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This is your review site for the internet with analysis on the items that are hot on the market. And if you are a gamer and want to make your experience even more realistic, how about a steering wheel for PS4? For fans passionate about speed and who do not give up having the best racing games available for the Playstation 4, a steering wheel can take the simulation to another level. It is much more fun to play racing with a steering wheel, feeling the shaking of the track, the contact with other cars and the sensation of speed. So, to help you choose which steering wheel is best for you, check out our review.


  • Most steering wheels do not come with a manual shifter. It has to be bought separately.
  • It’s important to calibrate your steering wheel well before you start playing so that it matches up well with what you’re seeing on the screen.
  • To get the most out of your steering wheel, you may need to buy a stand separately.

The best Steering Wheel For PS4: Our Picks

Produced by Sony, the Playstation 4 is one of the market leaders when it comes to next-generation consoles. However, they don’t produce their own steering wheels. Instead, they offer the license for other brands to produce these peripherals. If this is your first purchase or you want to swap your old steering wheel for a newer model, be sure to check out our buying guide with some of the best steering wheels available for PS4.

Buying Guide

While you can play racing games using traditional controls on Playstation 4, a steering wheel can turn your experience into a true simulation, allowing you to feel like a real racing driver. But with so many options and different licensed products, it’s important to know more about the product before making a purchase. To help you out, we’ve put together a buying guide with everything you need to know about steering wheels.

Imagem de homem jogando corrida com um volante para PS4

Using the steering wheel makes playing racing on your PS4 feel much more realistic. (Source: lightfieldstudios/ 123RF)

What is a steering wheel for PS4?

The racing games have always been a great attraction of video games and it is no different with the Playstation 4, which has the Gran Turismo franchise, one of the most famous and still going strong, and several other titles. A steering wheel is nothing more than a type of control which allows you to have a more complete and immersive experience in your racing games. Its interface has all the buttons available on a traditional controller, but also has butterfly-shaped levers like those found on racing cars to change gears and a set of two or three pedals: accelerator, brake and clutch. In addition to all this, the steering wheel still has motors that help simulate the real feeling of driving, either with vibrations or imposing more resistance, so that you need more strength to turn the wheel, simulating the G force exerted on the car. With all these attractions, it is not difficult to understand why so many professional racing players do not give up using a good steering wheel when they are playing casually or in championships on Playstation 4.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a PS4 steering wheel?

PS4 steering wheels offer great advantages compared to traditional controls. In racing games, they offer much more immersion and realism. With various types of settings you can adjust the steering wheel to best fit your gameplay. In addition, many models are still compatible with PS3 and PC However, some disadvantages should be noted. Without special support, the experience can be compromised. In case of damage or breakage, specialized maintenance is required and steering wheels cost a lot more than traditional controls, so you need to consider your investment in a good model.
  • They offer much more immersion and realism
  • With several types of configurations, you can adjust the steering wheel to better fit your gameplay
  • Many models are still compatible with PS3 and PC
  • Without special support, the experience may be compromised
  • In case of breakage, specialized maintenance is needed
  • Steering wheels cost much more expensive than traditional controls

Will a PS4 steering wheel help me be more competitive in racing games?

Yes, after all it is not by chance that steering wheels are a standard control in every major championship organized by the game companies. Besides the immersion and the feeling of realism, it is much easier to have total control over the car when you use a good steering wheel. Besides having a better response time and many customization options, the control over the clutch is much more intuitive, allowing you to have more control over the car, which is sometimes very difficult to achieve using the traditional control. The truth is that once you have the experience of playing on a controller, you will never want to play racing on the controller again.

How much does a good steering wheel for PS4 cost?

The price of steering wheels can vary according to the technologies involved and the fidelity of the controls, as well as response time. There aren’t many licensed brands to produce steering wheels for Playstation 4, so the price usually varies little. In Brazil, they can be found in a price range that varies from GBP£ 1200 to GBP£ 2500. Considering that it is a high investment, it is worth looking for promotions to get the best price.

Where can I buy a steering wheel for PS4?

You can find the steering wheels in shops specializing in video games or computer electronics, since most of them are also compatible with PC. Some large supermarket chains also tend to have some models available in their electronics departments. But if you are looking for a good promotion or are far away from the big cities and you cannot find a good steering wheel in your city, you can also find them on the internet in big distributors’ websites. All the models in this article, for example, can be found on Amazon.

Purchase criteria: What to consider before buying a steering wheel for PS4

Steering wheels offer a number of benefits for gamers with a passion for racing games. With some accessories, the experience can be even more immersive, coming very close to the real-life feeling you’d get from driving a car at high speed. But, before making the purchase, it is necessary to consider some criteria. Compared to traditional controls, they are a heavy investment, so it is important to make sure you are choosing the ideal model.

Check the topics below carefully, choose your steering wheel and start enjoying a world of gameplay on another level, speeding with your favorite car and feeling in total control of the machine.


The interface is the front part of the steering wheel, where most of the buttons present on the standard controls and special steering wheel functions are located. This is where you will find the butterflies, for example, to change gears, since the gearboxes must be purchased separately. Some steering wheels even include LED indicators to show information such as engine speed and acceleration. Other steering wheels have an interface very similar to those found in racing cars, which ensures even more immersion.

Located behind the steering wheel at the bottom, the stand is what allows it to sit flat on a surface. So when choosing your steering wheel, it’s important to check the type of stand and what types of locks are available, as this is what ensures that it doesn’t come loose or slip during gaming. It is also important to check what kind of surfaces they can be placed on, because, depending on the model, the support has limitation as to the thickness of the table or bench you are going to use. To enjoy the most of the game without discomfort, it is important that the steering wheel is at an ideal distance and height for you.

Imagem de pessoa jogando PS4 com controle azul e preto

Although they require more wire to connect, playing racing with a steering wheel is much better than using a traditional controller. (Source: StockSnap/ Pixabay)


When choosing a steering wheel, it is very important to check its compatibility. Today practically all the steering wheels of Playstation 4 also work with its Pro version and some can still be connected to the Playstation 3. And if you have a PC at home, you can rest assured. All steering wheels licensed for PS4 also work on computers. The only downside is that the steering wheels do not work in other video games, such as Xbox, for example, which has its own models.


There are some accessories that can make the feeling of immersion and realism even greater. One of the most common accessories that are sold separately are manual shifters, and here it is important to choose a model that is compatible with your steering wheel. there are also various types of brackets, whether fixed, cockpit-shaped and even mechanical, which move according to the car to make the experience even more intense. (Source of the main image: Tomasz_Mikolajczyk / Pixabay)