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A solar pond pump enables energy-saving and sustainable cleaning of the pond. In addition to cleaning, the solar pond pump supplies the water with oxygen. Solar pond pumps are available in a wide range of materials and designs. They are more energy-efficient and sustainable than conventional pond pumps.

With our large solar pond pump test 2022 we want to help you find the right solar pond pump for you and your outdoor living style. We have compared solar pond pumps with battery and solar pond pumps without battery and listed the respective advantages and disadvantages to make your purchase decision easier.


  • Solar pond pumps offer a sustainable and energy-saving alternative to conventional pond pumps without solar function.
  • The power of the solar pond pump should have a fairly high wattage for greater efficiency.
  • Solar pond pumps with fountain function are not only useful but also beautiful to look at.

The best solar pond pump: Our picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for solar pond pumps

If you search the internet for the perfect solar pond pump, you will come across a variety of models and offers. In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between these many.

The criteria with which you can compare the solar pond pumps with each other are:

In the following sections, we explain what you need to look out for when buying the right solar pond pump. We will help you find the right solar pond pump for you and your lifestyle.

Power of the solar panel

As already mentioned, there is a wide range of different solar pond pumps on the market. They differ not only in design, but also in performance and function. It is important for you to find the right pump for your needs.

The wattage of the solar panel determines the power of the solar pond pump.

A high wattage, around five watts, promises good performance.

Additional battery

There are solar pond pumps with and without an additional battery. A built-in battery allows the pump to run continuously, whereas the solar pond pump without a battery only works on the basis of solar radiation. So if it is important to you that your solar pond pump always runs, you should go for the model with the battery.

A solar pond pump without a battery also cleans your pond reliably and efficiently, but not continuously.

Solar pond pumps with battery consume less wattage.

The battery can store solar energy and provide power at a later time. This means that your solar pond pump is independent of solar radiation and does not only work when the sun is shining.

Depending on your needs, you have to see whether a pump that only runs from time to time, i.e. when the sun is shining, is sufficient for you or whether you want it to run all the time. Especially with the solar pond pump with fountain function, continuous functionality is important to most users, as the pond pump also serves as an eye-catcher in the garden.

Fountain function

The solar pond lamps are usually sold with a fountain function and different nozzle heads. This fountain function makes the solar pond pump a real eye-catcher. With the nozzle heads, you can decide whether or how intense the water feature should be. There are narrower and wider nozzle heads.

A fountain pond pump is also suitable for the pool – for a very special pool experience.

The individual and suitable solar pond pump can be found for every outdoor living style. There are no limits to your imagination. You are sure to find a suitable solar pond pump for you, and we will help you with that too.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a solar pond pump

In the following, we would like to clarify the most important questions that arise before buying a solar pond pump. We have selected the questions for you to make your purchase decision easier.

After this guide, you will be well acquainted with solar pond pumps and know exactly which pond pump is best for you.

What is special about a solar pond pump?

A solar pond pump cleans your pond and improves the oxygen content in the water. The special thing about the solar pond pump is that it runs completely without electricity. This means you can do without an annoying cable that runs through the whole garden.

Solar Teichpumpe-1

The oxygen content in the pond is particularly important for pond plants, but also for fish and other creatures (Image source: FOX / Pexels)

Cables that lie loose in the garden or are buried underground are often unattractive. You can avoid this with the solar pond pump.

In addition, the solar pond pump is very energy-saving compared to a conventional pond pump. It often has a fountain function and is therefore a real eye-catcher. Birds are also happy about a little refreshment and like to use the solar pond pump as a bird bath.

In addition to the electricity savings, the solar pond pump impresses with its independence and flexibility, so the pump can be used anywhere without being dependent on a power source. It is not necessary to lay a cable, which looks unsightly in the garden and can become a tripping hazard.

What types of solar pond pumps are there?

If you want to buy a solar pond pump, you can choose between two alternatives: the solar pond pump with battery and the solar pond pump without battery.

Solar pond pump with battery solar pond pump without battery
less green more sustainable
runs without direct sunlight requires direct sunlight
heavier lighter

If you want to know more about the two alternatives, you can find this information in the following two sections.

Solar pond pump with battery

The solar pond pump with battery is less “green” or sustainable than the solar pond pump without battery. However, it offers the possibility to store and use solar energy in the long term when there is no direct sunlight.

On the other hand, the battery ensures that the solar pond pump functions continuously. You are less dependent on the weather, as the energy from the sunlight is stored in the battery.

  • more reliable
  • regular
  • efficient
  • less sustainable
  • heavier

Solar pond pumps with a battery weigh more than solar pond pumps without a battery. However, it is usually attached to the ground with a rod, so the weight is usually not a decisive factor.

Solar pond pumps without battery

Solar pond pumps without a battery only run in direct sunlight. Their performance depends on the wattage of the solar panel. The greater the solar irradiation, the greater the output, or the more consistent the output.

They are sustainable and particularly few “harmful” raw materials have been used. The ecological footprint is smaller. A battery can break or be too heavy to install in the garden pond.

  • lighter
  • more sustainable
  • greener
  • run only under sunlight

Solar pond pumps without batteries weigh less.

Who are solar pond pumps suitable for?

A solar pond pump is especially suitable for you if you don’t want to have annoying and conspicuous cables in your garden, but don’t want to do without a pond pump. There is a wide range of technically high-quality and attractive solar pond pumps. They can not only serve as pond pumps, but also as bird baths or fountains in the pool.

Solar pond pumps are particularly suitable for gardens that have a pond or a pool and, in addition to their function, also serve as a beautiful eye-catcher.

Solar Teichpumpe-2

Solar pond pumps are not only a beautiful eye-catcher in any garden pond, they also clean it. The larger the pond, the more powerful the solar pond pump should be.
(Image source: Leenanuruksa / 123rf)

Sustainable and innovative people often prefer electricity from solar energy. The solar pond pump is ideally suited for this because it is powerful and “green” at the same time.

What does a solar pond pump cost?

The price range for solar pond pumps is quite small. However, the quality and the nozzle functions are often an indicator of the price, so a higher price also goes hand in hand with a more diverse nozzle function.

The wattage of the solar panel is decisive for the performance.

The running time depends on the good quality of the solar pond pump. However, the price of a solar pond pump with fountain function averages around 25 pounds.

For this money you get a good all-round solar pond pump. Compared to pond pumps without solar function, solar pond pumps are often cheaper than conventional pond pumps. They are cheaper to buy and cheaper to run.

Where can I buy solar pond pumps?

You can now buy solar pond pumps in various shops and also online. If you want to buy a high-quality, sustainable and efficient solar pond pump, we recommend the following shops and online retailers.

  • Amazon
  • Toom DIY store
  • Thomas Philipps

You can read customer reviews in the shops listed. In addition, you can take a detailed look at the individual functions of each device on the pages. All the solar pond pumps you will find in this article are linked so that you can find them quickly.

However, it is important that you pay attention to the manufacturer, the quality of the product and the respective functions. You must also be clear about which criteria are particularly important to you. If your outdoor living style is particularly important to you, then you will probably like the solar pond pump with sprinkler function.

However, if you prefer a high pumping capacity and a large wattage, you will probably opt for a more powerful object.

How many watts do solar pond pumps usually have?

A solar pond pump with a battery needs a lower wattage of the solar panel, as it does not only work via the acute solar radiation, but is also supplied by the energy stored in the battery. The wattage, if very low, is around two watts.

However, there are solar pond pumps with a wide variety of wattages, ranging from two to two hundred. Solar pond pumps without a battery, on the other hand, should have a wattage of between five and 50 to ensure that the solar pond pump can be used efficiently and regularly.

It can therefore be stated that the wattage of the solar panel is usually between two and 50 watts. The higher the wattage, the greater the performance, but also the more expensive the price.

How many litres of water do solar pond pumps usually pump?

Solar pond pumps usually pump around 170-200 litres of water per hour. However, there are also solar pond pumps that pump significantly more or less water. The pumping capacity also depends on the overall performance of the solar pond pump.

There are solar pond pumps that pump around 100 litres per hour, but also some that manage to pump up to 1000 litres. However, a huge pumping capacity per hour is not necessary for normal consumers. 170 litres per hour are quite sufficient to clean the pond and supply it with oxygen.

What alternatives are there to a solar pond pump?

There is the alternative with the power cable, i.e. direct power supply. We have summarised the most important points in the following table.

Solar pond pump electric pond pump
energy-saving power consumption
flexible power connection used
nice to look at cable looks unsightly

People’s demands are different and individual, depending on the person and attitude, the desire for a sustainable lifestyle increases.

Image source: kwangmoo / 123rf