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When many people think of snorkelling, they often think of paddling back and forth on the surface of the water, fogged-up swimming goggles and breathing difficulties, but the perfect snorkelling set can give you a comfortable and impressive experience. The unknown underwater world attracts adventurers and explorers.

But which snorkelling set actually offers the perfect comfort during the dive and for whom are which sets best suited? Snorkelling is for everyone and should definitely be tried out, so here we explain what conditions you should look out for. With our snorkelling set test 2022 we have listed the most important criteria for you and picked out their advantages and disadvantages. We have compared the different versions of a snorkel set, from the classic snorkel to the dry snorkel, and want to make your purchase decision easier.


  • The snorkelling set is basic diving equipment for discovering the underwater world on holiday and offers everyone a glimpse of the unknown and a great experience to boot.
  • There are different types of snorkel sets, such as 2-piece and 3-piece sets and dry snorkels or classic snorkels. We explain here which ones are best for you and what you should look for when sizing.
  • Snorkelling is for everyone, small or big, beginner or professional. But you should always pay attention to the quality of a snorkelling set and inform yourself thoroughly before making a purchase decision. After that, nothing will stand in the way of fun.

The Best Snorkel sets: Our Picks

Snorkelling set: buying and review criteria

Before buying a snorkelling set, you should pay attention to the purchase and evaluation criteria so that the fun is really worth it in the end. We have listed some criteria for you to orientate yourself by.

The criteria listed below are important for many buyers and should give you an overview. Comfort and protection play an important role. Why these criteria are so important is described below:


The diving goggles, the mouthpiece and the snorkels should be comfortable and above all safe for you. The material of the set plays a major role in this.

One of the qualitative features of a snorkel set is that the material is made of silicone.

The mouthpiece remains comfortable even after a long time. The diving goggles are often equipped with tempered glass to maintain resistance to breakage or water pressure, thus ensuring a high level of safety. In addition, quality diving goggles have an anti-fog feature that absorbs fog for an impressive view of the underwater world. For comfort while snorkelling, you should therefore pay attention to the material.

Size and fit

Of course, the fit of your snorkelling kit is also very important, so be sure to check your size selection before you buy. If your mask is too big or too small, snorkelling will not be fun and may even be dangerous. Therefore, you definitely need to find out your size before making your purchase decision. For children, there are either one-size-fits-all or size XS. For adults, sizes S, M and L are available.

Some manufacturers give the dimensions of the snorkel set in case buyers are still unsure about the sizes.

The snorkel length should always be a maximum of 35cm and the diameter of the breathing tube 1.5-2.5 cm. The length of the snorkel should not exceed the maximum length of 35mm, as this could cause breathing problems, but it should also not be too short.

Adjustment possibilities

Adjustment possibilities is another criterion that should be taken into account when looking for a suitable snorkel set, especially online. In this case, it is always an advantage if diving masks have adjustable or rotating buckles.

Diving goggles or mask

The manufacture of diving goggles or diving masks is not always the same, because they often differ in the lens equipment of the diving goggles, but the basic equipment of the lenses is always the material PVC. Quality diving goggles usually have an anti-fog coating and/or an anti-leak, which means that the diving goggles are protected against fog and breakage. Many manufacturers also score points for the panoramic vision of the lenses.

Special features of some diving goggles are special UV lenses to protect the eyes from sunlight. For those who wear glasses, some manufacturers even have optimal diving goggles that can be adjusted.

There are many options and the purchase decision naturally depends on the requirements and the budget, because the higher the quality of the equipment, the more expensive the snorkelling set. However, good snorkelling sets can still be found at reasonable prices.


Another important purchase criterion is the accessories of a snorkelling set. Many manufacturers include a transport bag with the purchase of a snorkelling set, which simplifies transport and is responsible for drying out the set. Most 2-piece sets do not come with fins, but these are included in the complete set. When you have read up enough on snorkelling sets, you can decide for yourself whether you would prefer a 2-piece or 3-piece set.


A too heavy weight of the goggles or snorkels can quickly lead to a heavy load and not be comfortable.

A normal weight is 900-1400 grams.

For a comfortable snorkelling experience, you should therefore check the total weight of the snorkelling set before buying. You need to pay attention to whether the set is a classic snorkel or a dry snorkel, because the weights vary depending. If it weighs more than the normal weight, it can become a bit cumbersome, especially for beginners.

Snorkelling set: frequently asked questions and answers

Before you decide to buy a snorkelling set, you should of course first familiarise yourself with the product itself. You should have some information in advance to make better decisions and be prepared. Here are some questions and answers that we have listed for you:

What is a snorkelling kit?

A snorkelling kit is basic diving equipment. The components include a snorkel, diving goggles or mask and, depending on your preference, fins. Accordingly, there are 2-piece and 3-piece snorkel sets, the latter being ABC equipment.

Who are snorkelling sets suitable for?

Anyone can own a snorkelling set to explore the beautiful underwater world on holiday. Both adults and children may (and should) join in the fun. The sets are available in different sizes and you often have the possibility to optimise the fit yourself.


The snorkelling activity should be done with friends and families, because the fun is suitable for everyone. From small to large, there is a snorkelling set for everyone. (Image source: Dmosreg /123rf)

If you have health restrictions or breathing problems, it is better to avoid snorkelling.

What types of snorkelling sets are there?

There are different varieties and models of snorkelling sets. Here are some of them with their advantages and disadvantages:
Type Advantages Disadvantages
Classic snorkel it is inexpensive and fit for purpose it is inflexible and power draining as you have to blow the water out of the tube
Dry snorkel it has a blow-off valve and prevents water from entering it has more weight and is bigger, plus the valve can have faults
Single lens goggles you have a large field of vision the mask is more difficult to blow out
Dual lens goggles you have more room for the nose and special lenses can be used for people who wear glasses, plus it is designed for real dives None

How much does a snorkelling set cost?

The manufacturers of snorkel sets often set similar prices.The prices often vary depending on certain criteria, such as the material equipment, special fabrications or manufacturers, but the price-performance ratio of snorkel sets for adults and snorkel sets for children does not differ.
Type price range
Snorkel set with classic snorkel or dry snorkel approx. 10-60 euros
Full mask snorkel approx. 15-90 euros

What is the alternative to the snorkelling set?

Snorkelling masks are new alternatives to traditional sets and should provide solutions to the problems of snorkelling sets. One of their biggest advantages is comfort due to the natural breathing of the mouth and nose. It is often used by professional snorkellers.
Alternative Description
Snorkel mask The snorkel and goggles are in one item. The mask has a tube at the top of the mask that provides fresh air to the mask wearer. Here, the mask allows natural breathing through the mouth and nose. However, it is limited with the supply of air but usually the mask offers more space and comfort.

How do I choose the right size?

The right size scuba mask is very important to have a comfortable snorkelling experience. However, determining the optimal size should not be too difficult. All you need to do is measure the distance between your chin and the bridge of your nose.


Exploring the underwater world with the perfect snorkelling set is easy. Once you have found your ideal size, the adventure can really begin. (Image source: Dmosreg / 123rf)

If the distance is less than 12 cm, size S/M would be ideal for you. If the distance is more than 12 cm, you would have to choose sizes M/L. For children, there are often standard sizes or the size XS.


Whether you end up choosing a 2-piece or 3-piece snorkelling set, we guarantee you an impressive view and an unforgettable experience. Corals in different colours, fish you’ve never seen before or even knew existed, a snorkelling set is always a good decision. It’s up to you to decide whether you want fins with it, a pair of panoramic goggles or maybe just a diving mask.

If you’re a serious professional, a good value, good quality set is an advantage and will pay off in the long run. However, if you are new to snorkelling, a lightweight 2-piece set with a dry snorkel would be suitable for you to keep your breath. Now nothing stands in your way of a pleasant journey into the unknown!

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