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Water is one of the elements that gives life to your lawn and your entire garden, and plants need constant attention. Not having time to water is a problem whose solution is a little gadget: the sprinkler. We’ll show you what you need to know, including the best ones on the market.

A sprinkler can be the perfect answer when we want a nice garden, but don’t have the time to tend it, or the energy. Just connect it to the water and it will do its impeccable job. There are thousands of products and brands of sprinklers, which makes it difficult to choose the best one, so today we want to help you.

Our mission is to provide you with the most and best information about the product you want to buy. With our news, details, technical specifications, advantages and disadvantages, variants and purchasing factors you are assured of an exceptional purchase.


  • The sprinkler is a mechanical instrument that allows the proper distribution of water to sowings, plantations, gardens and lawns. It is used in agriculture to keep the crop hydrated, as well as in homes to have a beautiful lawn and give life to our garden.
  • As for the variants of this product, there are 4 that have revolutionised the market. The first one is the common sprinkler, the sprinkler we all know from home irrigation. The second is the tripod, with long supports for greater reach. Thirdly, the agricultural sprinkler and lastly, the terrace sprinkler.
  • Getting the best possible sprinkler is not impossible if you follow our advice. In the buying criteria section you will find factors such as use, materials of manufacture, nozzle type, range and mobility of the sprinkler. Each of these will help you choose the best product.

The best Sprinkler: Our Picks

In the list below you will find the three best products of the moment. Sprinklers that have set the standard and deliver absolute quality to their users. If you want a high performance product you definitely have to try one of these.

Buying Guide: everything you need to know about the best sprinkler

The buying guide is the section that everyone loves, because it comes loaded with the best information about the product you are looking for. Is there anything you don’t know about sprinklers? Well, in this section all your doubts will be erased and you will be more than ready to make your purchase.

A sprinkler can be the perfect toy. (Photo: famveldman / 123RF)

What is a sprinkler and what are its advantages?

A sprinkler is a mechanical device or instrument that pressurises water through a system so that it is propelled with greater force and reach. Sprinklers are used to keep plants, flowers, lawns and crops moist. This product saves a lot of time and fatigue.

This instrument eased the life of large-scale agronomists who would no longer have to work magic with other materials to irrigate the crop. The use of sprinklers has significantly improved food production, although at the macro level it can be very costly, it is also very effective.

  • Keeps plants, crops, lawns, etc. hydrated
  • Saves time and physical effort
  • Easy to install
  • They have different functions for sprinkling water
  • Not all are long range
  • Malfunctioning or poor installation can cause leaks

Irrigation sprinkler, agricultural sprinkler, tripod sprinkler or terrace sprinkler – what should you pay attention to?

Just a moment! Before you go shopping for your new sprinkler, you’ll be pleased to know that there are four variants of this product. Yes, each offers unique features that will help you perform a task with maximum efficiency. These are the sprinkler variants:

Irrigation. The easiest to find and certainly the most popular, this is the sprinkler we use to water our home garden or lawn. It is usually small or medium sized and not very heavy, which allows us to carry it from one place to another without any problems.

Agricultural. They are much larger than the ones we see in our home and of course, with different functions. These sprinklers have a mechanism that allows watering different plantations, over much longer distances and saving a large amount of water.

With tripod. One of the least common on the market, but with considerable sales. To give the conventional sprinkler more reach, a tripod was added to it, the height makes it possible to irrigate a few metres more, although it is true that it will need a more powerful water jet.

Terrace sprinkler. Unlike the previous ones, they are not bought with the idea of watering plants but to lower the temperature. They are placed in high places of the properties, and watered every so often to mitigate the heat. Children love this type of sprinkler.

Irrigation Agricultural Agricultural Tripod Terrace
Range Short Long Medium Medium Short
Size Small Small Large Medium Medium
Price Low High Medium Low Small

Buying Criteria: Factors that allow you to compare and rate different sprinkler models

To choose the sprinkler that will make our lives easier, we must consider the following factors. Each of them separates a good product from a terrible one, using each of these you will be able to make a superior buying criteria and you will see how it changes your life.

  • Uses
  • Materials of construction
  • Nozzle types
  • Range and mobility


We already know that sprinklers are made for watering, whether it’s for planting, lawns or keeping our garden beautiful and fresh. But, when buying one, we must take into account what use we are going to give to this device because it depends on this we could acquire a product adapted to our goal.

Gardens and homes. If you are looking to water gardens or acclimatise your home in the hottest summers, you should buy an irrigation sprinkler, a tripod sprinkler or even a terrace sprinkler. Both have the appropriate range for homes with gardens from 1 to 30 metres in size.

Planting. Agriculture is your passion or profession and you are looking for a sprinkler, you should choose an agricultural sprinkler. They work with low water consumption and usually have a huge range. There are even some that are mobile and can pass between crops while watering them.

Entertainment. Some people use sprinklers for entertainment, whether it’s paying to play with water in an afternoon at the pool or to use it on a waterslide. This strange but valid use is best done with an irrigation sprinkler or a tripod sprinkler.

Materials of construction

An invaluable factor when purchasing a product is knowing the materials from which it is made. These materials will tell us the quality of the product and even its durability. So, the next time you go to buy a sprinkler, take a look at its materials.

Plastic. The most common material in many products and this is because it is inexpensive and does not suffer water damage. You will find it is very common in sprinklers, in fact the cheapest ones are usually made entirely of this material. Use them in your garden or for playing with your children.

Stainless steel. A heavy material and not as cheap as the previous one, but it makes up for it with its durability and weight. As it is a product to be worked with water, a stainless metal is more than necessary, and it is difficult for it to break. Use it in your home, also in large plantations or gardens.

Aluminium. Let’s look for the perfect mix between the durability of stainless steel and the economy of plastic. This is aluminium, which is less heavy than steel, strong and saves you a few pounds. Undoubtedly, the material of the best sprinklers on the market. Ideal for small spaces such as gardens and suburban exteriors.

“Did you know? In the past, plants and crops were watered with a manual watering machine, but this changed with the invention of the hydraulic pump, which was originally powered by steam”.

Nozzle types

In the world of sprinklers, not everything is the same. The nozzle, that which allows, thanks to its plate, to shoot the jet of water in different directions, has two types. Therefore, to get the watering you want, you need to know which type of nozzle is best for you.

Fixed deflector plate. Most sprinklers have this nozzle, which distributes the water evenly. Depending on the number of shapes or the number of grooves the fixed plate has, the water will come out in the same way. Ideal for your garden or to cool down your home on a hot afternoon.

Mobile deflector plate. These are the latest generation and allow the plate to move freely around the nozzle, guaranteeing a more uniform water fall. In some cases these plates are interchangeable and have different amounts of grooves. They are very popular in plantations as well as in parks.

Range and mobility

Two in one, there are some factors that are worth thinking about at the same time, especially if they are as important as the range and mobility that a sprinkler can have. We want you to bear in mind that everything will depend on the size of the area you want to water, so if you don’t know how big it is, you’d better find out.

Range. If you have a small space, where there are only a few plants, flowers and lawn, you probably won’t need a long-range sprinkler. However, as your space grows, you will need to purchase a product that meets those conditions. You can buy a sprinkler with a range of 4, 6, 8, 12 and up to 25 metres or more.

Mobility. When there is not enough range to meet your needs, as may be the case with a field or plantation, you can abandon the idea of buying more sprinklers and purchase a mobile sprinkler. This ensures that the device will move around the desired area, wetting everything in its path.

(Featured image photo: Mariusz Blach / 123RF)