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Smartwatches are newly developed electronic instruments that offer a wealth of useful tools for everyday use. But there are many aspects to keep an eye on to choose the right one, here we tell you everything you need to know to choose the ideal one.

Smartwatches are smartwatches with functions that facilitate many everyday tasks and serve practically as a personal assistant. Due to their versatility and multiple uses they have become very popular since the last decade, so the market has been filled with many models with many functions.

What is new about the smartwatch generation is that they have integrated more advanced functions than previous generations. Some smartwatches can be connected to a mobile phone, others are the perfect complement for jogging, others have internal functions. We’ll tell you more about these later.


  • The first smartwatches that came onto the market were simple and the most complex functions were calendar, alarms and the like. But over time they have evolved considerably. Today’s smartwatches are much more developed, and allow such advanced options as answering calls and connecting to the internet.
  • Smartwatches are very useful instruments in everyday life and even function as a personal assistant. Among other things, they are often equipped with a calendar where you can schedule appointments and events. They can also set alarms to keep you up to date with your responsibilities.
  • Athletes find smartwatches very useful, as they allow them to keep in touch with their phone without discomfort. In addition, many have special tools for physical activity, such as calorie burners, step counters and distance meters.

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Buying guide: What you need to know about smartwatches

Smartwatches are complex electronic instruments, so it is important that you know a little about them before you decide to buy one. To help you in your decision at ReviwBox we tell you about these devices, as well as the advantages and benefits they offer.

Smartwatches are devices for everyday use, offering many tools that make everyday tasks easier and with special functions for sports. (Photo: scyther5 /

What are smartwatches?

Smartwatches are smart wristwatches that are equipped with tools that are superior in technology to conventional watches. They are very useful, as they have many tools for everyday use, which can help you organise your schedule or monitor your health.

Smartwatches are an evolution of digital watches, much more powerful and with better tools. They are even able to connect to your mobile phone to synchronise notifications of messages and calls. So you can stay up to date from the comfort of your wrist. Some allow you to control your phone’s camera from your watch.

What are the advantages of smartwatches?

And the tools offered by today’s smartwatches are varied, with the most advanced ones equipped with a compass, barometer, altimeter, geolocator, accelerometer and gyroscope. Models designed for sports include a step counter, heart rate monitor, calorie burn counter and distance travelled meter.

Some models include a speaker and microphone, and the ability to extend the memory with an external card. And some can even connect to headphones and use it as a music player while you’re jogging, studying or in whatever situation you prefer. You can also set alarms to notify you of important events or appointments.

  • Connects to mobile phones
  • Allows you to set alarms and alerts
  • Synchronises with social networks to keep you updated
  • Facilitates exercise routines with monitoring
  • Receives notifications of messages and calls
  • Larger and heavier than regular watches
  • Not compatible with 100% of mobile phones
  • Waterproof models are more expensive
  • Some batteries have a short lifespan
  • Expensive devices

Bluetooth, GSM or 3G Smartwatch – What to look out for?

One of the most important aspects before choosing a smartwatch is the type of watch connectivity you want. This is an aspect that defines the profile of the watch. There are 4 general types of watches: Bluetooth, GSM, Bluetooth-GSM and GSM-3G.

Bluetooth Smartwatch. Bluetooth watches synchronise with your mobile phone to give you access to the information and applications on it. They can be programmed to receive notifications of messages and calls, but independently they only function as a watch.

GSM smartwatch. GSM smartwatches can be used with a SIM card, so they are a phone in their own right. Whereas Bluetooth-GSM smartwatches allow both technologies, both connecting to a phone and functioning as a phone on their own.

GSM and 3g smartwatches.And GSM and 3G smartwatches go one step further. These allow complete independence from the phone, to the point where they are known as WatchPhones. They have a 3G connection and work with an operating system that is compatible with smartphones.

Bluetooth GSM GSM and 3G
Connectivity Bluetooth Internet Internet
Signal reception Wide Medium Wide
Autonomy Requires a phone Independent from phone Independent from phone
Compatibility Android Android and iOs Android and iOs

How much does a smartwatch cost?

Smartwatches are newly developed devices, and on average have high price tags. But there are options to suit all tastes, and they can be adapted to suit virtually any budget. The price range is quite large and it is possible to find a good balance between quality and cost.

Smartwatches are an evolution of digital watches and incorporate cutting-edge technology. That is why it is necessary to invest in order to have this important device. (Photo: pixabay /

Buying criteria

The things you should consider when buying a smartwatch are diverse, and you should consider them in detail to make sure you buy the right one. We tell you about these criteria that you should take into account:

Resistance and quality

Watches are objects of daily use, which are constantly exposed and at risk of knocks or scratches. So one of the first things you should demand when choosing a smartwatch is durability. And high quality can extend the life of the watch and keep it functional for a long time.

You can keep an eye on these aspects by considering the prestige of the brand, as the warranty backing of big names ensures good performance. Also check if the screen is scratch-proof and shock-proof, and verify its functionality before purchasing.

Cellular connection

This is one of the most popular aspects of smartwatches. This feature allows you to connect your watch to your phone and synchronise the information on both. It’s useful because it gives you access to messages and calls on your phone from your watch, and you can set it to receive notifications on your wrist without having to take out your phone.

This feature is favoured by exercisers, who can put their phone away and work out without losing touch with the world, without missing a beat or being distracted by their phone. It is also for those who spend a lot of time on the road and want to check their notifications without having to look at their phone every moment.

The connection between phones and smartwatches is one of the most useful functions of these devices. (Photo: /

Exercise helper

There are many functions of smartwatches that are intended for use during exercise. There are even series of watches designed specifically for sports tasks and include tools specifically designed for this.

These tools include pedometers, calorie burn counters, distance travelled meters, heart rate monitoring, and the like. Waterproof models are also offered so there are no problems with sweat. Some can even be used as a music player, to create a good atmosphere.

Calendar and diary

A big advantage is that even the simplest smartwatches include a programmable calendar and diary. These are an essential part of any assistant, as they are basic applications for organising your time.

Calendar. It is invaluable to have a calendar that keeps you up to date with the responsibilities you have to fulfil, or the events you want to attend. Having this facility on your wrist is a great advantage.

Diary. Smartwatches are designed in such a way that you can include your important appointments in the diary and set alarms to keep you on your toes. But you can also sync your watch with other calendars or diaries you have, so that even the ones you add in other apps are activated on your smartwatch.

SIM card

The most sophisticated and high-end smartwatches work with GSM technology, which means they can work with phone networks. GSM technology means that the watch is practically a mobile phone, as it can make calls and send messages independently of a mobile device. This creates a completely autonomous device.

Watches that have a SIM card input usually work almost exactly like a mobile phone, so it can also establish a connection to the internet on its own. This new generation of watches are called SmartPhones.

The functions of a smartwatch go far beyond telling the time, and one of the most useful is setting alarms for events, appointments and important tasks. (Photo: ammentorp /


The look of an accessory such as a watch should be deeply pleasing to the wearer, as it will be part of their physical appearance and affect the way they feel about themselves. Therefore, many different models and designs have been developed, to please any taste, no matter how particular it may be.

It is also important to consider comfort within this aspect, as there are designs that are bold and sophisticated, but are not for everyday use, let alone exercise.

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