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For enthusiastic coffee and tea drinkers, it is already impossible to imagine life without the sugar bowl. With its diverse patterns, designs and shapes, it embellishes every coffee table and is also extremely practical. It allows you to safely store sugar, which can be taken directly from the bowl with the help of a spoon, tongs or sugar sprinklers.

Sugar bowls are available in many different materials and designs. In addition, there are countless styles and decorations. This can make it difficult to decide on the right sugar bowl. This guide should give you some orientation about the different variations. We have also selected specific product recommendations so that you can find the right sugar bowl for you.


  • Sugar bowls come in many different materials. The most common are porcelain, ceramic, stone, stainless steel and glass. Each material comes with specific properties and cleaning requirements, as not all sugar bowls are dishwasher safe.
  • There are two types of sugar bowls: sugar bowls with spoons and sugar bowls for sprinkling. The former can possibly also be used for storing other foods, while sugar shakers are more commonly used in cafés and restaurants.
  • Sugar bowls are also available in sets with spoons or milk jugs. If you want to give your coffee table a uniform look, you should go for one of these.

The Best Sugar Bowl: Our Picks

Sugar Bowl: Buying and evaluation criteria

If you are now asking yourself which sugar bowl you should choose, the following section can certainly help you. We have picked out the most important buying and evaluation criteria for sugar bowls, which you can use to compare the different products with each other. These are as follows:

In the following, we will go into each of the points mentioned and explain them in more detail. This will give you a basis for deciding which sugar bowl is right for you.


Sugar bowls come in many different designs. You should consider this point if you have specific ideas about how you want your sugar bowl to look or if you want to coordinate it with the rest of your tableware.

On the one hand, you can choose your sugar bowl from a variety of different colours and patterns. On the other hand, different shapes and styles are also available. For example, there are sugar bowls in oriental style, but also in country house style or vintage look. You can also choose from sugar bowls with different motifs, such as Disney or animal motifs.


The material of the sugar bowl goes hand in hand with the design, because this also has a great influence on the outer appearance. But the robustness and cleaning are also determined by the material. If you want to set your table in a more classical way, you should choose a sugar bowl made of ceramic or porcelain.

Porcelain in particular looks elegant and timeless and is also easy to clean. You prefer it cosy? Then a sugar bowl made of stone is the right choice for you. It is particularly robust and creates a homely atmosphere on your coffee table. If you prefer a modern and minimalist style, a sugar bowl made of stainless steel or glass is the perfect choice. Both look very discreet and are easy to clean. Stainless steel also impresses with its stability.


Another important point to consider when buying a sugar bowl is its capacity. Sugar bowls come in different sizes with varying capacities. Most sugar bowls for the coffee table have a capacity of between 200 and 300 millilitres. However, there are also smaller and larger ones.

If you consume a lot of sugar and will therefore be using the container a lot, you should opt for a larger container. This also applies if you want to use the sugar bowl as a storage container and not just for the coffee table. This will prevent you from having to constantly refill it. If the opposite is the case, a small one will suffice.

Dishwasher safe

Since the sugar bowl should also be cleaned regularly, the question of dishwasher resistance arises. Because if the sugar bowl can be cleaned in the dishwasher without any problems, cleaning is naturally easier. If you want to avoid having to wash the bowl by hand later, you should pay attention to this point before buying.

When you buy a sugar bowl, the manufacturer usually tells you whether it is dishwasher-safe or not. In general, however, most sugar bowls are dishwasher-safe; only some porcelain and glass versions are recommended to be washed by hand.


You can not only buy sugar bowls individually, but they are also available in sets, for example with a matching milk jug or spoon. If you are also looking for a milk jug and would like to coordinate the two, such a set is an option for you.

This way, you stay within the same style direction and get a harmonious interplay of these two containers. If it is also important to you to have a matching spoon for your sugar bowl, you should make sure that it is included in the delivery. Sugar bowls with matching spoons usually have a recess in the lid into which the spoon can be inserted in a decorative and practical way.

Variety of uses

Some sugar bowls are not only suitable for storing sugar. Some can also be used for other foods, such as tea, coffee, spices, flour or jam. However, this is not possible with every sugar bowl. If you know before buying that you might want to fill the bowl with other foods, you should make sure that it is suitable for this. For example, if you want to store liquid things like jam or mustard in it, you should make sure that the lid can be closed tightly. If you want to store biscuits or flour in it, the tin should be a certain size.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about sugar bowls answered in detail

If you still have some unanswered questions, you will certainly find what you are looking for in the following paragraphs. We answer the most frequently asked questions about sugar bowls.

Who is a sugar bowl suitable for?

A sugar bowl is primarily suitable for enthusiastic coffee and tea drinkers who like to enjoy their hot beverage sweet. A sugar bowl keeps the sugar safe and looks beautiful at the same time. This way, drinking coffee or tea can become a stylish ritual without the hassle of spooning sugar out of the bag. In addition, a sugar bowl is of course also suitable for simply storing sugar for baking or cooking. In this case, however, it is more of a storage box that should be larger than a sugar bowl for the coffee table.

What types of sugar bowls are there?

There are two different types of sugar bowls: one for spooning and one for sprinkling sugar. The sugar dispenser for sprinkling does not require any additional crockery at all, as you do not need a spoon to remove the sugar. This makes it an uncomplicated and quick way to sweeten drinks. The disadvantage, however, is that this sugar container cannot be used for many other foods.


Sugar shakers are often used in cafés or restaurants.
(Image source: Couleur / Pixabay)

The spoon version usually has a lid that is either airtight or has a recess for the spoon. With the help of the spoon, the sugar can be perfectly dosed. In addition, the sugar bowl with a lid has the advantage that it can also be used as a storage container for other foods, such as tea, jam, mustard or flour.

How much does a sugar bowl cost?

Sugar bowls are available in a wide range of price categories. The price is primarily determined by the quality of the materials, the range of accessories and the design. The following table should give you an overview of the different price categories:

Price range Product features
Low (up to €10) No special designs, no outstanding quality
Medium (€10 to €30) Large product selection, good quality, sets with spoon and milk jug available
High (€30 and above) Designer tins, special styles, particularly high-quality materials, sets

As the table shows, sugar bowls are already available for little money. However, if you want a higher-quality tin that is robust and lasts a long time, you should strike in the medium price range. The high price range can go from 30 euros up to several hundred euros. In this category, especially lovers of special designs can look around.

How can I clean my sugar bowl?

To find out how to clean your sugar bowl, you should first of all follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. If your bowl is dishwasher safe, you can clean it in the dishwasher without hesitation. However, if the material is not suitable for the dishwasher, hand washing is necessary. After cleaning, it is very important to dry the can thoroughly to prevent lumps from forming. Stainless steel tins should also be cleaned regularly with a special stainless steel cleaner.

How can I prevent lumps from forming in my sugar bowl?

Even if you dry the sugar bowl thoroughly after each cleaning, lumps cannot always be prevented. This mainly affects sugar bowls that cannot be sealed airtight. The reason for this is moisture from the outside.

To prevent lumps, you can put a few marshmallows in your sugar bowl. These will absorb the moisture and ensure that your sugar stays lump-free. Rice grains are also helpful. However, you have to sift them out every time you want to use the bowl. Alternatively, you can put them in a small bag.


Sugar bowls are the ideal accessory on the table for enthusiastic coffee and tea drinkers. They optimally combine a beautiful appearance with practical use. They make it easy to take out sugar for sweetening drinks, or for cooking and baking, and at the same time ensure that the sugar stays fresh.

Before you decide on a sugar bowl, you should be clear about which type of sugar bowl you prefer. Accordingly, you can decide between the variant for sprinkling and the one for spooning. You can also choose between different materials, sizes and designs depending on the intended use and your preferences regarding cleaning and appearance.

Image source: Igor Starkov / Unsplash