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Many people today use razors to shave their facial hair. Straight razors are one of the oldest products used for shaving purposes. To be well-shaved, you need a tool that is practical and efficient. Ideally, you should have a good razor that offers excellent results when used.

But, if you have difficulty deciding which razor to buy, don’t worry. In this article, we will help you choose the right straight razor for you. If you look at the market, there are several different types of razors for men. In this shopping guide, we’ll explore different straight razors and show you the ones that work best. We will also attempt to answer any questions you may have about buying straight razors.


  • Not all straight razors work the same. It is essential that you choose one that makes a clean cut, is easy to work with, and is sharp enough.
  • It is important to look for a model that is light, is a suitable size and shape for your hand, and is easily manoeuverable.
  • An optimal blade is one that has been made with antioxidant metal. This will guarantee a long life for the product.

The Best Straight Razors: Our Picks

In this section, we will present the best straight razors that you will find on the market today. Each has its own unique characteristics. Therefore, we will cover each product’s features in detail so you can get to know them. This will help you to make the best decision.

Shopping Guide: Everything You need to Know About Straight Razors

There are many different types of straight razors. Thus, it’s important to know their characteristics. It is imperative that you know how they work and their specifications before buying one. In this article, we will show you all the main factors that you should know about this product.

Portrait of a young man getting his beard shaved by a lady barber

Straight razors have various uses and, depending on their design, can be for specific purposes.
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What is a straight razor, exactly?

A straight razor is a sharp edge made of very thin steel. It serves to shave the beard, or any other body hair. It can also be known as a straight-edge razor or simply a razor. A straight razor handled skilfully on a damp and soapy face leaves the skin smooth and free of hair.

The straight razor has been used by men to shave facial hair for ages. Today, although you may think these devices been replaced by other products such as electric shavers, they are still used both personally and in barbershops.

Although it has been somewhat replaced by other products on the market, straight razors still have an important place in today’s market.

What types of metal are used to make straight razors?

There are two main types of steel from with which straight razors are made. The first type is carbon steel. This is the most common type due to its effectiveness in shaving; it is very useful in creating a sharp and effective edge. The only disadvantage is that it can rust easily. The rust must be removed by grinding with sandpaper or some metal polisher.

The second type of steel is stainless steel. This type of steel is harder to sharpen, but it retains its edge for longer. Also, stainless steel does not develop rust as easily.

Shaving accessories on a luxury wooden background

A razor blade gives you a more precise, smooth shave.
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What are the types of blades that can be found on straight razors?

Straight razors can be classified in several different ways. One of them is according to the type of tip (or edge) that they have. When classified according to the type of blade, the majority can be divided into three categories, although there are more types that are not as widely used. The following table shows the most common type of blades:

Type of blade Description
Straight or square edge The outline of the blade descends in a straight line, perpendicular to the edge and ends in a very sharp tip. This is very useful for shaving narrow areas and to delineate the beard. It requires a little more care than round and French tips. For experts, these tips are very useful.
Round tip The outline of the blade is semi-circular and the tip that forms with the edge is less sharp and safer than straight edge razors. That’s why these are ideal for people who do not often use straight razors. However, this type of tip does not offer the same precision as straight edge razors to delineate the beard.
French razor The outline is similar to a quarter of a circle, but with a sharper curve. The final tip that forms with the rest of the edge is as sharp as the straight edge razor blade, although perhaps a little less precise. The difference between French and straight edge razors is purely aesthetic.
Spanish razor The outline of the tip curves slightly inward, that is, towards the rest of the body of the razor.
Barber’s notch   It is characterized by a small hole between the spine and the edge.

How do you use a straight razor?

A straight razor is a product that can be intimidating. It is powerful. But the experience is also “a luxury,” a laborious process. Straight razors are normally used in barbershops as they are one of the tools most preferred by hair stylists. But you can also use them at home if you understand how to properly use a straight razor. Of course, there is one thing you should keep in mind: a straight razor shave takes time. More time than electric or manual razors.

What are the differences between shaving with a safety razor and shaving with a straight razor?

Shaving with a straight razor is a classic form of shaving. It has been the standard shave throughout the years. For straight razor shaving, it is essential to follow a particular process to get a perfect shave. It is also necessary to use foam so that the blade can move across the skin better.

On the other hand, the safety razor shave is much quicker than the straight razor shave. The straight blade does not irritate the skin as much as the safety razor does. Although it may be more complicated to do, in the long run, your skin will be grateful.

Why is a straight razor recommended?

There are a number of benefits that using a straight razor has when compared to other methods of shaving. On the one hand, the blade provides a more precise and smooth shave. To achieve this you need to handle the blade with precision and use ony a blade that is well-sharpened. Once you master the blade, the results are obvious.

Precision with the blade will also allow you to reach those inaccessible places that a safety razor cannot cover. Also, you will improve your concentration and your patience levels while shaving. A straight razor is also an important money saver.

If you buy a quality straight razor, we can assure you that it will have a long life, and will last a long time.

Men's hairstyling and haircutting in a barber shop or hair salon.

The straight razor is an essential tool for any barber.
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How do I take care of my straight razor?

To take care of a straight razor properly, remove the hairs and foam from the razor after you’ve finished shaving. Once the razor is clean, it should be carefully dried with a towel. After cleaning or before shaving, you can sharpen the razor blade to ensure a good shave. To do this you must run the razor’s edge over leather about 30 or 40 times.

Did you know that during the era of the Emperor Octavius Augustus, barbers were closely monitored. The received fines and punishments if they caused injuries to their clients.

How do I remove rust from a straight razor?

To get rid of rust on a straight razor, you can follow a series of steps. First, pour a good portion of “3 in 1” oil onto the rusty surfaces. Then, sand the sheet with water and sandpaper and clean with water. Afterwards, leave it to dry. This way you prevent the razor from rusting.

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The brand is one of the main factors to keep in mind when buying a straight razor blade.
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of straight razors?

As you can see, straight razors are products that are returning to fashion. More and more people want to use them to be able to shave properly without damaging their skin. Next, we want to show you what are the main advantages and disadvantages of these classic products for the barbershop:

  • They can last a lifetime
  • Precision shaving
  • More eco-friendly as they don”t need replacing
  • Enjoyable to use
  • Great for shaving beards
  • Easy to cut yourself
  • Need practice to master

Shopping Criteria

In this section, we will look at the various factors that you must take into account before buying a straight razor. It is important that you understand these aspects well, as they will help you purchase the right straight razor, ensuring you don’t buy the wrong razor for you. These main factors are:


Believe it or not, the brand of a straight razor is one of the main factors to consider. Of course, this doesn’t mean you stick with the big brands. There are others that also have very good products. For example, Canduré has some of the best on the market. Always keep this in mind.

Barber testing the sharpness of a blade

A straight razor can also help you save some cash.
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Protection System

Most straight razors require little space for storage. As they are products that require special care, it is important that you keep them in some type of bag. The most common cases are made of leather, a durable material. Sometimes, when you buy a straight razor it comes with a case.


The big brands use different types of metal for the blade, though usually, it is a type of steel, as well as different handles and other parts of the straight razor. The two types of steel they use are: stainless steel, which keeps the edge for a long time; and carbon steel, which is more efficient but more vulnerable to rust.

The handle of the razor can also be made of different materials such as wood, plastic, metal, natural fiber or materials of animal origin.


Before buying a straight razor, you need to be clear on the exact use for which you need it. If you want to trim your beard from time to time or trim your hair a little, in principle almost all models will serve you. For example, if you want a classic shave, a razor that has a round tip finish will be a good option.

If you are more precise and you like to get to all sides, we recommend one with a straight or square tip. Of course, you must be very careful, because if you do not use them properly you can cut yourself.

 Man shaving in the bathroom

You should sharpen the blade before shaving and also be sure to use the correct edge.
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When buying a straight razor, the comments of other buyers can serve you well. It is always better to choose models that have a large number of comments and reviews. This is an indicator that the product has sold well. Another aspect that you should check out is the reviews.

Of course, the experts also warn that a straight razor “is a tool that will accompany you the rest of your life, so it is very important that you exercise proper use and maintenance every time you use it.” In other words, if you want your razor to last, you need to treat it well.


Straight razors are essential products for the care of your facial hair. These razors are designed to adapt to the shape of the face and thus be able to reach places where safety razors and electric shavers can not. Although it takes practice, they are excellent tools to achieve a perfect shave.

If you want to buy a straight razor, you would do well to take into account the factors that we have explained in this guide. If reading this gave you an idea about the straight razor you want, what are you waiting for? Go and buy one!

If you found this guide interesting, do not hesitate to share it on social media or leave us a comment. Thank you!

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