Last updated: 16/10/2022

For a long time, sinks were forgotten. But the useful basin is on a triumphal march and is gaining more and more followers. Sink basins are not only a practical purchase for gardeners. The purchase of a sink is also suitable for other hobbies.

In the meantime, there is a wide range of different spout basins. For our product comparison, we have compared the different sinks with each other and worked out the most important aspects.


  • A separate sink protects your actual washbasin in the house from coarse debris
  • Sink basins come in different shapes and sizes, which are ideally suited to the intended use
  • Different materials allow you to install sinks both indoors and outdoors

The Best Sink in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for sinks

In order to find the perfect sink, we have worked out some buying criteria that you should consider when buying. These criteria are intended to facilitate a comparison of the individual models so that you can make an objective and informed choice.

The criteria you can use to compare sinks include:


You can find sinks in a wide variety of materials. For outdoor use, you should make sure that the material of the sink is as resistant as possible and even frost-proof. Stainless steel is best suited for this. It can also be enamelled to make the sink even more resistant.

Ceramic sinks may be more attractive to look at. But that is entirely your personal taste. However, ceramic sinks are more suitable for indoor use, as they are usually not protected against frost. Plastic sinks are also more suitable for use indoors or in the garage, as the plastic can fade from constant exposure to sunlight.


Sinks are available in different sizes. You should pay close attention to the purpose for which you need your sink. If your sink is to be installed in your utility room and you only pour liquids into it occasionally, a smaller version will suffice. The shape of the sink is not decisive. You can choose the round or the square version.

However, if your sink has to hold used cleaning water or even water from watering cans, you should go for a correspondingly larger version. It is important that your sink is tailored to your needs.

Height of the back wall

Since the sink will mostly hold dirty water, some models offer an integrated, raised back wall. Since the sink is not attached to a tiled wall that is easy to clean, as is usually the case in the bathroom, for example, the integrated back panel protects the wall from dirt. The back panel is always made of the same material as the sink itself. You should also pay attention to the intended use of your sink. If you regularly pour out large amounts of dirty water, you should choose a model with a high back wall.

If you only pour out smaller amounts, such as contaminated brush water, you can also choose a model without a back wall. A good compromise is a model with a separate back wall that can be fitted as required.

Storage options

Sinks are often used for draining your utensils. You can, for example, put your washed-out brushes or your cleaned flower pots in the sink. However, they will dry less well there, as they will be lying on the still damp floor. If you regularly use your sink to drain your utensils, we recommend models that have a shelf.

The tray can be in the form of a sieve, which speeds up the draining process even more. However, if you want to use the sink as a shelf in general, you can also use models with a shelf made of the same material as the sink. Here, too, you do not always have to remove your utensils from the sink when you want to use your sink. Models that offer a removable shelf provide you with the greatest flexibility.


Sinks have different types of mounting. If you want to mount your sink on an exterior wall, make sure that the holes on the sink are large enough so that you can use the correct screws for your needs. For indoor use, you can also use sinks that are simply glued to the wall. However, this is only suitable for smaller models.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about sinks answered in detail

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions about the topic of sinks. In this way, we want to give you a deeper insight into the topic.

For whom are sinks suitable?

Sink units can be used in various ways. However, they are always suitable if you do not want to dirty your actual washbasin. This is always the case when you want to use the basin to clean objects or just to pour out liquids.


A sink in your utility room is ideal for cleaning brushes or paint containers. (Image source: unsplash / russn_fckr)

Since the uses of a sink are varied, they are also suitable for almost everyone. Whether you’re equipping your utility room with a separate sink, or you need a sink for liquids in the garden. The sink is the ideal drain if you don’t want to dirty your bathroom sink.

What types of sink are there?

Sink basins come in a variety of designs that offer the perfect features for every purpose. For example, there are sinks that are equipped with a draining grid so that you can dry your utensils more easily. There are also sinks with integrated back panels that protect your wall from water splashes. Sinks also differ in format. For example, there are round sinks that are particularly suitable for installation in the corner of a room. Rectangular sinks, on the other hand, are best suited for a straight wall.

Another difference between sinks is the possibility of installing a tap above the sink. Some sinks already have the hole integrated so that you can easily mount the tap. Other basins that do not have this hole, however, do not deprive you of the option of fitting a tap above the basin. Here you can install the necessary fixture at a flexible distance from the sink itself in order to fit a tap.

What does a sink cost?

Sink units come in different price ranges. They range from relatively inexpensive, usually simple products to more expensive products that are almost as good as a washbasin in terms of functionality and design. The following table will give you an overview of the price range of sinks.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (15 – 25 €) Mostly plain, small plastic sinks
Medium-priced (25 – 50 €) Larger sinks, often made of stainless steel. Better workmanship, often with integrated splash guard
High-priced (from 50 €) Large and high-quality sink, noble design, enamelled stainless steel or ceramic, high scope of delivery and already existing holes

What materials should sink units be made of?

Sink units are available in various materials. You should make sure that the material used meets your needs and that the material also fits into the room in which the sink is to be installed.

Stainless steel sinks are particularly suitable for outdoor use. Ceramic sinks are particularly suitable if your sink is to be installed indoors and you also want the sink to be visually appealing. Plastic sinks are suitable for use in the garage, as the material can absorb even small knocks without directly damaging the sink.

What features should you pay particular attention to?

When equipping your sink, you should make sure that the features are perfectly tailored to you. You can choose between an integrated stopper that blocks the drain of your sink. This allows you to use the basin as a washbasin. You can also choose a model with an integrated draining rack. This makes it easier for you to dry your utensils.

A hole for a tap is particularly suitable if you want to fit a tap at a fixed height. However, if you regularly fill larger containers, a model without an integrated hole is particularly suitable. Firstly, you are not limited in the height of your tap and secondly, you can always retrofit the tap separately at a later date. The features you need depend entirely on the purpose for which you want to use your sink.


There is almost a perfect sink for every purpose. The features range from simple models to basins that also integrate perfectly into your home. Sink units offer a useful addition to your washbasin in every area, for example in the bathroom.

Thanks to the large number of different sinks, you are sure to find the right one for you. You can decide for yourself which model suits you best. But why not integrate several sinks in and around the house? You will thank yourself!

Photo source: unsplash / faruk otkur