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A Squirrel Food is a food that squirrels love to eat. They are usually high in fat and protein, which makes them very attractive for the squirrels.

Squirrel Food: Bestsellers and current offers in the UK

The best squirrel food in the UK: Our selection

maltbys’ stores 1904 ltd chipmunk and wild squirrel food

Looking for a high energy mix designed specifically for wild squirrels and chipmunks? Look no further than maltbys’ stores 1904 ltd chipmunk and wild squirrel food. This mix is packed with nuts and seeds, making it ideal for creatures who sift and forage. Plus, it’s free from colours and preservatives. So you can feel good knowing that your furry friend is getting the best possible nutrition.

Maltbys’ Stores 1904 Limited Squirrel Food

Maltbys’ Stores 1904 Ltd Chipmunk and Wild Squirrel Food

Maltbys’ Stores 1904 Ltd Chipmunk and Wild Squirrel Food is a high energy mix designed specifically for squirrels and chipmunks. This nutritious blend of nuts, seeds, oats, wheat and locust beans is perfect for creatures who sift and forage – providing them with the sustenance they need to stay wild and free. Plus, it’s free from colours and preservatives so you can feel good about feeding it to your furry little friends.

Cutting It Vine’s Bird Peanuts: The perfect bird food for a variety of feathered friends.

Looking for the perfect bird food to attract a variety of feathered friends to your garden? Look no further than Cutting It Vine’s Bird Peanuts. Our peanuts are the highest quality and packed with nutrients that birds need to thrive. With 22-30% protein and 44-50% healthy fats, our peanuts can be fed year-round, keeping birds warm through winter and helping them flourish in the growth season. Rich in vitamins A, E, potassium, and iron, our peanuts also help keep feathers healthy, beaks sharp, and bellies full. Just throw some in a blender if you want to attract smaller birds too. In the growth season we recommend only feeding blended nuts to prevent young or small birds from choking. And don’t worry if you have squirrels in your yard – they love nuts too. If you want a variety of wildlife in your garden including squirrels, then our finest grade peanuts are perfect. We recommend feeding squirrels with a specific peanut feeder designed for them and using a separate squirrel proof feeder for the birds. Order your bag of bird peanuts today and watch your garden come alive.

Squirrel Food: Frequently asked questions

What types of Squirrel Food are there and what determines a good product?

There are two types of squirrel food. One is a seed mix that includes sunflower seeds, peanuts and other nuts. The second type is called “gourmet” or “specialty” foods which include things like peanut butter, corn on the cob and fruits such as apples, oranges and bananas.

A good Squirrel Food should be high in fat and protein, low in fiber. It also needs to have a long shelf life (at least 6 months) so it can last through the winter when food is scarce.

Who should use a Squirrel Food?

Squirrel Food is for anyone who wants to keep squirrels off of their bird feeders. It will work on any type of seed or grain, including sunflower seeds and peanuts.

Based on what criteria should you buy a Squirrel Food?

You should buy a Squirrel Food if you want to feed squirrels. It’s that simple.

The best Squirrel Food will be easy to use and store. It should also have a good balance of nutrients, taste great, and come from a reputable brand that you can trust.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Squirrel Food?


The Squirrel Food is a great way to feed squirrels. It’s easy for them to get the food out of it, and they can eat as much or as little at one time that they want.


Squirrels are very smart and they will quickly learn that the food is not edible. If you have a squirrel problem, it may take some time for them to get used to eating from this feeder. You can also expect your local wildlife such as birds or raccoons to try their hand at getting into the feeder too. It’s best if you keep an eye on these types of animals so that they don’t harm themselves trying to break in.

Shopping Guide: Everything you need to know

Which brands and manufacturers are represented in our review?

In our review, we present products from various manufacturers and suppliers. The list includes products from the following brands and manufacturers, among others:

  • Maltbys’ Stores 1904 Limited
  • Mr Johnson’s
  • C J Wildbird Foods Ltd

What is the price range of the featured products?

The cheapest Squirrel Food in our review costs around 3 pounds and is ideal for customers who are conscious about their money. However, those who are willing to spend more money for better quality can also spend around 22 pounds for one of the more expensive products.