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The snow globe always enchants us with the effect of seeing the snowflakes “fall” without having to wait for winter, as well as with a relaxing feeling when moving it. Although the exact date of origin is unclear, it was around the 19th century that the snow globe began to fascinate both children and adults. From here on, this item became popular as a toy, souvenir or paperweight. Snow globes always remind us of Christmas.

But today it is not only a decorative item during the holidays or as souvenirs, but also a very popular item as a gift for special occasions, which you cannot miss in your next shopping if you want to surprise someone. Therefore, we think it is important to show the most outstanding features when buying a snow globe. Below we show you the best recommendations and you can buy a snow globe that best suits your needs.


  • The different types of snow globes: We find a variety of snow globes on the market. The snow globe has the advantage of being a decorative product that can be adapted for many occasions. For gifts, advertising, decoration, as entertainment for handicrafts and of course as a souvenir.
  • The most recommended snow globes: We have researched the most sought after snow globes on the market. We present you, the most recommended products and can thus give you an excellent overview, which offers your clarity and support when buying a snow globe.
  • The buying criteria when choosing a snow globe: Besides knowing which snow globe is most recommended, it is important to consider important criteria such as the type of snow globe, where to buy a snow globe and the price. And here we provide you with all this information.

The Best Snow Globe: Our Picks

Buying and rating criteria for snow globe

The snow globe offers a wide range of presentations and an endless number of places where you can buy them. Therefore, we present the following buying criteria that will make it easier to find and buy the snow globe that meets your needs and expectations. These are the criteria:

Snow globe as decoration

If you want to buy a snow globe, you can find them in two materials: Plastic or glass. Buying a glass snow globe is of course more expensive, as the production may involve a manual labour process or simply the materials used are processed so that the liquid content of the snow globe always lasts for a long time. In addition, the bases that the globe contains can be ceramic, porcelain and lead if it is an antique snow globe.

All can have fine or detailed decorations. In addition, they are more visually attractive and allow you to be more of a decorative object than a fun object. The only disadvantage, of course, is their fragility, as they can break the glass. On the other hand, plastic snow globes are cheaper and you even buy a lot so you can make your own creations. Many plastic balloons use water which poses no danger if someone accidentally ingests the liquid compared to glass balloons which use light oils or glycerine.

Snow globe for handicrafts

The snow globe is very popular for entertaining children and as one of the craft objects. Many kindergartens and mothers buy this material so that children can have fun. One of the most popular ways is for children to develop their creativity by painting and putting their creations inside the snow globe. It is also very popular for children’s birthday parties where children can be entertained with joy.

Personalisable snow globe

Although adults can also use it to add photos in particular and so usually give it as gifts, keepsakes for weddings, birthdays, christenings, anniversaries or just for fun. For crafts, it is of course bought in plastic and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Snow globe with accessories

The snow globe with music or music box or even with lighting is fascinating as it contains a mechanism that spins the snow globe smoothly in time with the music while the melody plays. In addition, there are many snow globes that are illuminated either with LED lights or with batteries.

Large snow globe

At home, in the office or to decorate your home, there are snow globe sizes from mini, small, large, XL to XXL that you will find especially if you buy online at Amazon. The sizes in centimetres range from 3.5 cm circumference for mini, 6.5 cm for small, 10 cm for large, xl can be 18 cm and xxl up to 29 cm.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about snow globes answered in detail

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is important to know the most important questions that allow us to clarify in a practical way what I should consider when buying a snow globe.

What is a snow globe?

A snow globe or snow dome is a transparent sphere, usually made of glass or plastic/plastic, containing a miniaturised scene of a certain type, often together with a model of a landscape.


The snow globe is not only used at Christmas, but also with other motifs, all year round and for decoration.(Image source: Juliana Stein/Pexels)

The globe contains a transparent liquid, which can be water or light oil, which can be used to recreate an effect of falling snowflakes or other shapes such as stars. The snow globe is mainly created as a decorative element.

What types of snow globe are there?

The fascinating circular shape and its attractive movement have made it possible for the snow globe to be an item with which you can adapt an endless number of creative motifs of dinosaurs, cities and Disney characters to the universe itself. These reasons are only examples of a large number of types of snow globes that we present below.

Types Description
Snow globe for decoration Glass or acrylic/ plastic /plastic.In plastic or glass, the snow globe can be a very beautiful decoration element, in the home or office.
Snow globe seasons They are very popular at Christmas, but are also used with spring motifs, Halloween.
Snow globe for handicrafts Children and adults can colour in, design or make their own pictures.
Snow globe for children There is a large selection of Disney caricatures such as Frozen, animals such as dinosaur, horse, penguin or llama to film themes such as Harry Potter or Yoda from Star Wars.
snow globe to give For pictures of babies,best friends,wedding,couples,family,pets,mother’s day ,Christmas ,Valentine’s day ,birthdays ,graduation as a precious gift as a memory.
Snow globe at cities Egypt,Japan,Vienna,Hamburg,Italy,Istanbul,Ireland,London,New York,Neuschwanstein,Nuremberg,Baltic Sea,etc.
Snow globe accessories With music or music box,electric and lighted.
Snow globe by brand Hummel,Goebel,G. wurm,Hutschenreuther,Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier.

What other special shape can you find besides the globe made of snow globes?

Not all snow globes are round. We can also find other very fun and beautiful shapes such as lantern,telephone cell,train,candy shop,television,alarm clock and house.


In this article, all the information you need to buy a snow globe has been efficiently compiled. As already mentioned, the snow globe is a decorative product with many motifs that do not only include Christmas. We have also known that the glass snow globe is a more expensive product as they can be a handmade product and also a better presentation.

On the other hand, you can adapt the plastic snow globe to your decoration or gifting needs. There are many places you can buy it and there are many prices that fit your budget perfectly, so there is no excuse not to buy a snow globe that is also fun. The snow globe is an excellent item to share.

Image source: Susanne Jutzeler / Pexels