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Whether for indoor or outdoor use, for the living room or hallway, for the garden or balcony – no household should be without a side table. There really is a perfect side table for every person. Are you looking for a useful side table with shelves that you can also use as a coffee table?

Or a multifunctional outdoor side table for your next garden party? We have compared every possible type of side table for you in our big side table test 2022. Now we want to share our results with you so that you can find your perfect side table with little effort.


  • Side tables come in a wide variety of shapes and forms. From U-shaped to S-shaped, from C-shaped to Z-shaped. From 3-legged to 4-legged, from glass to plastic. A side table is not only beautiful to look at, but can also be very useful.
  • There is a perfect side table for every place – indoor and outdoor! Should the side table only be used for decoration, or should it also serve as a work surface?
  • Side tables are available in almost every material. Choosing a new side table can be difficult at first, but we have compiled some lists that will help you in your search for the perfect side table.

The Best Side Table: Our Picks

Side tables: buying and evaluation criteria

Whether weight, shape, material or size, every side table has its own special features. To help you make your choice, we have listed the most important buying criteria you should consider before buying your new side table.

Here you can find out what you should look for when buying your new side table:


At first glance, the weight of the side table does not seem to be a very important purchase criterion. However, this is not quite true! If you are the kind of person who occasionally moves your home out of boredom, a heavy side table can be very unfavourable.

For easy and quick rearrangement, a light side table is ideal for you

However, if you choose a heavier side table (e.g. solid wood), make sure it stays in a fixed place – for example, in a corner, or if you don’t have a pull-out couch in the living room and have to move the heavy side table back and forth when you have visitors. A light side table, for example made of plastic or light metal, is perfect for constant moving around.

Tired of the small metal table in your bedroom? You can simply take it and put it on your balcony.


The shape of the side table you choose depends on where you want it and what you want to use it for. A small, round side table made of glass is not only perfect as a plant stand, but also as a side table for your couch. Square side tables can easily be placed in a corner without changing the room much. If you like it more modern, there are also side tables in U-shape, C-shape, Z-shape and even as a cube.


You should only invest in an expensive side table if you can take good care of it. Side tables made of wood, for example, are much more susceptible to ugly scratches or water stains than a side table made of metal or similar material. We have put together a list of things you should look out for when choosing a side table in our FAQ!


Before buying a new side table, you should think carefully about where you would like to place it. So, how big should your side table be? For example, a small side table is better suited to a corner than a large one. Of course, if you are looking for some eye-catchers for your home, you can also create a contrast with different sized side tables!


If you’re looking for extra storage space, or if you rearrange your home every weekend and want it to go faster – the useful side table always serves its purpose! It comes with 1,2 and even 4 drawers. With castors and without. With one shelf or two.

  • Adjustable: can be quickly converted
  • with drawers: extra storage space
  • on castors: quick to transport
  • with handles: finally no fingerprints visible

Side table: frequently asked questions and answers

You would like to know how to clean your side table after your purchase, or whether a metal side table or a side table with a glass top is suitable for you? Find out where you can buy a side table and all other questions here:

Who is a side table suitable for?

No household should be without a side table. You can decorate it (for example, put a beautiful plant or a picture on it), you can use it as a tray for your teacup, or just as a newspaper rack. So, a side table is really suitable for everyone.


You can use a side table for practically anything
(Image source: Goran Ivos / unsplash)

Of course, you can also just spice up your home with a modern side table.

What types of side tables are there?

  • Indoor side table
  • Outdoor side table

Does a small, round side table made of glass go with my new couch in the living room? Or would a solid side table made of real wood be better? Well, this decision could be quite difficult for you – with the huge selection of of decorative side tables. They are not only available in small, large, square, triangular, but also in metal, glass, plastic or real wood optics.

Type Type
Indoor Real wood, metal, glass, plastic
Outdoor for plants, for balcony, for garden, for barbecue

Depending on whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor side table, you should definitely pay attention to the choice of material. Certain side tables for outdoor use (for example, real wood) need to be stowed away depending on the season and weather.

How much does a side table cost?

The cost of a side table usually depends on the size and the material. A side table made of real wood (for example, acacia) can easily cost up to 500 euros.


Coffee table and storage – you can use an outdoor side table for everything.
(Image source: Toa Heftiba / unsplash)

Of course, there are also cheaper versions, depending on the type of wood. A side table made of metal (or with metal legs) is quite affordable.

Art Prices
Real wood 30 € – 400 €
Metal 20 € – 500 €
Glass 40 € – 200 €
Plastic 15 € – 200 €

Important: Prices vary greatly depending on material and design. If you decide to buy a side table from a well-known designer, you can expect a higher price.

What are the alternatives to a side table?

If a side table is too boring for you, there are also a few alternatives:

Art description
Basket with lid a basket with a simple lid can also be used as a shelf, or plant stand (tip: baskets made of rattan look great)
Ottoman ottomans can be used as seating or you can put a tray on top of it (it becomes a small table), certain ottomans also have storage space!
Bedside table Bedside tables are usually smaller than typical side tables – can be very practical
Chair A chair as a side table also serves its purpose – simply storage and also eye-catcher

As you can see, there are many alternatives to a conventional side table. You can simply give free rein to your creativity and use the simplest objects, for example as storage.

How do I clean a side table?

Some side tables are very easy to clean, others need special care. You can find out here what kind of side table you need and how to care for it:


A wooden side table needs special care.
(Image source: James Lewis / unsplash)

Depending on the material, you must and should also use different care products for your side table:

  • made of metal: simply use a cloth or microfibre cloth for cleaning use
  • wood: keep the wood dry! Always wipe dry after damp wiping
  • made of glass: simple cleaning agents do the job – but make sure but make sure you wipe away the unsightly streaks


Whether you choose a side table with castors, a side table made of metal or a side table made of high-quality acacia – we hope that we have been able to help you with your decision. In fact, there is a perfect side table for every type.

Choosing between the different shapes, sizes and materials can be a little difficult at first, but take your time to find your dream side table. Whether online, in a shop or second-hand – we are sure that you will find it with our tips. If not, there are plenty of alternatives.

Photo source: Monika Mlynek / 123rf