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Welcome to ReviewBox Brasil, your review site on the internet. There’s nothing more annoying than getting that brand new garment dirty or one you just got out of the drawer. To deal with that, nothing better than a good stain remover.

Developed with special formulas to remove the most difficult stains that traditional detergents can’t remove, these products are a great help for those who have children that keep getting their clothes dirty. And not only for children, after all, accidents do happen, it is vital to have a good stain remover at home to ensure that your clothes stay as good as new for much longer. To find out more about them, check out our full review.


  • Some spot removers have formulas that can be aggressive to those with more sensitive skin.
  • You need to be aware and follow the instructions to the letter to get the desired results.
  • There are different types of stain removers that can be used in hand washing or directly in the washing machine.

Best Stain Removers: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Unlike ordinary washing powder and bleach, stain removers have more powerful formulas, specially developed to deal with the heavier dirt that traditional products cannot remove.

However, with so many brands and formulas on the market, you need to be aware of which product is best for your clothes. So follow our buying guide to understand everything you need to know about stain removers.

Imagem de criança toda suja após a refeição

Children get dirty all the time, so having a good stain remover at home is essential. (Source: Ajale / Pixabay)

What is a stain remover?

Stain remover is a cleaning product with a specially developed formula for removing the heaviest dirt without damaging the fabrics. On clothes, it can be used in hand washes or in the pre-wash cycle, before the washing powder and softener are used.

Nowadays, many products can be used directly on the clothes, making them much more practical. In addition to clothes, they can also be used on all types of fabric, whether curtains, carpets or rugs. Some formulas are even capable of removing that yellowish tone that ends up appearing on white clothes.

 Imagem de tira manchas em pó em um medidos de plástico cor de rosa

The stain removers can be found in powder form, in liquid form or even in bars. (Source: kropekk_pl / Pixabay)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a stain remover?

Unlike other cleaning products, they are able to remove even the heaviest stains, leaving whiter white and removing that yellowish tint that appears over time. And, apart from clothes, they are great for cleaning the house, whether on sofas or carpets, for example. But there are some disadvantages. Some formulas are aggressive and can cause skin irritations. They are no substitute for other common laundry products and stronger formulas can fade some fabrics, especially coloured ones.

  • They are capable of removing even the heaviest stains
  • They leave whiter whites, removing the yellowish tone
  • Besides clothes, they are great for cleaning the house
  • Some formulas are aggressive and may cause skin irritations
  • They do not replace other common products for washing clothes
  • More powerful formulas may fade the fabric

What are the different types of products for washing clothes?

When it comes to fabric care, there are three main products available on the market. Stain removers are ideal for removing heavier, harder-to-remove dirt but are among the most expensive formulas on the market.

Soap powder is great for cleaning clothes in the washing process, ideal for everyday use, and the price varies a lot according to the formula. Fabric softeners, on the other hand, leave clothes softer and feeling like new for much longer. They can be found in an intermediate price range. And of course, the ideal is to use them together for best results.

Stain Remover Soap Powder Fabric Softener
Indication for use To remove stains For cleaning during washing Leaves clothes softer
Benefits Remove heavier stains and difficult to remove Ideal for washing everyday clothes Allows clothes to stay like new for longer
Price Are among the most expensive formulas on the market The price may vary according to the formula Is in an intermediate price range

How much does a good stain remover cost?

The price can vary a lot depending on the formula, packaging and the net weight. The most common liquid stain removers can be found in a price range that varies from £5 to £15. The cheapest are undoubtedly the ones sold in bars, which cost from £2 to £5. And, more potent formulas can cost up to £50. The products in our ranking, for example, vary from £9 to £35.

Imagem de tira manchas em borrifador junto de luvas, bacia e esponja

Some stain remover formulas are aggressive, so remember to use gloves and sprays to make cleaning easier. (Source: Michael-T / Pixabay)

Buying criteria: What to consider before buying a stain remover

It’s inevitable, whether it’s because of accidents or just leaving clothes in storage for too long, dirt, stains and a yellowish tinge will show up. But with a good stain remover, you no longer have to worry about these things or throw your clothes away. The important thing is to choose a formula that solves the problem.

With that in mind, we have separated some important criteria that you should analyse before making the purchase to get rid of unwanted stains once and for all.


The most important factor is the formula of the product. When you are choosing, check whether it can be used on white and coloured clothes, otherwise you may end up making the problem worse. Besides, some formulas can be aggressive to your skin, causing irritations and allergies. The most recommended is to use gloves or sponges to avoid direct contact.

 Imagem de bicarbonato de sódio em um recipiente de vidro

Many stain removers have baking soda in their formula, as it helps remove stains and dirt. (Source: evitaochel / Pixabay)


To ensure greater efficiency and stain removal, in addition to choosing very well the appropriate formula, it is important to use the product correctly. Therefore, pay attention to the instructions on the packaging. After use, if the stain remains, you may need to repeat the process, and ultimately look for a more potent formula to get the desired results.

Fabric Type

Nowadays, many stain removers are developed to be used on both white and coloured clothes, but here you need to pay attention to the recommendations on the packaging. In addition, some stain removers can also be used on sofas, carpets, rugs, etc. Choose carefully, otherwise they can end up damaging the fabric.

Imagem de pessoa utilizando luvas e tira manchas para remover sujeira de uma camisa branca

It is very important to choose the right formula for each type of fabric. (Source: tanyar30 / 123RF)


Lastly, stain removers can be found in various types of packaging. They can come in bar form, in liquid form with sprays or in powder form for use in the washing machine. It is also possible to find them in refills, if you already have a package at home. Besides costing less, they also help avoid waste.

(Featured image source: Andriy Popov / 123RF)