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The storage bench is a fashionable furniture trend that originated in America. In many films and series, it is placed in the bedroom or living room and looks comfortable to boot. If you have bought a storage bench yourself, you realise that it is more useful than pure decoration. The combination of seating and storage possibilities distinguishes the storage bench.

With our storage benchguide, we want to make your purchase decision easier. The selection is now very large and in this guide we have compared storage bench with each other. Depending on what you have in mind for your new purchase, you should find the right one for you.


  • The combination of seating and storage functions plays a major role. The storage bench should be comfortable, but also provide the necessary storage space.
  • Basically, you can distinguish between storage benches for indoor and outdoor use. Depending on the material, you have to pay attention to whether it is weather-resistant or not.
  • The decorative aspect of your storage bench is important. You should choose your own style to match your home. This way you can give your home a certain charm and create order at the same time.

The Best Storage Bench: Our Picks


A distinction is made between small and large storage bench. The smaller ones are around 70 cm long and, in contrast to the larger ones, offer less seating and storage space, so they are more space-saving.

When shopping, you should make sure that the size of a storage bench is given in length x depth x height. This will tell you exactly how much space you need to set it up.

If you have more space, you can also buy a larger storage bench. As a rule, these are from 1.2 to 3 metres tall. A larger storage bench is particularly suitable for outdoor use, as it can be used for storing cushions or for sitting on.


The most common material for a storage bench is wood. For example, oak, pine or larch are used. Special types of wood, such as mango wood or eucalyptus, can also be purchased. You can either choose a solid wood version or you can opt for wooden legs with a fabric or polyester cover for the seat.

Storage benches made of plastic are easy to clean and weather-resistant. They should therefore be used outdoors. You can enhance their appearance by adding cushions, which will also make them more comfortable.

Rattan is popular for the patio and you can buy a bench in a matching colour to your garden furniture.

The fabric or polyester version mentioned above will look great in your home because no matter where you place it, you have a nice decorative storage and seating option. You can buy them with or wooden legs, depending on which style you like better.


Wooden storage benches can weigh between 15 and 20 kilograms.

Wooden storage benches are significantly heavier than plastic ones.

In contrast, those made of plastic or rattan are the lighter alternative at 5 to 8 kilograms. Despite their different weights, both variants offer stability and are equally resilient.

Only the assembly makes a difference, because if you want to set up a wooden storage bench, you should always get a helper to help you. The wooden boards are heavy and with a second person you can assemble the storage bench more easily without injuring yourself or damaging the material.

Load capacity

It is important to pay attention to the load capacity specified by the supplier. The bench is intended for sitting on and should therefore be appropriately stable. Normally, most benches can support loads of up to 300 kilograms.


You can use the storage bench both as a seat and for storage. Either it is upholstered or you can simply place cushions on it to make yourself comfortable.

A typical feature of the storage bench is the combination of seating and storage.

Depending on the length, there is room for two to four people.

The capacity of the storage bench is up to 280 litres, depending on the size. This gives you enough storage space for cushions, laundry or toys that you don’t want every visitor to see.

In this way, you create order and at the same time have a decorative eye-catcher in your home.


Storage benches: Frequently asked questions and answers

The most important questions and answers are explained in the following section. They should make your purchase decision easier and give you an overview.

What is a storage bench?

A storage bench is a usually rectangular mixture of a bench and a chest. It offers you a decorative way to store your things. Storage benches with upholstery or cushions can serve as a seat. So it is not only useful, but can also be adapted to your style of living through a wide range of variations and be a real eye-catcher.

Especially in small rooms or flats, the space should be used optimally. If you don’t have enough space for more bulky furniture, the storage bench is the ideal alternative. You can offer your guests additional seating space. At the same time, you can store your things there, invisible to others.


The storage bench is decorated with cushions. You have a cosy place to sit and at the same time you can store things inside.
(Image source: Image by Anja / pixabay)

No matter which style or material you choose, there are plenty of possibilities to find a suitable place for your storage bench. You need space in every room to store different things. Should it be the laundry in the laundry room or in the bathroom, toys in the children’s room, small garden tools or cushions on the terrace, etc.? There are no limits to what you can store in your storage bench.

What types of storage benches are there?

Storage benches have the same functions, but we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of different storage benches below so that you can choose the right one for you depending on your needs.

Type advantages disadvantages
Storage bench for indoors space filler, decoration, seat, storage space space requirement, carry heavy storage bench to higher floors
Storage bench for outdoors storage space for garden accessories, usually with arm and backrest, ventilates the stored contents must be weather-resistant, no fabric or polyester variants
Storage chest more storage space space requirement, functionality before design, depending on material not suitable for sitting

In summary, we have compared and found out that you have to pay attention to different things, depending on whether you want to buy a storage bench for your indoor or outdoor area.

How much does a storage bench cost?

Of course, there are also expensive versions if you want special wood, but normally the prices for a storage bench are relatively low. You can buy a small storage bench for 30 or 40 euros, the larger models cost around 150 euros. However, the price does not always say anything about the stability. It depends on the material and the manufacturer.

Material Price
Fabric / polyester from 30 euros
Wood from 80 euros
Plastic from 100 euros

Even though wooden storage benches are more expensive, you should definitely take a look at some models and compare them with each other. Plastic is proportionally the most expensive, as many models are only intended for outdoor use. The storage bench for outdoor use is larger with most manufacturers.

Where can I place a storage bench?

You have many possibilities to find a nice place for your storage bench. Indoors in your living room or bedroom. You can place your storage bench in front of your bed or in the bathroom and use it as a laundry chest.

If you have a beautiful view from one of your windows, you can also place the storage bench in front of it and relax there with a book or drink and enjoy the view at the same time.

It is also possible to place the storage bench in the hallway, store your shoes in it and at the same time have a seat on which you can put them on.

In the garden or on the patio, they look great with your garden furniture and provide storage space for items from your garden or cushions from chairs. It can also be used just for sitting, that’s entirely up to you.

What is a storage bench used for?

The main reasons for its use have been mentioned several times so far. What makes the storage bench special is precisely the combination of functions it brings with it. You can not only sit on it, but also store things in it at the same time.

You can place a storage bench in any of your rooms. You can use it to store your personal documents, towels, clothes, shoes and much more. Theoretically, you can place a storage bench in every room and store the appropriate items that you don’t want everyone to see directly.

The decorative aspect plays a major role. Even if the storage bench has useful functions, you should choose the most beautiful product for you and pay attention to the style.

What styles are there for a storage bench?

Antique styles made of wood are popular. They create a beautiful ambience, enhance the room and lend a certain charm. The vintage look also fits into a modern room and sets decorative accents.

It is not only the choice of material, such as wood or plastic, that counts, but, in the case of fabric versions, the type or decoration of the upholstery. The same applies to the wooden legs. These can be patterned, grained or decorated.

There are also special styles, such as Chesterfield, Castle, Industrial, Country, Shabby and Vintage. Each design is unique and can be bought to match your other furniture. For example, if you have Shabby style furniture, the Shabby Storage Bench is a perfect match. But the decision is up to you. It all depends on your taste and what furniture you have so far.

What alternatives are there to the storage bench?

In your search for a storage bench, you will often be confronted with the terms seat chest, bench, garden bench or upholstered bench. Basically, these terms have the same function or similar appearance as a storage bench. Alternatively, you can also search for wooden chests. These can also be embellished with cushions that make the chest more comfortable. Chests offer enough storage space to keep your home tidy.

Alternative Description
Chest table flat, square (couch) table usually with drawers
Wooden chest resembles a treasure chest in some models, so the lid may be curved. These have a padlock to secure your items.
Upholstered bench looks very similar to the storage bench, but lacks storage space

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in a storage bench, you should definitely check out these alternatives. The functions may differ, but they offer you other functions that may be even more useful for you.


The storage bench is intended for decoration, storage and seating. It combines useful functions with aesthetic ones. When choosing the material, you should consider where you want to place the storage bench later. Wood and plastic are suitable for outdoor use. Covers with fabric, as well as wood, add charm to your home.

In principle, all storage benches offer enough storage space; depending on the material, you should only make sure that the floor can withstand heavy objects. Assembly is simple, so your storage bench can be placed anywhere in your home.

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