With our big sun lounger guide, we want to help you find the best sun lounger for you. You will learn valuable information about the different materials. We have compared two different types, including folding sunbeds and roller sunbeds, and listed the respective advantages and disadvantages. This should make your purchase decision as easy as possible.


  • If you’re looking for the perfect lounging option for summer, you can opt for a sun lounger. Sun loungers come in all sorts of styles, so be sure to consider all the options before you buy.
  • You can opt for folding or even rolling sun loungers. Depending on what suits you best. Sun loungers should be chosen according to several criteria.
  • Each sun lounger has its own accessories. You can choose a sun lounger with a roof, table or armrests. There are also sun loungers for two people, so you can enjoy the sun together with your partner.

The Best Sun Lounger: Our Picks

Sun loungers: buying and evaluation criteria

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the many possible sun loungers. The criteria you can use to compare the sun loungers with each other include:

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what is important in the individual criteria.


An important criterion when buying your sun lounger is the shape. Everyone pays attention to different characteristics. You should buy a sun lounger that meets your expectations.

As a rule, it is of course practical if the backrest can be lowered on a horizontal lying surface. This way you can enjoy the sun even when lying on your stomach.

There are also sun loungers with adjustable headrests or sun loungers that adapt to your body shape. Think about what you want to use the sun lounger for. Make sure that the backrest of your sun lounger is comfortable and that your sun lounger has wheels so that you can move it easily and quickly.

Another thing to consider is the size of your sun lounger. It depends on how much space you want to use for your sun lounger. A sun lounger with a lowered backrest will require more space. You should take this into account when buying a sun lounger. If your sun lounger is in a semi-upright position, you can read more easily, whereas a reclining position is advantageous for sunbathing.


Each of the different types offers you a different user experience. For example, if you have a back problem, you can choose a lounger made of a sturdier material such as wood. If, on the other hand, you prefer something softer, plastic might be a better choice.

Rattan is a very light and durable material. It is easy to move around and can withstand both rain and UV light without fading. As for maintenance, it only needs to be wiped down with soapy water from time to time.

There are loungers made of all kinds of materials, from wood to aluminium.

Wooden sun loungers are most often made from teak. Wood adds a lot of charm and style to your outdoor living space. However, it needs regular maintenance to preserve the colour of the wood and keep it looking new!

Aluminium is only used for the frame of sun loungers. This material has the advantage of being very light, which is handy if you need to tidy up or store your sun lounger regularly. Sun loungers made of stainless aluminium offer a modern and sleek design.

One thing to keep in mind is that your material preferences will in many cases coincide directly with durability. You need to find a good balance between durability and comfort when looking for your lounger.


It is recommended to choose cushions with removable covers that come in different sizes and colours to make cleaning easier. Cushions or mattresses are highly recommended for sunbeds with fixed seats.


Take your book and a cool drink and enjoy the sun on your comfortable sun lounger. If the sun gets too much for you, you can choose a sun lounger with a roof.
(Image source: Mikey Harris / Unsplash)

You can protect your sun lounger from UV rays and bad weather with sun lounger covers. They are recommended for use over the winter. Some models come with a handy table for your drinks and magazines. This option offers the ultimate in comfort!

To prolong the life of your sunbed mattresses and cushions, keep them in a dry place when not in use!

Sunbeds: Frequently asked questions and answers

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions about sun loungers. We have selected the questions for you and will answer them shortly. After reading the guide, you will know all the essential background information about sunbeds.

Who is a sun lounger suitable for?

When the warm weather arrives and the sun is shining, it’s time to bring out the trusty sun lounger for some blissful relaxation. A sun lounger is suitable for anyone who wants to relax in their garden.

It makes you feel like you’re on holiday.

While you take time out, your body will enjoy the sun’s rays on the sun lounger. On your sun lounger you can sleep, read a book, listen to music or sunbathe in good weather. It’s a must-have for anyone who has a garden.

What types of sun loungers are there?

If you want to buy a sun lounger, there are two alternatives to choose between: Folding sunbed and rolling sunbed. We have compiled the most important advantages and disadvantages of both types below:

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Folding sunbed Space-saving, Low weight, Mobile Low seat height
Rolling sunbed Flexible use, Higher comfort, Removable castors Higher own weight, Not foldable

The main advantage of the folding sun lounger is that it takes up less space. This form is preferable if you don’t have much storage space or if you want to buy a set of several sun loungers. It should also be noted that it is always easier to move a foldable sun lounger than a stationary one. The extremely practical folding designs are easy to store away after use or in bad weather.


There are different types of sun loungers. Think in advance about what you want to use it for. This way you will find the ideal sun lounger.
(Image source: Manfred Antranias Zimmer / Pixabay)

If you often need to move the sun lounger, you should choose a sun lounger with wheels. Loungers with wheels are perfect because you can easily put the sun lounger where you want it. You can decide for yourself whether you want to lie in the sun or in the shade.

How much does a sun lounger cost?

There is a wide price range between the different sun loungers. The cost varies depending on the quality, accessories and shape. The range can go from about 40 to 250 euros.

Type price range
Folding sunbed approx. 40-90 euros
Rolling sunbed approx. 80-190 euros

Sun loungers start at a price of 40 euros. For wooden sun loungers, the amounts range up to 180 euros, whereby the different manufacturers charge very different prices. Despite the higher price, we recommend wooden sun loungers. The fact that each manufacturer focuses on different points results in different prices.

What are the alternatives to a sun lounger?

As already mentioned, sun loungers with a roof are available in various designs. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, which you can read about in the decision section. However, there are also alternatives that you can choose instead of the sun lounger.

Type Description
Hollywood swing A Hollywood swing is ideal for two people. If you want to enjoy the sun with your partner while reading a book, a Hollywood swing is recommended.
Hammock In addition, the trend of hammock camping is becoming increasingly popular.
Garden bench A garden bench is a great addition to your outdoor space. The wide and comfortable seat can be placed anywhere, protects you from the sun’s rays and lets you enjoy a wonderful relaxation.

Each seating option is designed for a specific situation. They all have certain advantages and you have to choose the one that suits your needs. Sun loungers come in all kinds of designs, so be sure to think about all the options before you buy.

How do I care for my sun lounger properly?

You should care for your sun lounger regularly so that it will last you a long time. Especially when winter is over and you want to prepare for spring and summer. This way you can spend the first rays of sunshine in your garden and on your sun lounger.

The most important thing is a protective cover for your sun lounger to protect it from rain and snow. You can buy a protective cover at any DIY store or online.

Maintenance depends on the material of your sun lounger. Wooden sunbeds usually need the most care. To clean your wooden sun lounger, you need to treat the surface with special oils. If your sun lounger is made of plastic, rattan or aluminium, it is sufficient to loosen the dirt with warm water and a sponge.


With the help of a sun lounger, you can enjoy the sun and the beautiful weather to the fullest. Unlike other seating/lounging options, sun loungers are easy to use anywhere. When buying a sun lounger, you can choose between folding and rolling loungers.

Ideal for relaxing in the garden, sun loungers can be enjoyed sitting or lying down. Sun loungers should be chosen according to your needs. When making your purchase, you should pay particular attention to the material and accessories that are important to you.

Image source: epicstockmedia/ 123rf