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Welcome to our big sleep tracker test 2022. Here we present all the sleep trackers we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the internet.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best sleep tracker for you. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a sleep tracker.


  • Sleep trackers enable you to document your sleep behaviour during the night and then evaluate it.
  • Basically, you can purchase devices that are specifically designed for this purpose, or fitness trackers that include sleep tracking in their range of functions.
  • In general, sleep trackers are not very expensive. However, depending on the accuracy of the measurement function, the purchase price may be higher.

The Best Sleep Tracker: Our Choices

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a sleep tracker

Who is a sleep tracker for?

A sleep tracker could be an interesting product for you if you want to record your sleep patterns. Sleep trackers have become a trend to effectively analyse sleep disorders and use them as a basis for treatment.

A major advantage of sleep trackers is their ability to learn. With ongoing use, more data can be collected and sleep patterns recognised. This leads to more accurate analysis on an ongoing basis. (Source: / Artur Łuczka)

Because a large number of working people suffer from sleep-related problems, a market has developed over time that offers a variety of products with different functions.

If this appeals to you, or at least if you are interested in measuring various data during your rest, a sleep tracker could help you. Unfortunately, a sleep tracker cannot measure or treat what triggers your sleep disorders. In the following article you can read all about the causes of your sleep disorders and possible solutions for better sleep.

How does a sleep tracker work?

As mentioned earlier, a sleep tracker can help you measure a variety of data. In addition to the course of your heartbeat or your breathing rate, you can also determine the number of light sleep, deep sleep and REM phases as well as their duration. A sleep tracker usually has specially inserted sensors that can record the data you want.

Due to the fact that there are still some movements from the transition between light and deep sleep phases, the measurement is relatively uncomplicated. Since there are hardly any movements during the transition from the deep sleep phase to the REM phase, the heart rate monitor is usually used here. This can enable you to record the heart rate that increases or changes rapidly during the REM phase.

How reliable are sleep trackers?

A sleep tracker can be a useful tool for detecting sleep disorders in a private environment. Sleep trackers can give you helpful clues for solving problems with various aspects such as breathing, heart rate or sleep phases. T

he individual accuracy depends on the respective device. However, if you decide to buy a sleep tracker, you should be aware of certain conditions. As a rule, a commercially available sleep tracker cannot provide you with the exact measurements that are taken in a sleep laboratory, for example. Even if your sleep tracker is able to detect sleep disorders, it usually cannot tell you the cause(s) of them. You may need to consult a doctor about this.

Did you know that sleep labs have existed in Germany since the 1970s? The first German sleep laboratory was established in the neurlogical clinic of the “Hephata” deaconry centre in Hesse. The headquarters of the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine is also located there.

Are sleep trackers also suitable for babies and toddlers?

In the meantime, in addition to products for adults, sleep trackers are also available for the smallest members of society. Especially for new parents, there are a variety of apps that can be used to measure the behaviour and development of their babies. In the area of sleep, there are now a variety of options to counteract the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, for example.

If you are interested in recording the sleep behaviour of your own children, you can do this in different ways. In addition to the extensive measurement possibilities, you also have an advantage due to the constant tracking availability.

However, the use of trackers for children should be handled with care. You should bear in mind that such measuring devices and apps cannot be used as an alternative or even a substitute for medical advice. Should certain measured data give reason for concern, a specialist should be consulted for further steps. (Source: / Semevent)

How much does a sleep tracker cost?

If you want to get a sleep tracker, you may have to pay different costs due to the inclusion of various factors. However, if you don’t have too much of a budget, you can also get a sleep tracker, taking into account certain compromises.

Sleep trackers in the form of watches or wristbands can be purchased for low double-digit amounts. Depending on factors such as additional functions, material and design, the costs can vary. In the meantime, you can also buy sleep sensors in stores, some of which are also used for professional sleep analysis. However, you have to factor in a significantly higher cost here.

Which companies make sleep trackers?

In addition to the many different shops for buying sleep trackers, you can also choose from a wide range of manufacturers. In the following, we would like to introduce you to a few manufacturers in more detail.


The Ulm-based company has existed since 1919 and focuses on the production of electronic devices for the health sector. In the meantime, the company has also expanded its product range for the fitness sector. For some time now, the company has been focusing more on the development of health apps.


This company was founded in San Francisco in 2007 and specialises in the development of tracking devices in the fitness sector. The majority of the devices are either for the wrist or the hip area. Fitbit distinguishes itself by using high-quality technologies for its products. As a result, the company has already been awarded several prizes.


Xiaomi was founded in 2010 and has its headquarters in China. The company specialises in the production of smartphones and became the world market leader in this field just three years after its foundation. In addition to smartphones and tablets, the company now also produces trackers for activity and sleep recording. The trackers produced by Xiaomi are usually designed for the wrist.

What are the alternatives to a sleep tracker?

If you are not sure whether a sleep tracker is the right option for you to document your sleep patterns, there are alternative options.

Alternative Description
Sleep lab Sleep labs are usually located in specific departments in clinics or hospitals. Here, data such as brain activity, eye movements and breathing patterns can be measured very accurately. Furthermore, resources are available in this environment that can also get to the bottom of causes of a psychological as well as physical nature.
Smartwatch With the help of these special watches, in combination with the right apps, you can also document your sleep behaviour. However, you must be prepared for the increased battery consumption that can occur overnight.

Decision: What types of sleep trackers are there and which is the right one for you?

What distinguishes a sleep tracker as a wristband and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

This type of sleep tracker is based on the shape of a fitness watch. You have to wear this sleep tracker on your wrist all the time to monitor your pulse and measure other bodily functions. In some cases, these types of sleep trackers also have a built-in activity tracker so that step counting and similar data related to exercise can also be measured.

Did you know that low sleep quality can have a significant impact on health? Poor sleep can promote obesity as well as chronic diseases in the long term. For children, it can lead to headaches and impaired learning ability, which in turn can lead to problems at school.

Sleep trackers of this kind can usually be purchased for an affordable two-digit amount. Depending on the functions, the product of the manufacturer or various design elements, the cost can also be higher for you. However, you only have to expect a significant price increase if you decide on a sleep tracker in the form of a smartwatch.

  • Easy to use
  • Low price
  • Wide range of products
  • Wearing comfort decreases over time
  • wear and tear on the bands
  • comparatively less accurate measurement

What distinguishes a sleep tracker for the mattress and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

This type of sleep tracker requires a sensor that is attached under the bed mattress and a lamp that you need to place next to the bed. You have to connect the sensor to the lamp with a cable. One of the advantages of this sleep tracker is that it is relatively easy to use. Your data is measured automatically after you lie down.

These devices usually come closest to the sleep lab in terms of the quality of the data measurement. If you choose this type of sleep tracker, you will have to reckon with the comparatively highest purchase costs. You also tend to have a smaller range of models to choose from. However, if the accuracy of your measured data is very important to you, this sleep tracker could be the right choice for you.

  • Does not have to be worn on the body
  • Very accurate measurement
  • Integrated alarm function
  • Expensive version
  • External device needed for data display
  • Internet connection required

What are the features of a sleep tracker for smartphones and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Sleep trackers for smartphones exist in the form of apps. These types of sleep trackers work by recording sounds from the environment as well as from sleeping persons using the integrated microphone. To enable recording, simply position your smartphone next to your pillow.

By recording the noise, you can identify sources that may be disturbing your sleep. If you snore during your night’s rest, this is usually also registered by the app. If you choose this type of sleep tracker, the initial cost is usually very low. Some very well rated sleep trackers are even free of charge. However, you should note that some trackers are only used on certain operating systems.

  • Low acquisition costs
  • large selection of apps
  • testing of different trackers possible without high costs
  • High battery consumption
  • Possible compatibility restrictions due to operating systems
  • Tends to be less accurate than other types of sleep trackers

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and rate sleep trackers

If you want to buy a sleep tracker, various criteria can make your decision easier:

  • Device compatibility
  • Waterproof
  • Display technology
  • Battery life
  • Integrated memory
  • Strap material
  • Design

What the individual criteria mean and how they can help you is explained below.

Device compatibility

A sleep tracker should be compatible with other devices with as few restrictions as possible in order to provide you with a comprehensive user experience. This is a factor you should take into account, especially when considering the storage of your data.

In some cases, you may need to rely on the additional use of an app. If this is the case, you should check whether the operating system of your smartphone or tablet is compatible with the sleep tracker. Also, if you want to read your recorded data on your home PC, you should check beforehand if the required software can be installed on your operating system.


If you buy a sleep tracker in the form of a wristband, waterproofness can also be an important criterion. As a rule, however, this feature is only important in connection with devices that also offer you sporting functions. The criterion of waterproofness usually has little or no effect on the purchase price of a sleep tracker. Waterproof sleep trackers for the wrist can be purchased for low double-digit prices.

Display technology

Another criterion for wrist sleep trackers is the technology used for the display. Basically, there are sleep trackers with LCD as well as LED or OLED technology available for purchase.

Name Technology used Description
LCD Liquid crystals In addition to liquid crystals, this technology also requires filters for the transmission of colour, grey and polarisation values. Because of the many layers required, displays of this technology are very rarely found in thin versions.
LED Light-emitting diodes With this technology, electricity is converted into light and a coloured image can be generated directly. However, this technology can have limitations in terms of image quality due to its composition.
OLED Organic light-emitting diodes In contrast to LED technology, no backlighting is used for image reproduction. Due to the high pixel density, however, the quality only comes into its own with larger monitors.

Sleep trackers with LCD technology can usually be purchased for the lowest price. However, even if you are interested in trackers with OLED displays, you can buy such models for medium-high prices.

Battery life

When buying a sleep tracker, battery life should be an important consideration. Depending on your usage needs, this criterion can result in different additional costs.

The battery life of your sleep tracker can vary depending on the product and brand. Some sleep trackers in band form have a battery life of about five to ten days, while other devices can have a battery life of up to a year.

The type of battery you need depends on the product you choose. For example, if you choose a sleep tracker for your wrist, you will usually need button batteries. For sensors that you use for the mattress, you usually need circular CR2 lithium batteries. (Source: / michaljamro)

Integrated memory

When it comes to storing your data, you have a few options when choosing your sleep tracker. However, some trackers also have built-in memory. This means that the measured data can be analysed right on the device.

There are also different options in terms of memory size; however, this component is usually often matched to the analysed measurement criteria. If you place a lot of value on this component, you may have to invest more. Alternatively, you can buy sleep trackers that allow you to analyse and store data using an app or computer software.

Tape material

When buying a sleep tracker for your wrist, the material of the band should also play a role in your purchase decision. This criterion is an important component for both aesthetic and comfort reasons. In most cases, you can choose either a plastic or a leather strap.

In terms of durability, leather bracelets are at a disadvantage because cracks can form over time and the material can become hard and brittle in various places. In terms of wearing comfort, however, you are usually at an advantage with a leather strap.


Although a sleep tracker is not used in connection with active activities, you can choose between different design variations for sleep trackers. The range depends on the type of product. While sensors for the mattress have few variations in terms of design, wristbands offer various differences in terms of design. The following elements are often available in different variations:

  • Band colour
  • Shape of the display
  • Band material
  • Display colours

Price effects of design elements are rather difficult to determine in this context. In most cases, the price of the sleep tracker of your choice is influenced by function-specific elements.

Facts worth knowing about sleep trackers

How do I set up my sleep tracker for sleep recording?

The setting of your sleep tracker can work very differently depending on the product and manufacturer. What you should keep in mind, regardless of your product-specific configurations, is to provide enough battery power for the duration of your sleep.

Generally, recording your sleep-specific data is made very easy. A specific recording button is either located on your device or digitally displayed on your app. In most cases, you do not need to make any settings other than this to enable the recording of specific data. However, you can usually switch between displaying specific data on your sleep tracker’s screen.

If you are still confronted with uncertainties in this regard, the enclosed instructions for use should be able to help you. If in doubt, the manufacturer or your dealer should also be able to answer any questions you may have about your sleep tracker.

What about data protection in connection with sleep trackers?

Especially in Europe, the topic of data protection has been an important issue since the DSGVO came into being in 2018. This topic also plays an essential role in connection with activity trackers and, subsequently, sleep trackers, as very personal data is recorded.

Especially in relation to apps, the newly defined standards for data processing are only complied with to a limited extent. Especially with regard to user consent, transparency is often not given to the desired extent.

If the protection of your personal data is particularly important to you, you should ask the manufacturer about their approach before buying and, if necessary, also obtain second opinions or empirical values.

The data of some sleep trackers are also stored in non-European countries, depending on the manufacturing company. It should be noted that the use of personal data is therefore not subject to German data protection law. This circumstance could be associated with great difficulties in the event of complaints.

How should I clean my sleep tracker?

If you have chosen a sleep tracker for your wrist, you should definitely clean it regularly. Especially in the case of plastic bands, sweat can form very quickly during use. In combination with dirt particles, fungi and bacteria can quickly start to grow.

To prevent these scenarios, you should regularly use clear water and a soft cloth for cleaning. Before you put the sleep tracker back on, however, you should first let it dry out completely. If your sleep tracker is not waterproof, it would make sense to use a smaller amount of water.

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