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Making optimal use of the available storage space is the goal in every home. Hinged door wardrobes are therefore the perfect addition to any room. Whether in the hallway as a coat rack or in the bedroom as a wardrobe. Whether in a rustic wooden design or in modern colours with a large mirror element, a wardrobe with a sliding door offers a space-saving solution when looking for a new piece of furniture.

In order to choose the right model for your home, you should inform yourself as well as possible about the wide range of offers. For our product comparison, we have therefore compared various products and summarised the most important factors in our article.


  • Sliding-door wardrobes can be purchased in different sizes and can therefore also be used in small rooms without wasting a lot of storage space.
  • Wardrobes with sliding doors are the most space-saving variant of wardrobes. The doors can be easily slid back and forth and make almost no noise.
  • A wide range of materials and designs allows you to find a model that perfectly suits you and your interior. Furthermore, there is a large selection of elements such as shelves or clothes rods that can be combined to create a wardrobe that suits you.

The Best Sliding Door Wardrobe: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for sliding-door wardrobes

In order to find the right sliding-door wardrobe, there are some criteria you should consider before buying. Since there are many offers and variants, many factors are included in the comparison and evaluation and can make the choice more difficult. To give you an overview and make your decision easier, we have listed the most important criteria here:

In the following, we explain what the various criteria are.


Before you decide on a wardrobe, you should know what material it is made of. There are models made of chipboard, MDF or solid wood. The various materials differ in weight, durability and price, for example. Generally, you can also buy models made of derived timber products in a wood look. However, these materials are lighter and often cheaper. Wardrobes made of solid wood are usually of higher quality and are therefore suitable for storing heavy amounts of clothes and for surviving removals. A few of the most common types of wood are beech, pine, oak and walnut. Each of these types of wood has a unique structure and good strength and elasticity properties.


The design of your new sliding-door wardrobe naturally depends on your preferences. There are many different ways to personalise the design so that the piece of furniture fits in perfectly with the style of your home. In addition to the types of wood already mentioned, which each have a natural look due to their pores and structure, there are also other ways to design your wardrobe.

Common colours besides the classic wood look are white, black or graphite.

Each of these colours creates a unique atmosphere in your room. Furthermore, you can choose between different handles or grip rails and often buy models with one or more mirrors. Of course, all materials and colours can be combined to integrate the wardrobe as perfectly as possible into your interior.


Depending on how you want to use your sliding-door wardrobe later, it is worth choosing a model with the right features for you. This means the number of drawers, shelves or clothes rails. Furthermore, mirrors on the doors usually make sense when used as a wardrobe.

Drawers are the perfect place to store smaller items.

Here it is worth getting drawer inserts, if not already available, to divide up and organise the space in a practical way. Shelves or cupboard compartments are particularly good for stacking clothes or other items and storing them neatly. Clothes rails make the most sense when you have, for example, shirts, jackets, blouses or dresses that need to stay smooth for as long as possible after ironing.

Size and location

Depending on where you want to place your new sliding-door wardrobe, the size will of course also vary. So if you are looking for a spacious wardrobe for your bedroom, you will have different requirements than if the wardrobe is to be placed in the hallway as a wardrobe or in the living room. Each size has its advantages and disadvantages, of course.

For example, a wardrobe that reaches up to the ceiling offers a lot of storage space, but may be difficult to reach for shorter people. To find the right size for you, you need to consider not only the height, but also the width and depth. The wardrobe should be perfectly adapted to your place of use so as not to waste space unnecessarily.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about sliding-door wardrobes answered in detail

In the following, we have answered a few of the most important questions regarding sliding-door wardrobes. In this way, we would like to help you become as well informed as possible about the topic.

What is a sliding-door wardrobe?

Sliding door wardrobes are often equated with sliding door wardrobes, but there is a small but subtle difference between the two. This difference lies in the fact that sliding-door wardrobes are only fixed with a rail at the top edge, instead of at the top and bottom. Thanks to this mechanism, the illusion is created that the door floats above the rail. Opening wardrobes with floating doors often makes hardly any noise and often makes the furniture seem lighter and less bulky.

Who is a sliding-door wardrobe suitable for?

Floating door wardrobes are suitable in many situations. For example, they make excellent wardrobes because it is almost always possible to attach a mirror. Furthermore, they are often used in narrow hallways or cramped rooms because they do not require space for opening doors.

Instead, the doors can simply be slid quietly from one side to the other. Therefore, it is possible to place the wardrobe relatively close to other pieces of furniture or doors.


Wardrobes with sliding doors can enhance any room and save space at the same time. (Image source: reisetopia / unsplash)

Because of their diverse designs and customisable features, sliding-door wardrobes are suitable for almost any home.

In addition, most models of this type are slightly deeper and therefore offer more storage space instead of taking it up for overhanging doors.

How much does a sliding-door wardrobe cost?

There are several factors that influence the price of a sliding-door wardrobe. The decisive factors are the material, the size, as well as the accessories and features. The following table gives you an initial overview of the different price categories.
Price category Available products
Low-priced (180 – 300 €) Mostly two-door, standard fittings, mostly made of derived timber products with plastic decor, available in various designs
Medium-priced (300 – 500 €) Mostly two or three-door, available with solid wood elements, mostly including mirror
High-priced (500 – approx. 2000 €) Mostly custom-made, high-quality materials, elaborate fittings, adapted to your individual wishes

So it turns out that you can find a suitable piece of furniture in every price range. So it depends on whether you are a student and want to furnish your first own flat, or whether the wardrobe is to stand in your own house and serve the family for many years.

What alternatives are there to sliding-door wardrobes?

There are other types of wardrobes besides the sliding door mechanism. We have described them briefly here:

  • Hinge-door wardrobes are the classic models among wardrobes. The doors open into the room, revealing the entire contents of the wardrobe, as all doors can be opened at the same time. However, you should allow for a little more space so that the doors do not bump into adjacent pieces of furniture. Hinge-door wardrobes can be used anywhere, often have a mirror and are available in different sizes.
  • Folding-door ward robes are also suitable for smaller rooms because, although the doors open outwards, they only take up as much space as the individual slats are wide. So folding doors are a good middle ground if you want to save some money and space at the same time.

So the size difference is how much space you have in the place intended for the wardrobe.

Is it worth having a sliding-door wardrobe made to measure?

The answer to this question is clearly yes, but you must be aware that making a one-off piece can be relatively expensive. However, by having your sliding door wardrobe custom-made, you also have full creative freedom to ensure that the piece of furniture perfectly suits your taste.

You can design the wardrobe according to your individual wishes. What’s more, you don’t run the risk of the wardrobe you like being too big or too small for the place where you want to put it. So if you’re willing to pay a little more, you’re sure to get a piece of furniture that will suit you and your interior perfectly.


Sliding door wardrobes have many unique advantages over other types of wardrobes. The special, simple track mechanism allows the doors to open and close almost completely silently. This often benefits other people who are still asleep in the morning. Furthermore, the wardrobes are available in many different sizes and can therefore be placed in any large or small room.

Thanks to the fact that the doors do not open into the room, it is possible to position sliding-door wardrobes relatively close to other pieces of furniture, such as the bed. With a wide range of designs, you can choose the right model for you to enhance the look of your interior.

Image source: in4mal / 123rf