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The sales figures for drinking water bubblers continue to rise in Germany. Besides the cost savings compared to branded water, the big advantage is that there is no longer any need to lug heavy crates of drinks or bottles. With SodaStream syrups, the advantages also apply to sweetened drinks.

In our SodaStream syrup test 2022, we would like to introduce you to the syrups from SodaStream, the market leader for water sparklers. This article provides you with important information about the types of syrups and what you should consider before buying. With the help of our article, you should be able to find the right syrup for you.


  • With SodaStream syrup, you save on lugging around crates, bottles and multipacks. What’s more, the ready-made drinks are cheaper than brand-name drinks from the supermarket.
  • SodaStream syrup is available in many different flavours. You can choose between soft drinks, sugar-free soft drinks, fruit and organic syrup as well as special varieties that are suitable for cocktails, for example.
  • The ready-made soft drinks contain less sugar than store-bought soft drinks, and the FREE and organic varieties are free of artificial additives. Nevertheless, sweetened drinks are not a recommended alternative to water when it comes to your health.

The Best Sodastream Syrup: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying SodaStream syrup

Before buying syrup for your SodaStream, some background information can be helpful. We have summarised this information in the following paragraphs.

What distinguishes SodaStream syrup from syrup from other manufacturers?

SodaStream is the market leader for water sparklers. The Israeli company generated a turnover of over 500 million US dollars in 2017. Compared to bottled water, the water sparklers offer several advantages. There is no need to carry bottles and there is a cost saving compared to branded water. In addition, the environment is protected.


With syrup from SodaStream, you not only save on carrying water bottles, but can also prepare soft drinks at home.
(Image source: / Bruno Nascimento)

The advantage of SodaStream syrup over that of other manufacturers is mainly that syrups from SodaStream are made for sparkling water, while other syrups are meant to be drunk primarily or with still water. You have to decide for yourself whether you actually taste a serious difference.

What is the price range of SodaStream syrup?

The recommended retail price for a bottle of SodaStream syrup is 4.99 euros. You should note, however, that the bottles are different sizes. The bottle contents are 375 or 500 millilitres. You should definitely not pay more than five euros per bottle.

SodaStream syrup is often sold in sets. You can save money here compared to buying them individually. If you calculate the price per litre, you can easily find the cheapest offer. You should also take into account the purchase price of your SodaStream and the cost of the CO2 cylinder. You can neglect the costs for tap water.

However, you can definitely save money compared to buying ready-made drinks, as you don’t have to carry heavy crates or packs of drinks into your flat or house. In the table below we have provided you with a rough price comparison. We have assumed that a bottle of syrup costs 4 euros and a litre of sparkling water from your SodaStream costs around 15 cents.

Type of drink Price
Drink from a 500 ml syrup bottle from SodaStream Approximately 50 cents per litre
Drink from a 375 ml syrup bottle from SodaStream Approximately 55 cents per litre
No-name soft drink from the supermarket Approximately 30 cents per litre
Branded soft drink from the supermarket Approximately 1 euro per litre

What are the alternatives to SodaStream syrup?

If you want to make flavoured drinks at home, there are alternatives to SodaStream syrups. There are many other syrup manufacturers on the market. These include Tri Top, Monin, Riemerschmid and Teisseire. Even the Swedish furniture store Ikea has its own syrups.

If you want to decide yourself which ingredients are in your sweet drink, you can make your own lemonade. You usually make the syrup yourself and then mix it with sparkling water from your SodaStream.

Another alternative to syrup is infused water. Here, herbs, pieces of fruit or vegetables are added to the water to improve the bland taste of the water. A big advantage of this alternative is that infused water contains no added sugar or sweetener and has almost no calories.

Decision: What types of SodaStream syrup are there and which is right for you?

We have divided the different types of SodaStream syrup into three categories. You basically have a choice between these three types when buying:

  • Soft drink syrup
  • Sugar-free syrup
  • Organic syrup

In the following paragraphs, we would like to show you how they differ and what their advantages and disadvantages are.

What is SodaStream soft drink syrup and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The classic syrups from SodaStream are the syrups for soft drinks. These include the classic varieties such as cola, orange or lemon-lime. As already mentioned in the guide, the costs for a home-made drink are lower than for a ready-bought soft drink. It is up to you to decide whether a syrup is an alternative to ready-made soft drinks.


Long drinks and cocktails are available at most parties. With SodaStream syrups, you can easily prepare these mixed drinks yourself at home.
(Image source: / Michael Discenza)

In addition to soft drinks, there are other syrups from SodaStream in this category. For example, there are a large number of fruit-flavoured syrups such as cherry, apple or lemon naturally cloudy. As specialities, SodaStream offers syrups with energy, woodruff or ginger ale flavour.

SodaStream syrups do contain sugar, but at around four grams per 100 millilitres, they are considerably less than most commercially available soft drinks. The syrup from the Guardian Angel series is also enriched with vitamins.

  • Inexpensive alternative to ready-made soft drinks
  • ready-made drink often contains less sugar than store-bought soft drink
  • Contains artificial sweeteners and additives
  • taste may differ from original

What is SodaStream sugar-free syrup and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

SodaStream offers a sugar-free alternative to many soft drink varieties. The sugar-free varieties are sweetened with artificial ingredients. This means they have significantly fewer calories than the sugar-sweetened varieties.

Did you know that sugar-free soft drinks are no healthier than normal soft drinks?

A study by Mullee, Romaguera, Pearson-Stuttard et al. published in the journal “Jama Intern Medicine” shows an increased mortality rate among soft drink drinkers. In the long-term study, 450000 people from ten countries were asked about their lifestyle. 11.5 percent of soft drink consumers died during the study period, while only 9.3 died in the comparison group.

SodaStream also offers syrup that has not been additionally sweetened. In addition, the FREE syrups are free of preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. These fruit-flavoured varieties contain natural fruit sugar (fructose) and have similar nutritional values to the soft drink syrups.

  • Not sweetened with sugar
  • FREE varieties without artificial additives
  • Low sugar content
  • taste may differ from the original

What is SodaStream organic syrup and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The ingredients for SodaStream organic syrup are organically grown. During production, care was taken to protect nature. No chemical pesticides or genetic engineering were used. The organic syrups are also free of flavour enhancers, artificial flavours, colourings and preservatives.

If you prefer vegan products and like to buy organic products, these syrups are the right ones for you. They have the V-label and the organic label (according to the EC Eco Regulation). SodaStream’s organic varieties contain more sugar and are less productive than other varieties.

  • Pure organic ingredients
  • No artificial additives
  • Vegan
  • High sugar content
  • Limited choice
  • Low yield

Buying criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and evaluate SodaStream syrups

You can compare the many different types of SodaStream syrup using the following criteria:

In the following descriptions, we would like to show you what is important in the individual criteria and how you can avoid making a wrong purchase.


Each of the syrup types we described in the decision section comes in many different flavours. If you are not yet sure whether you really like a variety, you should refrain from buying several bottles.

Maybe you can try new flavours with friends and acquaintances. Your mistake could be their favourite.

If you don’t know at all which varieties are right for you, you can buy a tasting set with small bottles. These kits contain a variety of flavours, so you’re sure to find your favourite. Note that there can be differences in taste between sugary and sugar-free varieties.


Larger syrup bottles do not always yield more mixed drink.

The different types of syrup are mixed with water in different proportions. Since the size of the bottle also varies, it is not easy to estimate the yield of a bottle of syrup.

Many syrups indicate on the bottle how many litres of mixed drink you get per bottle of syrup. Divide the purchase price by this number of litres to get the price per litre for the ready-mixed drink. Using the price per litre, you can find the cheapest syrup.

Nutritional values

Fewer calories than store-bought soft drinks.

SodaStream syrups are comparatively low in calories and contain very few other nutrients. However, you should be aware that a glass of syrup can provide a significant portion of your daily energy needs.


Too many calories and especially too much sugar have a negative effect on your health in the long term.
(Image source: / mohamed Hassan)

Organic syrup varieties contain much more sugar than other varieties because you need more syrup for one litre of drink. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that no more than ten per cent of energy per day should come from sugar. This corresponds to a maximum of 25 grams or 6 teaspoons.


Some syrups contain a variety of chemical additives. Other types contain only natural substances or are even vegan. It is up to you to decide which syrup is best suited to your lifestyle and diet.

Remember that too much syrup does not contribute to a balanced diet.

You can find the information about the ingredients on the back of the bottle. Many online shops have uploaded a picture of the label. This allows you to compare the ingredients of SodaStream syrups online. Fewer substances and less chemical-sounding ingredients indicate a more natural product.

Facts worth knowing about SodaStream Syrup

The information already provided should make it easier for you to buy SodaStream Syrup. If you already own SodaStream Syrup, the following information may help you.

How do I measure SodaStream Syrup correctly?

You will find information on how to dose your SodaStream Syrup correctly on the syrup bottle. The lids of original SodaStream syrup bottles have a scale for different amounts of water. We have listed the mixing ratio for SodaStream syrups in the table.

Type of syrup mixing ratio (water : syrup)
Soft drink syrup 23 : 1
Fruit flavour syrup 23 : 1
Specialities 23 : 1
FREE syrup 23 : 1
Guardian angel syrup 23 : 1
Organic syrup 6 : 1

If you are not sure how to dose your syrup, mix by feel. Start with a little syrup and add more and more until the syrup has reached the desired taste.

What is the shelf life of SodaStream Syrup?

SodaStream Syrup should have a shelf life of at least two years when you buy it. Once opened, you should store it in the fridge or at room temperature, depending on the variety, and use it within the next few weeks.

If the syrup is well past its best-before date, the colouring and flavouring may be lost.

How can I make champagne with my SodaStream?

In the following video you can see how you can make champagne from white wine with your SodaStream. Note, however, that misuse of the SodaStream can be very dangerous.


SodaStream syrup is available in many different flavours, the syrups contain a variety of chemical additives. SodaStream syrups do contain sugar, but at around four grams per 100 millilitres, they are considerably less than most commercially available soft drinks.

(Image source: Pakorn/