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Basketball is a very popular sport – not only in America, but also in Europe there are many teams that play professional basketball. Whether you play on a team or just like to shoot some baskets with your friends in the park – the ball is the most important part of every game. The Spalding company produces particularly high-quality basketballs.

These famous orange balls are a must on every basketball court. With our big Spalding basketball test 2022 we want to help you find the right Spalding basketball for you. There are a few criteria that determine which ball is suitable for you. We present your options and show you the questions you should ask yourself before buying a famous Spalding basketball.


  • Basketballs are made of either rubber, artificial leather or natural leather. The different materials are suitable for certain games. A laminated surface can increase the grip of the ball.
  • Size, player type, player level and surface can influence the selection of the right Spalding ball. Here you should choose the best option for yourself so that you have good control of the ball in the game.
  • Basketballs can be divided into two categories. There are outdoor basketballs and indoor basketballs. Depending on where you play more often, you should choose one or the other. However, there are also balls that are suitable for both.

The Best Spalding Basketball: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Spalding Basketball

What material are Spalding basketballs made of?

Generally, basketballs are made of rubber, natural leather or artificial leather. Some are also composed of different materials.

Spalding has developed special surface technologies. At Spalding, the surfaces are made of special materials:

  • Molded Basketball Construction by Spalding: Basketballs with this surface are mostly used outdoors. The ball is made of rubber. The rubber of the Spalding ball is processed in such a way that it ensures grip and also looks good.
  • Laminated Basketball Construction by Spalding: Here, the surfaces consist of laminated panels made of leather, artificial leather and plastic. This provides the optimum grip, grip and also looks good. The mixture and the lamination make the ball robust and abrasion-resistant.
  • ZK material (Legacy) from Spalding: This material, specially developed by Spalding, offers optimal ball feel and very good durability. The special thing about it is that the ball retains its air for longer. The material is made of “microfibre artificial leather”.

How much does a basketball weigh?

Basketballs usually weigh about 510 – 567 grams. Lightweight balls are especially suitable for beginners and small children. In the probably most famous basketball league, the NBA in the USA, the basketball must always weigh 567 g.

Why are Spalding basketballs so special?

The basketballs from Spalding are famous for their high quality. Spalding also developed various technologies that positively influence the game of the basketball player. This is what made the brand famous.

Spalding Basketball-1

The famous basketball league NBA in the USA also uses Spalding basketballs. Basketball is one of the most important sports in the USA.
(Image source: / neonbrand)

What are the alternatives to Spalding Basketball?

There are, of course, other high-quality brands that manufacture basketballs. These include basketballs from Molten or Wilson, for example.

Decision: What types of Spalding basketballs are there and which one is right for you?

If you want to buy a Spalding basketball, there are three different types to choose from.

  • Indoor Spalding Basketball
  • Outdoor Spalding Basketball

The different Spalding basketballs come with some advantages and disadvantages for use. Depending on what you need a Spalding basketball for, one of the alternatives is more suitable for you. In the following section, we would like to make the decision easier for you.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an indoor Spalding basketball?

Whether indoor basketball or outdoor basketball is decided by your type of game. There are also balls that are suitable for both types of play. However, if you mainly play outdoors or indoors, you can choose the ball immediately.

Spalding Basketball-2

An indoor basketball is not exposed to as much stress as an outdoor basketball. The indoor floor protects the basketball.
(Image source: / Joel Muniz)

Indoor basketballs are usually made of leather or synthetic leather. They are used especially in halls. The NBA balls from Spalding are also indoor balls, which are mostly made of natural or synthetic leather.

  • high quality
  • good grip
  • dribbling well possible due to the material
  • more expensive than rubber
  • higher weight

So if you play in a club and want to bring your own ball in the future or have a basketball hoop at home, look for an indoor Spalding basketball that is labelled as an indoor ball or is made of artificial leather (called composite leather at Spalding) or natural leather.

What distinguishes an outdoor Spalding basketball and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Balls that are played with outdoors are so-called outdoor balls. They have to be more robust. Therefore, they are usually made of rubber, as this is more resilient. This means that the ball can be dribbled well outdoors and soils such as asphalt do not damage the basketball.

  • more resilient
  • can be used on all floors
  • can be used everywhere
  • too light for professional players
  • the surface absorbs a lot of dirt

If you play with your friends in the park or on outdoor courts, choose a Spalding basketball made of rubber. It will last a long time, so you can enjoy it for a long time.

Spalding Basketball-3

Outdoor basketballs can withstand any weather. So you can play in the rain and don’t have to worry about your ball.
(Image source: / TJ Dragotta)

Buying criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and evaluate Spalding basketballs

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the many possible Spalding basketballs. The criteria you can use to compare Spalding basketballs with each other include:

In the following paragraphs, we will explain to you what is important in each of the criteria.


The size of the ball is an important point when buying a basketball. Spalding has different sizes that are suitable for different people.

Here we show you the most common sizes, what they mean and who they are suitable for. To give you a better idea, we also show you the weight of the ball as additional information.

Size Circumference Weight For whom?
Size 7 75-78 cm 565 – 650 g For people aged 14 and over
Size 6 72-74 cm 530 – 550 g Women and youth under 14 years of age
Size 5 69 – 71 cm 450 – 500 g Children up to 11 years of age
Size 3 55 – 58 cm 300 – 350 g up to 8 years of age

Spalding basically divides its sizes into these four groups. So you don’t have to change often, but as an adult you stay with the same size depending on your gender. Are you a grown man? Then choose a Spalding basketball in size 7. Are you an adult woman? Then choose a ball from Spalding in size 6. This video explains in more detail what you should look for when buying a ball:


How good are you at basketball?

Whoever plays with the ball decides what kind of ball you should choose. Above, we have already introduced you to the different ball sizes and weights. After you have chosen the right size of ball, you now have to consider other factors. Depending on whether you are a beginner, a recreational player or a professional, different balls are suitable for you.

  • Beginners: Beginners should choose rubber balls. These are more robust than those made of leather and it does not matter if they get damaged. A beginner does not have the ball under control like a professional player and the robustness of the ball, the lighter weight and the “stickiness” of the rubber make the game easier.
  • Professionals: Professional players who do not just play basketball for fun, but are in clubs and participate in tournaments, have to pay attention to other points. Since such games usually take place in halls, a leather ball or artificial leather ball (or a mixture of both) should be chosen.

Most of the time, the budget of a professional player is also higher, so you can buy balls that have special technologies. Spalding has many such technologies that can positively influence the professional’s game. We have already shown you these above and pointed out the advantages. One surface in particular influences how securely and firmly a player holds the ball in his hands. The bladder of the basketball influences the way it can be thrown.


What colour should your Spalding basketball be?

Once you have selected all the factors such as size, surface, material or level of play, there is still the question of colour. You don’t have to worry too much about this, because the colour does not directly affect the ball. However, Spalding uses a special type of colour on some balls that helps the player to hold the ball better.

Spalding offers balls in almost all colours. The classic basketball colour is orange. Here you have the widest choice. If you want a classically beautiful basketball, choose an orange one. But Spalding also makes colourful balls. Whether yellow, red or purple – your favourite colour is sure to be there.

Especially the fan balls of the different basketball teams are often very colourful. If orange is too boring for you and purple too colourful, you can also go for white or black. A black basketball from Spalding is particularly famous here: the Spalding Kobe Black Snake.

It is made of special synthetic leather and was named after the very successful player Kobe Bryant. The surface of the ball is emblazoned with his signature and player number in gold.

Interesting facts about Spalding Basketball

How do you care for a Spalding Basketball?

How you care for your basketball depends on what material it is made of. To ensure that you can use your high-quality Spalding basketball for a long time, we have provided you with an overview of how to clean basketballs:

Type of ball Cleaning agent Cleaning Drying
Natural leather ball Leather cleaning agent and leather shampoo Put the special cleaner in a cloth and rub gently. Mud stains or similar can be cleaned with plenty of water and the high quality leather shampoo Place in a well ventilated place away from the sun to dry.
Imitation leather ball Mild imitation leather cleaner Simply clean the surface with a soft cloth. This can be moistened beforehand. For stubborn stains, use the leatherette cleaner Place it in a well-ventilated, sun-protected place to dry.
Rubber basketball Soap For rubber balls, you can simply clean dirt with a little soap and lots of water. For stubborn dirt, you can also use a brush and brush off the dirt Place in a well-ventilated place out of the sun to dry.

How do you inflate a Spalding basketball correctly?

Many of the Spalding basketballs need to be inflated much less often than other balls. However, every ball needs to be inflated once in a while. For this, you need a good air pump. If you are a very accurate professional player, you should pay attention to the pressure in the ball.

What distinguishes the Spalding company?

Spalding has been around since 1876 and is mainly a manufacturer of sports equipment, but is particularly famous for its basketballs. The balls of the American company are used in the American NBA league.

The company also enjoys a high reputation in Europe and the basketballs are also used in some European basketball leagues. Spalding also works a lot with athletes. Among other things, the company developed a basketball with an integrated micro-pump with Kobe Bryant – an absolute world first.

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