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Creativity and the desire to innovate invade us today, and that is why we have prepared for you an article that presents the best stickers for your office, work and organisation in general. These items can become the number one companion for your productivity.

Beyond being a decorative or school element, stickers are an excellent option to help us get organised without getting lost among so many ideas, to differentiate topics, to classify our belongings, among many other uses.

Below we will tell you more about these sticky companions and give you a list of the best stickers you can get on the market today, taking into account their quality, quantity, functionality, cost and much more. Let’s read on!


  • Stickers are printed sheets of various sizes and shapes that have a sticky side to place on your notebooks, craft projects and other surfaces. They are an excellent option to distinguish and highlight our ideas in a tangible way.
  • There are basically 2 models of stickers: those with a set design that serve for decorative use or those with space for your writing, so you can customise their functionality as you see fit.
  • Before defining the sticker you want to buy, you should take into account its style so that it is in line with your work; the size, to know if they adapt to what you need; the number of stickers, so that you don’t oversaturate yourself with them and don’t get halfway through your activities; their material and type of glue, to guarantee their durability.

The Best Sticker: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about Stickers

Anything that increases our productivity, creativity and motivation deserves a purchase, especially when it comes to such useful and dynamic models. But now we’ll tell you more about stickers so you can optimise your purchase decision in the best way possible.

There are stickers that are designed to be used in pedagogical methods, so they work perfectly for parents, teachers and children. (Photo: Alexa Williams /

What are stickers and what are their advantages?

Stickers are thin sheets with a print on one side and a light glue on the other side to be stuck to surfaces such as paper, plastic, wood, metal and many others. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours.

Stickers can facilitate and optimise many of our tasks, especially when it comes to organising, planning and studying. Here is a list of the main benefits you will find in using them in your daily life.

  • Help to differentiate topics
  • Diversity of colours, shapes and sizes
  • Easy to use
  • Stick to almost any material
  • Can be too big for some diaries
  • Some have a weak glue
  • Not reusable

Stickers for writing or decorative purposes – what should you pay attention to?

We can find a wide variety of stickers, so much so that it will be difficult to find the same one more than once. But before buying a pack, it is important to differentiate between writing stickers and decorative stickers.

For writing

It works in the same way as a decorative sticker, as you remove them and stick them on, but the difference is that you can write important data on them, such as dates and words. It is mainly used in the field of planning and studies, for better control and alertness.

Most contain a white foil to make writing easier, but others can be presented in soft, sober colours, as long as it does not prevent you from reading what is written on it. They usually come in medium and large sizes to cover one or more words.


Mainly used in schools to motivate children and in your handicrafts or creative work. Customisation is not possible as, although you can write on it, it is not designed to add new elements and its design may be lost.

You can find them in a variety of colours, drawings, patterns, styles and more; as well as in all possible sizes, from small to medium and large, depending on what you need them for your daily activities.

For writing Decorative
Main use Planning and studying Crafts and school
Personalisation Possible with permanent markers Not possible
Colours Mainly white or soft colours with no patterns Diversity of colours and patterns
Size Medium and large Small, medium and large

What are the most common uses of stickers?

Although most of the stickers listed above are perfectly suited for organisational and school use, stickers really have no limitations when it comes to their use. Some of the most common uses are:


They are widely used in offices to identify folders and documents; also by freelancers, to better organise their agendas and working days; and by artists and creatives to give life and colour to their work.


Perhaps we immediately think of children and yes, they often use them to decorate their belongings and create some work, but they are also used by older students to organise their deadlines and locate their important notes more easily.

In addition to students, it is used by teachers, professors and others involved in the educational field in order to demonstrate the idea in a much more pedagogical way and to organise the whole teaching repertoire.


There is a sticker for everyone, which is why they are so widely produced. As well as being used for work and school purposes, stickers can help us to identify our belongings and decorate them in any way we wish. They are commonly used on telephones, computers, vehicles, motorbikes, doors and the like.

Stickers are ideal options for marking dates on calendars, special notes, diary events and everything related to organisation and planning (Photo: Miroslavik /

Purchasing Criteria

It’s not enough just to select the sticker pack that looks the most attractive, there are many other factors to consider if you want to make an informed purchase. There is no such thing as the perfect sticker (or maybe you will find your perfect sticker), but you can find one that suits your needs. Here’s how:


You can find countless stickers when you visit physical and online shops, and you’ll notice the huge difference between the styles of one sticker and another. This will be perfectly suited to the use you plan to make of it. We tell you more:

  • Sober: There are sticker packs suitable for those who are discreet and who need helpers to make their work more practical and simple. In this case, you will find stickers with solid, neutral and serious colours, which you can use in the work and business environment to organise yourself much better without filling your diary with colours.
  • Minimalist: For those who want to add just a touch of light to their projects, minimalist designs will be a safe bet. These are usually small and practical stickers, with simple or solid prints. This option is a favourite of designers, architects and design professionals.
  • Colourful: These will be the most common options you will find. They are great for getting your creativity going and marking important events in your diary. They are widely used in crafts, personal diaries, and in some school work (when required).
  • Phrases: These models are ideal for personalising our belongings such as notebooks and folders, but they are also an excellent choice for gifts. You can use encouraging phrases with your students if you are a teacher, or inspirational and motivational phrases with your friends or colleagues.


You will find a great diversity when it comes to sticker sizes, even a single pack can include from the smallest to the largest size. Here we explain how you can use each one.


These are useful when we need to place them in small spaces, such as the squares of our calendar or to identify a specific point in our notes.

They are not usually suitable for writing on, due to their size, but they are effective for alerts and signposting.

Their dimensions can vary between 1 centimetre and 2.5 centimetres, so you can position them without disturbing spaces that will be occupied by other stickers or other information. Due to their limited size, their shapes may not be very variable and round, square and rectangular shapes will prevail.


These can go on your notebooks and diaries as well as on books, phones and other belongings of your choice. Their size will vary between 3 centimetres and 4.5 centimetres, and the shapes and designs will also be more varied. Here you will start to find phrases and blanks for your writing.

They can be used for spacious diaries, school projects, large calendars and gifts you want to give. The variety of models, colours and prints will allow you to select the package that best suits the tasks at hand.


Perhaps this is not the best option if we want to get organised, as their size of more than 5 centimetres can cover more space than necessary in our calendar, diary, notepad and the like.

These options are mostly intended for decorative purposes such as gifts, crafts, identification of notebooks, suitcases, laptops and related items. Some of them will give you the option to write on them to differentiate some objects from others.

Number of stickers

The number of stickers you need will be determined by the use you want to make of your stickers. In some cases, you will use them sporadically, but in other cases, they will be the protagonist in your everyday life. We’ll tell you more about it:

  • Personal use: If you only need stickers for your diary or personal project, opt for packs of no more than 200 stickers, unless you want to keep the rest for later. Look for options that suit the specific activity you need to do.
  • Collective use: If you use the stickers as decoration for your business (e.g. those who often do decorations or gift wrapping), we recommend buying packs with more than 500 stickers so that you don’t have to go to the shop so often.

It is also a good option to buy large packs when you work with children and grade their activities, behaviour and performance through stickers that encourage them to keep going. Depending on the number of activities and students, you will know how long each package can last.

Large stickers are mainly for decoration, so they can be used by anyone on any surface, as long as the model allows it (Photo: Dan Gold /


The durability of your stickers in the place where you have placed them will depend directly on the nature of the surface on which you want to place them and how their material adapts and relates to it. We’ll tell you a bit more about this:


This is the most common option you’ll find and works very well on stationery products or for ephemeral uses, such as a decorative touch on your gift wrapping. You can find matte or glossy options, depending on how they are made.


This material is much more resistant than paper and has a wider range of uses. Thanks to its resistance to various weather conditions, it is possible to stick it not only to paper, but also to high-traffic objects such as computers, telephones, vehicles and suitcases.

Type of glue

After being clear about where you need to stick your stickers, it is important to know the type of glue used in the stickers you choose to ensure their durability over time. Commercially, you can find stickers with at least 3 of them:

  • Removable: Some stickers have a very light adhesive, in case you need to change their place constantly, such as when you put reminder notes in your diary. They can easily peel off and will lose their adhesive after several changes. It is advisable to use them only on stationery.
  • Regular: Most stickers have a regular glue that is firm, but not suitable for outdoor environments, as is the case with paper stickers. These will stay stuck to flat office items, but if you stick it to a mobile, for example, it will weaken over time.
  • Permanent: This type of glue is much stronger and usually comes with vinyl stickers. It is not recommended for use on paper, as it can cause your sheets to accumulate a lot of weight in the same space. Also, after placing them here, you will not be able to remove them without tearing the paper.

When you place it on high traffic items such as laptops, phones and vehicles, it will stay on permanently unless you want to remove it. If this is the case, you will need to help yourself with a little alcohol to remove the residue.

Vinyl stickers are perfect for placing on items that will be exposed to outdoors and traffic, thanks to their durability (Photo: chuttersnap /

(Featured image source: Le Moal Olivier /