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A stable is a place where horses are kept.

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Welcome to the Melissa and Doug Take-Along Show-Horse Stable Play Set.

Welcome to the Melissa and Doug Take-Along Show-Horse Stable Play Set. This set includes 8 beautiful horses, a wooden take-along stable, and attached breed guide. The write-on name tags allow kids to name each horse and label the stalls, creating a personalized horse set. This makes an excellent gift for kids ages 3 years and up.

Design Your Own Rocket Ship.

This is the perfect toy for kids who love to be creative and have a great imagination. They can design their own rocket ship and then play inside of it, pretending they are on an amazing adventure to Mars. The cockpit entryway opens easily so they can get a great view outside while they play. This is an ideal game for creative minds.

The Perfect Playhouse

The pretty house is the perfect place for children to have fun playing and hiding. It’s ideal for indoor and outdoor use, bringing your family 365 days of fun. The half stable door and swinging windows add to the play value, while the easy-to-assemble plug-in system makes it a breeze to set up. Suitable for children ages 2+, this playhouse provides high play value for years to come.

Stable: Frequently asked questions

What types of Stable are there and what determines a good product?

There are three types of Stables. The first is the standard stable, which can be used to house your horses and other animals. The second type is a horse ranch, where you can raise horses for sale or breeding purposes. And finally there’s an arena that allows you to train your own warhorses and compete in tournaments against others.

A good stable is one that can be used in many different situations. It’s not just a matter of having the right Pokemon, but knowing how to use them well and being able to change your strategy depending on what you’re up against.

Who should use a Stable?

Anyone who is looking for a safe, clean place to board their horse.

Based on what criteria should you buy a Stable?

The first thing you should look at is the price. Stables are a very good investment, but they aren’t cheap. If it’s too expensive for your budget then don’t buy one. You can always save up and come back later when you have more money to spend on them. Another important factor is how much space there will be in the stable once all of your horses move in (if any). Make sure that if you plan to breed or raise foals from birth, that there will be enough room for both mare and foal(s) without overcrowding them into an uncomfortable situation where they could get hurt by other horses bumping into each other or knocking things over with their hooves while trying to walk around inside their stalls.

You have to look out for the following when comparing a Stable.

1) The number of horses in it, as well as their quality and level. A high-level horse will be able to carry more weight than a low-level one, so you should try not to put too many items on your horse if possible (you can always store them at your house). Also keep an eye on how much each horse weighs; some may already be carrying quite a bit before you even add anything onto its back.

2) The type of saddle that is equipped on the horse – this item allows you to ride faster while also reducing stamina consumption during travel by 50%. It’s recommended that all players equip saddles immediately upon receiving them from quests or shops. If there are multiple types available for purchase, then go with whichever has higher durability first and foremost (and secondarily consider price), since they’ll last longer without having to repair/replace them due to wear & tear over time.

3) Whether or not any additional equipment such as horseshoes are attached – these increase speed slightly but reduce stamina consumption further still by another 25%, making it 75% less likely that your mount will tire out after

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Stable?


A stable is a place where your horse will be safe and comfortable. Stables are also used to store items such as saddles, bridles, or other riding equipment that you may not want in your inventory. You can only have one horse per account at this time so it’s important to make sure they’re happy.


Stables are not the best option for everyone. They can be expensive to run and they require a good deal of commitment from all members involved. If you have no interest in showing, then this may not be right for you as it is an important part of being in a stable. The biggest disadvantage however is that there will always be someone above you who has more experience than yourself so if your goal is to become number 1 on the server then stables probably aren’t going to help with that.

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