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In the comfort environment, there are several complements that help objects to work in an ideal way, facilitating your day to day, and the recurrent use of the same. With beds, for example, this happens, as the correct use depends on certain elements.

Bed bases are essential for the proper functioning of beds, as they provide the support that helps to keep the spine in the correct position. Sleep is a personal experience for each user, which is why single bed bases are an excellent investment.

You may be a little confused at the time of purchase due to a lack of knowledge about the product, which may delay or complicate the process of selecting between various models. If this is your case, you don’t have much to worry about, since, through this article, you will learn everything you need to know.


  • A single bed base is, in short, a mattress support device suitable for a single user, which can support the weight of both (the mattress and the person) by raising them above the floor, so that the rest and comfort are not impaired.
  • Within the current market there are certain variants in terms of base models, but there are two in particular that you should pay attention to: The standard ones, which are completely straight and fulfil their basic function; and the adjustable ones, which allow you to change the position in a controlled manner.
  • Before you decide which model is right for you, it is good to consider certain aspects that allow you to compare options, so that you choose the best one for you. Factors such as material, mobility, backrest and strength are important.

The Best Single Bed Base: Our Picks

Buying guide: everything you need to know about the best single bed base

After knowing the best single bed base models on the market, you may have a clearer idea about this product, and you may already have in mind which one is the best for you. However, before you make the final purchase, it is good that you handle certain terms that involve this product.

A good base for your bed can completely improve your rest. (Photo: Antonio Guillem /

What are single bed bases and what are their advantages?

A single bed base is basically a support for a mattress with individual measurements, i.e. where only one person can comfortably sleep. They have the ability to support the weight of the mattress along with the weight of the user who uses it, helping to improve the experience of the person, achieving rest.

Among the many benefits is the possibility of keeping the mattress in a supportive position, without direct contact with the floor, allowing the suspension of the body on the cushioned surface not to be interrupted by a hard material.

You may see it as a perfect product, but just like anything else on the market, it has advantages and disadvantages, which you should consider before making a purchase. This is not to say that it is a bad investment, but it is important that you know all the sides, good and bad.

  • Gives more comfort
  • Allows you to maintain a proper posture
  • Improves rest
  • It is big
  • It is expensive
  • If any piece comes loose it can hurt you while you sleep.

Standard or adjustable single bed base – what should you pay attention to?

When it comes to single bed bases you can come across a wide variety of models, all with certain qualities that differentiate them, but which in the end, fulfil the same basic function. However, there are two particular types you should be aware of: standard single bed bases and adjustable single bed bases.

Standard single bed base: This is the model most commonly marketed, fulfilling the main function of the base, which is to support the bed and the weight of the user without compromising comfort. They are static, maintaining the same position at all times.

Single bed base with adjustment: Models with adjustment are normally used for elderly people. They allow elevation of key points (head and legs) to provide greater comfort and assist in posture to improve circulation. They are usually more expensive and heavier.

Standard single bed base Adjustable single bed base
Mobility Static For legs and head.
Transfer Easy to move, usually moderately light Difficult due to weight due to mechanisms
Price Affordable Costly

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of single bed frames

Although you may already have an idea of what you are going to buy, it is good that before you make your decision you are aware of certain important aspects that allow you to make a comparison between various options, helping you to choose the best one.

  • Material
  • Strength
  • Backrest
  • Mobility


In today’s market there are a variety of single bed bases, and one of the most important aspects is the material they are made of, as this guarantees greater or lesser durability depending on the case.

Wood: It is the most used material for bed bases, and this is due to its high resistance to weight, allowing any mattress to be placed on it. It can be very heavy, so it is ideal for people with very thick and heavy mattresses.

Metal: Models made of this material have become more popular over the years. Metal is a strong material, which does not have termite problems (as can happen with wooden ones). It can be very light, but it doesn’t support too much weight. Each model has a limit, so you have to know which mattress you can put on it.


When we talk about the resistance of the bases, it is mainly the support and endurance that they offer to the weight they will receive, and this aspect is analysed directly in the structure of the base.

Resistance with spring: This is the most used and recommended resistance in the bed bases, this is due to the fact that, at the moment of getting on, they allow the sustained sinking of the mattress, enveloping the movement to achieve a better sensation. Perfect for people looking for the greatest comfort.

Resistance with boards: Older models often use this type of resistance. It consists of boards that go through the mattress to form a base support for the mattress. They are completely rigid, so they do not envelop the weight. They keep the spine straight, so they are ideal for people with back pain.

The resistance of the bed will allow you to use a certain type of mattress, as well as adjust your posture and suspend your weight according to what you need. (Photo: 罗 宏志 /


Designs can vary depending on the model, and that includes the presence of the base header. This element can be fundamental depending on how you use the bed, or where it is located.

In the case of models with a headboard, they tend to wrap around the elements located on the bed better, preventing them from falling. Likewise, when sitting down, they help to maintain a more suitable posture, avoiding possible back pain. They are usually an excellent option for children or people who usually eat in bed.


According to the level of comfort and, more importantly, assistance you need, you can consider manual or automatic mobility of certain parts of the base, this will allow greater control of posture and ease of changing position without too much physical effort.

Static bases: These are the standard, usually found in any home furnishing shop. These have no controlling movement, so they stay in the same horizontal position. Excellent for use by any user who has no limiting physical problems.

Mobile bases: Most commonly used in hospitals or special care for people with physical problems or situations of limitation (illness, for example), this type of base allows the elevation of the head, upper back and legs with manual or automatic control, without much effort for the person.

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