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Tired of buying your mineral water at the supermarket and lugging home heavy, bulky plastic bottles? Then you should get yourself a Sodastream. Not only will you be more environmentally conscious, as you won’t be producing unnecessary plastic waste, but you’ll also save money, as you can literally make your own sparkling water at the touch of a button. What capacity should your Sodastream bottle have? What types of Sodastreams are available for you?

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions here in the big Sodastream test 2023. We introduce you to different Sodastream systems to help you decide which one to buy. In addition, you will find helpful tips and tricks in our guide on how to clean a Sodastream system and what alternatives there are. Regardless of whether you choose a sodastream with a glass bottle or a PET bottle, we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of both materials.


  • If you like sparkling water, you will love the Sodastream system! You can determine the amount of carbon dioxide individually
  • In the long run, you can save money with the Sodastream system and at the same time protect the environment by using much less plastic or by switching completely to glass carafes
  • No more water boxes or six-packs that you have to carry up to the fifth floor or that clutter up your pantry – a soda fountain saves space and time

The Best Sodastream: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Sodastream system

Who is a Sodastream system suitable for?

A Sodastream system is suitable for everyone – after all, we all have to drink. With the Sodastream system, you simplify your shopping and save the environment.


A Sodastream system not only saves you the hassle of lugging it around, it also saves you money. (Image source: / Pixabay)

Tiresome carrying of boxes ? Cutting plastic straps from six-packs that then tear? Time-consuming deposit exchange?

These problems are a thing of the past when you buy a Sodastream system. Whether for a single person household or a large family, everyone who likes to drink can use a Sodastream. And drinking a lot is healthy.

Sodastream systems are suitable for everyone.

There are different models of soda systems that have different features and meet different needs. A Sodastream system is therefore suitable for all households, especially those who live on the fifth floor and are tired of carrying the water boxes upstairs.

Did you know how much mineral water Germans drink on average each year?

The average German drinks 144 litres of mineral water a year. That’s two glasses of water per day.

All Selta lovers and environmentally conscious people in general should consider adding such a system to their household and they will quickly be convinced of the benefits.

How much does a Sodastream system cost?

There are various models in different price categories. These vary from around 20 euros to 150 euros.

In the following table, you can see a list of possible models, their price and the materials used. You should take these into account when making your purchase decision, as they often justify the prices.

Model Price Bottle material
Sodastream Crystal 2.0 approx. 135 € Glass
Crystal 2.0 Changeover approx. 110€ Glass
Sodastream POWER approx. 140€ Plastic
Sodastream Easy approx. 60€ Plastic

The right SodaStream system for every budget!

How much capacity should the bottles have?

There are different bottle models that can be purchased, depending on the Sodastream system in question. Accordingly, there are also different bottle capacities that you can choose from.

The capacity of the product variations range from 0.5 – 1 litre. These bottles and carafes are available in different designs and materials.

The PET bottles offer you the greatest variety here. There are colourful bottles, bottles in a limited edition design and the filling capacity varies from 0.5-1 litre. The bottles are made of unbreakable, BPA-free plastic and impress with the lightness of the material.

The PET bottles have an expiry date. The manufacturer recommends not using the bottles after this expiry date for safety reasons.

The glass carafe of the Sodastream system, on the other hand, is only available in one version. It convinces with its timeless design and has a filling capacity of 0.6 litres. By using glass instead of plastic, the carafe protects the environment even more than the reusable PET bottles.

Which bottles are dishwasher-safe?

The bottles of the water bubblers differ significantly in their material and thus also in the way they can be cleaned.

The glass carafes of the Sodastream system are dishwasher safe and can therefore be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Did you know that water bubblers are susceptible to germs?

Just make sure that you can put the bottles in the dishwasher.

The PET bottles, on the other hand, are not suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. Nevertheless, cleaning the bottles is very easy, and you can also get cleaning tablets for the bottles from your SodaStream dealer.

What are the alternatives to a Sodastream system?

A soda fountain has many advantages and can reduce your mineral water costs considerably. It can also save you a lot of time when shopping. Nevertheless, there are alternatives worth mentioning.

Tap water – If you don’t value sparkling water, you can drink water from the tap in Germany without hesitation.

Discounter water – Mineral water from discounters is a good alternative to the Sodastream system in terms of price, but these are disposable deposit bottles. The impact on the environment should not be disregarded when buying discount water.

Branded water – Branded water from the beverage trade is a welcome alternative to the Sodastream. Here you may be supporting the local retail trade and have a large selection of branded products. However, this variety is also reflected in the price.

On the net, you can find a price comparison in relation to a Sodastream system and the alternatives to it. In doing so, you can see whether or not a soda fountain is an adequate substitute for conventional mineral water.

We have illustrated the different alternatives in a table for you.

Alternative Reason
Tap water You can drink tap water without hesitation in Germany. However, if you prefer carbonated water, then this alternative is not for you
Discounter water Water from the discounter is very cheap and can therefore also keep up with the costs of Sodastream. However, you still have to carry bottles and the environmental impact of plastic bottles is higher than that of Sodastream bottles
Brand water more expensive than Sodastream, but you can buy water in glass bottles, which is less harmful to the environment. But you still have to carry the heavy bottles home

Decision: What types of Sodastream systems are there and which is the right one for you?

Basically, we distinguish between these types of Sodastream systems:

  • Glass carafe/bottle
  • PET bottles

In the following, we explain the different types and their respective advantages and disadvantages. In this way, we want to help you find the Sodastream system that is best suited to you.

What distinguishes the Sodastream system with glass bottles and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

The big advantage of the glass carafes is cleaning. The bottles are dishwasher-safe and can therefore be cleaned without any problems. Cleaning in the dishwasher is much more hygienic because the high temperatures can kill more germs.

Furthermore, the glass bottles are long-lasting due to their high-quality material and thus prove to be very environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The timeless design of the carafes is not only good for everyday use, but also makes a harmonious picture on a laid table and is therefore versatile.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Timeless design
  • High-quality material
  • More expensive to buy
  • maximum capacity limited to 0.6l

If you compare the purchase price, a Sodastream system with glass carafes is significantly more expensive. The replacement glass bottles are also more expensive to buy than the PET bottles.

Another disadvantage is that the filling capacity of the glass bottles is limited to approx. 600 ml. As a user, you therefore have no choice but are limited to a uniform filling quantity of 0.6l.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Sodastream system with PET bottles?

The plastic material of the PET bottles impresses with both the lightness and the stability of the material. These properties are particularly suitable for taking the bottles to school, work or sports. The PET bottles are therefore ideal for on the go.

Since there is a variation of bottles in different designs and filling quantities (0.5 – 1L), there is a Sodastream bottle for every taste. The coloured designs are especially good for families, as everyone can have their own individual bottle and fill it with their preferred carbonation.

  • Light and sturdy material
  • variety of designs
  • variable bottle fill quantity
  • perfect for on the go
  • Bottles have expiry date
  • Plastic material
  • Not suitable for dishwasher

Although the water bubblers with PET bottles are cheaper to buy, it should be noted that the bottles have an expiry date. The retailer points out that after this date, both the stability and the hygiene of the PET bottle may show defects.

As the bottles are not suitable for the dishwasher, cleaning is a little more complicated. There are special brushes and cleaning tabs that simplify the cleaning of a PET bottle.

In terms of the environment, the PET bottles of a Sodastream system are better than disposable plastic bottles from the discounter, but plastic is still used to manufacture the bottles. Thus, a water sprinkler with a glass carafe is a more environmentally conscious choice.

PET-Flasche Glasflasche 0,5 Liter 0,6 Liter 1 Liter


Während eine Glaskaraffe ausschließlich 0,6 Liter fasst, hast du eine größere Produktvielfalt bei den PET-Flaschen. Die PET-Flaschen des Wassersprudlers haben unterschiedliche Größen und ein Fassungsvermögen von 0,5 bis 1 Liter.

Die 500ml Flaschen sind sehr gut für unterwegs oder für die Schule zum mitnehmen. Wer lieber viel Wasser dabei hat kann sich auch für die 1 Liter Variante der PET-Flaschen für sein Sodastream System entscheiden. Die Glaskaraffen machen sich mit ihrem luxuriösen Design besonders gut auf einem gedeckten Tisch.

Auch hier ist für jeden Geschmack die geeignete Flasche dabei. Beachte hierbei deinen persönlichen Anspruch an dein Sodastream System, so kannst du den passenden Wassersprudler finden.


Die Sodasstream Systeme sind gegenüber Wasserkisten oder Sixpacks sehr platzsparend und effizient. Jedes Modell hat jedoch auch unterschiedliche Maße. Die gängigen Wassersprudler sind alle für einen 60 Liter Co2-Zylinder geeignet. Sie unterscheiden sich nur in der Designgröße.

Bei Sodastream Systemen gibt es keine festgelegten Standardgrößen. So hat der SodaStream Easy ein Produktmaß 44x30x20 cm. Hingegen hat der SodaStream Crystal eine Maße von 22x11x42 cm.

Bedenke wie viel Stauraum du für dein Produkt hast und wähle so dein passenden Wassersprudler für dich aus.


Die Reinigung der Flaschen in der Spülmaschine hängt vom jeweiligen Material der Flaschen ab. Wie bereits erwähnt eignen sich nicht alle Flaschen für den Geschirrspüler.

Glasflaschen können problemlos in der Spülmaschine gereinigt werden . So werden sie auf einem hohen hygienischen Niveau gesäubert und sind bei regelmäßiger Reinigung keimfrei und sauber.

PET-Flaschen eignen sich nicht für die Reinigung in der Spülmaschine. Der Hersteller rät davon ab, da so der Kunststoff beschädigt werden kann. Als Alternative bietet der Hersteller spezielle Reinigungstabletten für die PET-Flaschen des Sodastream Systems an.

Wissenswerte Fakten rund um das Thema Wassersprudler

Wie lange hält ein Co2-Zylinder?

Alle Sodastream Geräte haben eine Co2-Zylinder, mit diesem wird das Wasser mit Kohlensäure versetzt. Diese Co2-Zylinder haben ein Fassungsvermögen von 60 Liter. Der Zylinder muss regelmäßig getauscht werden, um einwandfrei genutzt werden zu können.

Wie lang dieser Zylinder hält hängt natürlich davon ab wie oft du deinen Wassersprudler benutzt und wie viele Personen im Haushalt sind und Wasser trinken.

Bei durchschnittlichen Gebrauch des Sodastream Gerätes kann man mit einem Co2-Zylinder circa 45 Liter Wasser sprudeln. Darüberhinaus kann man die Kosten für einen Liter aus dem Sodastream Gerät auf verschiedenen Websites ausrechnen lassen. Unter der weiterführenden Literatur findest du den Link zum Wassersprudler Rechner.

Wie reinige ich ein Sodastream System?

Wie jedes Haushaltsgerät muss auch dein Sodastream System regelmäßig gereinigt werden, damit du besonders lange Freude daran hast. Wie oft du deinen Wassersprudler reinigst hängt von deiner Benutzung ab.

Wir empfehlen den Sprudler einmal im Monat zu reinigen. Solltest du besonders kalkhaltiges Wasser verwenden oder dein Wasser häufig mit Sirup versetzt solltest du den Wassersprudler öfter säubern. So beugst du Keime und Kalkbildung vor.

Der Sprudler, der das Wasser mit Kohlensäure versetzt kann eine Sammelstelle für Bakterien werden, deswegen ist eine regelmäßige Reinigung wichtig. Hierzu eignet sich laut Hersteller Zitronensäure.

  1. Fülle die empfohlene Menge Zitronensäure in eine Sodastream Flasche
  2. Befülle nun die Sodastream Flasche bis zu Fülllinie mit lauwarmen Leitungswasser
  3. Die Flasche wird in das Sodastream Gerät eingeschraubt – bediene nun leicht die Sprudeltaste
  4. Lass das Zitronensäure – Wasser – Gemisch nun 10-15 Minuten einwirken
  5. Abschließend spülst du die Flasche gründlich aus und reinigst den Sprudler

Mit dieser Technik reinigst du die Flasche und den Sprudler gleichzeitig. Durch das regelmäßige Reinigen hast du besonders lange Freude an deinem Sodastream System und kannst es lange nutzen.

Unter der Rubrik weiterführende Quellen findest du einen Link bezüglich der Reinigung deines Wassersprudlers.

Welche Getränke-Variationen bieten mir die verschiedenen Sirup-Arten?

Die Produktpalette an SodaStream Sirupen ist sehr groß. Hier kannst du aus einer Vielfalt von Herstellern wählen und dein favorisiertes Süßgetränk erstellen.

Sodastream bietet eine Vielfalt an Geschmacksrichtungen an. Diese unterteilt der Hersteller in folgende Gruppen ein:

  • Softdrinks
  • Fruchtgeschmack
  • Bio
  • Spezialitäten
  • Free

Sodastream bietet dir eine große Geschmacksvielfalt an, die von regulären Drinks wie Zitronen- und Orangenlimonade, über Bio-Saftschorlen, exotischen Drinks wie Ginger Ale oder Energy bis hinzu kalorienarmen Limos reichen.

Außerhalb dieser Produkte vom Sodastream Hersteller gibt es auch noch weitere Siruparten, die du im Einzelhandel erstehen kannst. Probiere und teste die verschiedensten Geschmacksrichtungen aus und finde dein neues Lieblingsgetränk.

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