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Check out your appearance, take a cool mirror selfie with your girlfriend or see which shoes go best with your outfit. The standing mirror makes it possible. If you want to be perfectly styled, you can’t do without it.

The standing mirror is not only super practical, but can also be a chic accessory in your room. Whether in white, gold or black. The standing mirror suits every style of furnishing. Vintage, antique or baroque? Models are available in a wide variety of designs. In our standing mirror guide, we compare six top products for you and explain everything you need to know about standing mirrors.


  • There is a big difference between the classic stand mirror and a cosmetic stand mirror. The classic standing mirror shows your whole body.
  • Stand mirrors can have practical additional features, such as extra storage space or LED lighting.
  • In our guide, we show you how to turn a stand mirror into a wall mirror in no time at all by hanging it up. We explain the instructions step by step.

The Best Standing Mirror: Our Picks

Standing mirror: buying and evaluation criteria

Before you buy a standing mirror, you can use these criteria to assess which one is right for you:

Stand mirrors are available in a wide variety of designs. These three criteria distinguish most models from each other.


If you think that a standing mirror has only one use, you are mistaken. These mirrors are available with a wide range of additional features.

You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you like your standing mirror to be fixed in your room, or would it be practical for you to be able to move it?
  • Do you need a surface by your mirror on which you can place things?
  • Do you want a simple model that takes up as little space as possible?
  • Do you need several mirror surfaces or is one enough?
  • Is it practical for you if your standing mirror has integrated lighting, or is your room sufficiently illuminated at all times of the day?

Once you have dealt with these questions, you can look at “What types of standing mirrors are there?” to see which type of standing mirror suits you best.


When we talk about the material of the standing mirror, we are referring to the frame. Of course, there are many different versions.

The standing mirror made of wood is very popular. Whether natural wood, lacquered wood or oak wood. You can’t go wrong with a wooden model.

A standing mirror made of bamboo is also very popular. It looks very original and conjures up a certain flair in your room.

If you prefer a modern look, you can choose a model made of chrome. This material is of good quality and goes well with almost any interior.


Floor mirrors come in two main shapes: rectangular or oval. The most popular is a rectangular standing mirror. In contrast to an oval model, it has a larger mirror surface. But oval standing mirrors are also often chosen.

When deciding between a rectangular or oval standing mirror, it is mainly personal taste and the rest of the interior design that play a role.

Standing mirror: Frequently asked questions and answers

You should consider the following questions before buying a standing mirror.

What is a standing mirror and who is it suitable for?

A standing mirror is a mirror that stands on the floor with one or more feet. However, the term standing mirror is often used as a synonym for a full-length mirror. Thus, there are also standing mirrors without feet that have a suspension.

The difference between a standing mirror and a full-length mirror, however, is that a full-length mirror can have any kind of mounting, whereas the classic standing mirror stands on the floor.


A classic standing mirror not only has the use of a mirror, but can also be a beautiful accessory in your room.
(Image source: Liana Mikah / Unsplash)

Note: There are also so-called cosmetic stand mirrors. However, a classic standing mirror and a cosmetic standing mirror are not the same thing! The cosmetic stand mirror is not designed for the whole body. It is only meant for your face and is usually placed on a dressing table or in the bathroom.

What types of stand-up mirrors are there?

If you think there is only one standard product for stand-up mirrors, you are mistaken. A lot has changed on the market. Stand mirrors are becoming more and more practical thanks to their additional features.

Type Description
Stand mirror with stand This is the most classic variant of the stand mirror. Such models have one or more feet on which the mirror is fixed. In most cases, the feet can also be folded in.
Stand mirror with castors The stand mirror with castors is particularly popular if you want to be able to move the mirror quickly. Four castors attached to the feet make it mobile.
Stand mirror with suspension Strictly speaking, the stand mirror with suspension is no longer a “real” stand mirror because it does not stand on the floor. Nevertheless, many people still call it that because it has one thing in common with the “real” standing mirror: It shows the whole body.
Swivelling standing mirror A swivelling standing mirror is particularly advantageous when it is shared by several people of different heights. Swivelling here means that you can tilt/rotate the mirror surface vertically.
Rotating standing mirror However, there are not only vertically swivelling standing mirrors, but also horizontally rotating standing mirrors. These usually have a plate-like base on which the mirror stands. The base remains fixed, while you can rotate the mirror 360° around its own axis.
Folding standing mirror, three-part As the name of this standing mirror suggests, this model has three mirror surfaces. This is particularly practical if you want to look at yourself from several sides. An additional folding function makes this even easier. However, this type of standing mirror is not so common!
Stand mirror with shelf The feature of a shelf on a stand mirror can be particularly practical. There are models that have an entire shelf integrated into the back of the mirror. Even more frequently, however, there are standing mirrors that have a shelf under the mirror surface. Most of the time, this shelf simply consists of a board.
Floor mirror with storage space If you need even more space and storage space but want to hide it elegantly, this mirror is perfect! From the outside, you only see a mirror. If you open it, you will find additional storage space. This can be used as a jewellery box, for example.
Stand mirror with lighting This type of stand mirror is also becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to the integrated LED lighting, you can look at yourself in the mirror at any time of the day or night. This standing mirror is particularly recommended if there are no optimal lighting conditions in the desired room of the mirror.

Now you know the different types of standing mirrors. Of course, they can also be combined with each other. For example, there is a rotating standing mirror with storage space or a standing mirror with castors and a shelf.

How much does a standing mirror cost?

The prices of standing mirrors vary greatly. They start at 40€ and go up to 2,000€. At €2,000, you can really buy a designer mirror. Realistic prices are more like 40€ – 250€. Depending on the additional features, the price will be higher or lower.


It is also possible to have a stand mirror made to measure. You can do this, for example, on the website
(Image source: Nugroho Wahyu / Unsplash)

What magnification makes sense for a standing mirror?

Classic standing mirrors are usually offered without magnification. A magnification is therefore not particularly useful, since you want to see your whole body. If the standing mirror were to offer 3x magnification, for example, important parts of the body (such as the head and feet) might be cut off.

However, if you want to examine your face as closely as possible, we recommend a cosmetic stand mirror.

However, this has nothing to do with the classic standing mirror, as it is really only intended for your face. Cosmetic stand-up mirrors are available with magnifications from 3x to 15x. Whether you want to apply make-up with pinpoint accuracy or shave precisely. With a cosmetic stand mirror, you won’t miss a single detail!

How can I hang up a stand mirror?

When you get right down to it, a hanging mirror is no longer a standing mirror. Colloquially, however, you can also say stand mirror to this type, as “stand mirror” has become a common synonym for “full body mirror”.

The spirit level ensures that your mirror hangs perfectly straight.

What is the best way to hang such a mirror? Here we explain a variation on how to hang it with the help of wire.

“Must-haves for hanging a standing mirror are a pencil, tape measure, pliers, drill and spirit level. For our instructions you will also need 2 mounting rings, 2 eyebolts, sturdy metal wire (ideal size: 18), 2 screws and 2 dowels.

Use the tape measure to determine the centre of all sides of the mirror frame. Then mark these with a pencil.

  1. Now attach the two mounting rings to the top edge of the mirror. They should be the same distance apart and the same height. Make sure that the two mounting rings are mounted straight! They will later support the wire and determine whether your mirror hangs straight.
  2. Next, do the same for the bottom edge of the mirror. Only this time use the eyebolts instead of the mounting rings.
  3. Unwind a long piece of the sturdy metal wire and double it. Thread it through the guides of the mounting rings and then through the eyebolts. Fix the wire there and pinch off excess wire ends with pliers.
  4. Now mark the centre of the mirror on the wall with a pencil. Now use your spirit level to draw a line parallel to the floor. This way you can see later whether the mirror is really hanging straight.
  5. Finally, attach the mirror suspension. To do this, attach the two screws and dowels to the wall. Make sure that the screws protrude a little from the wall, as this is where the wire will be attached later.
  6. Carefully lift the mirror and hang the wire on the screws.

Editor’s tip: The screws should be very strong because they will bear a heavy weight. They will also be even heavier when you take the mirror down and hang it up again.

How do I clean a standing mirror?

Cleaning your standing mirror does not require much effort.

Old newspapers are an insider’s tip for streak-free polishing!

You can use washing-up liquid, window cleaner or glass cleaner or spirit. Sometimes it is enough to just use water.

For heavier soiling, we recommend a soft cloth, water and one of the cleaning agents mentioned above. Then wipe the mirror surface dry. It is best to use a lint-free microfibre cloth for this. Finally, you should polish it. It is best to do this so that there are no streaks.

What are the alternatives to a standing mirror?

You want to look at your whole body in the mirror, but you don’t like a standing mirror? Or do you simply have no space in your room? No problem! The following options are available to solve this:

The most popular alternative to a standing mirror is a wall mirror. This is space-saving and, as the name suggests, it is mounted on the wall. Another option is to have one or more mirror doors for a wardrobe. If there are no mirror doors available for your wardrobe, you can simply mount a wall mirror on your wardrobe door.


The world of mirrors is not small and so sometimes you can get lost in the search for the perfect standing mirror. We’ve put things in order for you and hopefully made your standing mirror purchase easier!

The most important thing is to think carefully about whether you want extra features on your standing mirror before you buy. Knowing this will make it much easier for you to narrow down which type of standing mirror is best for you.

Photo source: gstockstudio/ 123rf