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Hello, welcome to ReviewBox Brasil! The subject of this article is steering wheel for PC. Just like the other accessories for PC games, like mouse and keyboard, this peripheral helps to bring more precision and control in the commands in racing games. There are many options for sale in the market. In this Buying Guide, you will learn a little more about the steering wheel for PC and notebook games, you will know the best models, how much it costs, besides knowing where to buy it and how to use it. Besides the main features of this peripheral widely used in speed games, we also list here the advantages and disadvantages and the criteria for you to know how to choose your PC steering wheel.


  • To buy a perfect PC steering wheel you should check all the details well, as material quality, number of buttons and if it comes with accessories, such as shift panel and pedals.
  • Another interesting question to take into consideration is the degree of steering rotation. Higher ones, like 900, are very similar to real car steering wheels.
  • Since the accessory is sold on several websites, it is important to research well and make the purchase in a trustworthy shop. Pay attention to whether the steering wheel is original, whether it comes as advertised and whether it has the promised specifications.

The best Steering Wheel For PC: Our Picks

With so much variety on the market, choosing the best PC steering wheel might not be an easy task. But rest assured, we want to help you with this mission. Below, you will find some of the best models available:

Buying Guide

A better experience with every game. This is the goal of those who are immersed in the gaming world. And the steering wheel for PC is a peripheral that provides a more realistic experience to the user. With it you can start accelerating (almost for real) even if you are not yet old enough to drive. In this Buying Guide you will find details about this steering wheel, besides knowing the advantages and disadvantages, know the price range and where to buy it.

Imagem mostra homem feliz jogando com um volante para PC usando fone de ouvido.

With a steering wheel for PC you have the feeling you are driving a real car sitting in your bedroom chair and even if you are not yet old enough to drive. (Source: dolgachov / 132RF)

What is a steering wheel for PC?

Racing games are always on the rise. Whether for videogames or PC, this is one of the most popular sports among gamers. Racing, speed or strategy games can be played with one or more people.

And for the aficionados who want to have an improved performance, some accessories make the difference. One of them is the steering wheel. Like a real car, the peripheral controls cornering, braking and virtual speed acceleration.

Usually made of leather, they give a very realistic feeling, besides being more fun for those who are using them. Many of them also come with pedals for an almost complete immersion in the game. Of course the main thing is missing (the car!), besides the helmet and the track, but the intention is to deliver the best possible feeling.

What are its advantages and disadvantages?

The accessory was also created to give more precision in games. In a PC, with a mouse or keyboard, for example, the accuracy is not so great as with a steering wheel. It is also a product that presents different prices, there are more expensive and cheaper options, offering a good cost x benefit. As a disadvantage, the degree of rotation can be one of them. Some accessories have, for example, 900 degrees of rotation, while others have 180. There are also reports of steering wheels of certain brands having their pedals worn out with use. It is necessary to pay attention to the materials of each one of them. See in the table below the main advantages and disadvantages of the product:
  • Controls curves, brake and acceleration
  • Realistic feeling, like a real car
  • Accompanies pedals for almost complete immersion
  • Gives more precision in racing games
  • Various prices
  • Some steering wheels have little degree of rotation
  • Steering wheel pedals of certain brands may wear out and damage according to the use

Is it worth investing in a PC steering wheel?

For those who love PC games, playing with precision and having control over the commands is essential. Thinking about it, companies are creating accessories capable of transforming the user’s game. And the steering wheel for PC offers this advantage, which aims to control racing games and speed, giving more precision in each curve, braking and accelerated. It is true that it is possible to play well only with controls or using mouse and keyboard gamer. But the fun is greater with the steering wheel, not to mention the improvement in game performance. So, if you are an aficionado by the gaming world, and as there are options for all tastes and pockets, certainly this investment will pay off and will result in a more complete experience.

Steering wheel for PC with double or triple pedal?

You must have noticed by our Ranking that all the models of steering wheel for PC mentioned accompany the pedals, fundamental accessory to leave your experience as realistic as possible. What you may not have noticed is that some models have three or two pedals. And choose between them is something personal and that may have to do with the investment too. The triple pedals are usually more expensive, with them you can accelerate, brake and change gear, all like a real car. With the double pedals, there is no clutch, you can accelerate and brake.
Double pedal Triple pedal
Investment Lower Higher
Feeling of reality Less real because it does not have the clutch Closer to reality by having brake, accelerator and clutch
Ideal for Who only wants to have fun with the games Who seeks a steering wheel for PC high performance for more serious competitions and fierce

How much does it cost?

The value of the steering wheel for PC varies between higher and cheaper prices. This difference is due to the quality of the product, number of buttons, if they have butterfly gearstick, if they have pedals with them, among other factors. In this guide, there are models that cost between £ 260 and £1,635. With varied prices, we want to indicate products for different tastes, needs and pockets.

Where to buy?

Buying a steering wheel does not necessarily require going to a physical shop. You can find the accessory on several websites, such as Amazon Brazilian, Lojas Americanas, Mercado Livre and Magazine Luiza. However, if you prefer to check the peripheral personally and hear opinions of experienced sellers, you can visit shops for games or products and accessories for PC, as the Rocketz Store and Game7. An extra tip is that to make a reliable online purchase, you should check reviews from people who have already bought the steering wheel in question.

Imagem de uma mão masculina dirigindo um volante para PC em uma grande mesa de jogo.

By shopping online you can find more options and also the best deals. (Source: Sergey Ryzhov / 123RF)

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare different PC steering wheel models

There are some important criteria that will help you evaluate the different PC steering wheel models. To make the purchase that best fits your needs, we have compiled the list below with the essential items that can help you in the ideal selection. They are:

  • Degree of rotation
  • Accessories
  • Number of buttons and triggers
  • Quality

Below, we explain exactly what should be observed in each of the factors to be considered when purchasing your ideal PC steering wheel.

Degree of rotation

Anyone who drives a real car knows that the rotation of the car’s steering wheel makes all the difference. It’s no different with a computer accessory. In the market, there are options with different degrees of rotation. The most common are: 180, 360 and 900. In 900 degrees, for example, the player needs to turn 2 and a half turns to each side to find the limit, just like a real steering wheel. And this ends up increasing the degree of difficulty of the experience.


Some steering wheels for PC games come with accessories, such as pedals and gears. With the pedals, the player can control very precisely each acceleration and braking, and have the feeling of driving a real car even more real. In relation to the gear shift the issue is the same. In some accessories the gear is changed on the steering wheel itself, in others, by the gearstick that comes along. Just know if for you is important to have this complement to your gaming experience.

Number of buttons and triggers

As in a mouse or keyboard gamer, the number of buttons – and also triggers – is important. With them you can make settings adjustments and other basic commands. A steering wheel without a gear panel, for example, has butterflies for changing gears. One with the complement usually has the buttons that gamers are already used to, as circle, x, square and triangle.

menino jogando corrida no playstation usando um volante para pc

The quantity of buttons must be analyzed carefully according to the necessity of use. (Source: ymgerman / 123RF)


As with any product, the quality of the steering wheel is a criterion to be considered. Peripherals made of genuine leather end up being more expensive, but, at the same time, they have long durability. The plastic used in production also makes a difference. Quality materials withstand greater impact and end up lasting longer. The same thing goes for the buttons, triggers, pedals, and gearstick panels. The better the quality, the longer your steering wheel will last and the more expensive it will cost. And at this point it is worth considering the cost x benefit issue. You may pay cheaper for a product that serves you well, but that lasts less than one that you pay a little more for. There is no shortage of options to choose from! (Source of the highlighted image: Mikhail Kokhanchikov / 123RF)