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Our grandmothers were not wrong when they said that we must have useful tools at home, and spatulas are part of the list. These implements have various applications to everyday life. So today we will provide you with information about them, so that you can make a wise purchase decision.

Identifying them is easy because they usually have a long handle and a metal body. But the truth is that they have a secret: they are incredibly versatile. So much so that cooks, bakers, builders and painters consider them to be essential materials to work with.


  • This is a useful tool for a variety of applications. It is required for construction, chemistry, cooking, baking and painting. It is also available in different shapes and sizes, adapted to each particular case.
  • It is important to distinguish between metal and plastic spatulas in order to use them for specific tasks. Check well what the applications of each one are and how they adapt to what you want to do with them.
  • The basis of any decision lies in the purchasing factors. You should know what materials these devices are made of, what their dimensions, uses and designs are. Stay to read and enjoy this classified content.

The Best Spatulas: Our Picks

Buying guide

Choosing a good spatula requires skill. It’s not just a matter of assessing the size and the materials it is made of. It is also essential to consider what you are going to use it for and for how long. That’s why we offer you this buying guide that will motivate you to make the right choice.

Make repairs at home with the right spatula. (Photo: Stieberszabolcs /

What is a spatula and what are its advantages?

It is an instrument in the shape of a rounded, elongated or rectangular trowel that can be used for various purposes. We can also say that it is a tool with a metal blade with a circular or square tip. It is made of wood and stainless steel, indicated to extend its useful life, in any of the activities where it is used.

It is up to the consumer to add one or more benefits to the spatulas he or she buys. For example, while for some it represents an indispensable item in their construction work, others consider it as the element that helps them to turn their cakes into a work of art worthy of admiration.

Acquiring a spatula is a simple task, and you don’t need a lot of money to do it. What you do need is a specific purpose. What is the purpose of this utensil? Once you have answered this question, you will know what type of spatula to buy, taking into account that the internet offers a wide range of options.

  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for thick layers
  • Low investment
  • Long life span
  • Can be combined with other tools
  • Sensitive to falls
  • The stainless steel of the thin blade twists
  • Easily heated
  • Sometimes difficult to adapt to surfaces
  • Ecological impact

Metal or plastic spatulas – what should you look out for?

These are the two most common types on the market. However, both have different implications, including for the environment. For this reason, it is important to know which ones provide a better experience for both the user and the surrounding environment.

Metal. Let’s say they are the oldest, preferred by many. They come in various sizes and models, which basically suit the buyer’s requirements. Having a metal spatula provides safety, because you can use it for basic or advanced household tasks.

There is no doubt that this instrument has saved more than one person from trouble, thanks to its broad functionality in any field. It is worth noting that it does not require extensive knowledge of safety standards. On the contrary, it is a simple task that you will master in just a few minutes.

Plastic. They are characterised by their light weight and slim body. People often prefer this type of spatula for everyday cooking and baking activities, because they do not stick to the body of the pan and do not cause unnecessary scratches.

However, when heated, they release substances that are toxic to humans. In addition, they are fragile and the materials used in their manufacture are harmful to the environment. Buyers are therefore advised to purchase biodegradable plastic products in order to avoid safety risks and to make a positive contribution to the world we live in.

Metal Plastic
Lifetime Long Moderate-Short
Quality Guaranteed Regular
Price Moderate Moderate-Low
Uses Diverse Specific
Size Variable Variable

Spatula for oil painting. (Photo: Barni1/Pixabay)

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to buy and rate spatulas

Faced with so many features and alternatives, it is important to consider what are the most important purchasing factors for this product. We have structured some exceptional information that will help you make the best decision, depending on the uses you will make of this tool.

  • Applications
  • Materials
  • Design
  • Dimension


In the last decades they have gained popularity as our most important tools in different fields. Today you will find out which are the applications of these tools in the daily life of the people who need them, to obtain excellent results in their work.

Construction. Fine-bladed spatulas forged in metal are used. They will be useful for smoothing a surface on the wall of your house, removing surpluses, and even cleaning. We recommend that you choose a flexible item that will allow you to carry out the tasks in your home like a real builder.

Paint. Unlike the others, these are shaped like a diamond and have a rounded tip. So if you have one of them, you will be able to give body and enhance the beauty of your work of art on the canvas of your choice.

Cooking and baking. In the gastronomic area you will find spatulas that are used to handle food and decorate sweets. If you want to give a unique touch to your meals, it is a good idea to buy a few with specific culinary qualities.


The materials your spatula is made of will define whether or not it is suitable for certain applications. Read on to find out what they are made of and how this purchase criteria helps or hinders their performance in any given area.

Wood. They are the darling of cooks, whether at home or in a restaurant. Why? They conduct heat, so while you’re using them, your hands are in no danger of getting burnt. Plus, if you get one, you’ll avoid scratches on the surface of your pots and pans.

Nylon and Silicone. Do you like attractive designs? Buying spatulas in any of these materials will add colour to your kitchen. But their benefits don’t stop there, we suggest you buy them because they don’t absorb unpleasant odours, and they are excellent for baking. Just keep them away from high temperatures as they melt.

Stainless steel. It is no coincidence that they are a favourite in the kitchen, construction and painting. Having a steel spatula is synonymous with long life and successful experiences, as they last a long time and do not rust. Buying one is an excellent option for you.


Do you have any idea how important the shape of your spatula is? Today you will learn how this factor influences its performance. With the information presented here, it will be easier for you to choose which one is right for you.

Rectangular. Having a rectangular spatula among your utensils will make it easier for you to spread decorative material on a flat surface, especially during culinary work. In other words, it is the perfect accessory to give life to your sweets, cakes and gastronomic creations.

Square. This type of article makes construction work easier. Its high resistance will help you to clean and remove waste material. Therefore, we suggest you purchase a square spatula that guarantees a good finish at first glance.

Round tip. Ideal for spreading paint and preventing your canvas from breaking under pressure. Additionally, they have the function of a mixer, which will help you to give body in straight and smooth planes. Dare to use them and give a unique touch to your creations with oils or acrylics.

Metal spatula with wooden handle. (Photo: KlimKin/


The size of the spatula will define its capacity to handle filler material, decoration, wallpaper, paint, concrete or any other element you decide to shape with it. Here’s what size you should choose to ensure good performance.

Small. It measures between 3cm and 10cm long. They are recommended for painting activities or laboratories, where small quantities of paste or powder compounds are handled.

Medium. Its dimensions range from 10cm to 15cm wide. They are also used for mixing, applying, removing and separating materials, preferably during construction work.

Large. They are used in cooking, baking and construction work. They can exceed 15cm in length and their diameter ranges from 5cm and upwards.

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