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You have a shower tray or a bathtub and are now wondering which shower curtain rod you need and, above all, which one you need for your shower or bathtub? We can help you find the perfect shower curtain rail for your bathroom.

We have compared the most popular products and found the perfect shower curtain rails for you and have not only found out what is important when buying a shower curtain rail, but also what different types of shower curtain rails there are.


  • Shower curtain rails offer a favourable alternative compared to sliding and swing doors. In addition, they are easy to attach and the installation of the shower curtain is also usually done quickly.
  • Important purchase and evaluation criteria are the length, the fastening, the material, the weight and the colour.
  • Shower curtain rails are available in straight, U and L shapes. The L shape is also called a corner curtain rod. As a rule, the length of a shower curtain rail is individually adjustable and the shapes can also be individually combined.

The Best Shower Curtain Rod: Our Picks

Buying and review criteria for shower curtain rails

To find the perfect shower curtain rod for your shower or bathtub, you should intensively consider buying criteria before deciding on a specific model. We have selected the most important criteria for you to consider:

In addition, we have explained them in more detail below so that you know exactly what to look for in the specific purchase criteria.


The length of the different shower curtain rails varies with the different products. As a rule, there are shower curtain rods that are adjustable and can thus take on different lengths. Also with the U shape and with a corner curtain rod, it is usually possible that the different rods are adjustable and can be assembled individually so that you can adjust them to your length.

The most common lengths vary between 100 and 200 cm. However, there are also longer shower rails for larger showers and bathtubs. It is important that before you buy a shower curtain rail, you measure exactly what length you need.


With a straight shower curtain rod, the rod is usually clamped between two walls, so you can save yourself the trouble of drilling. There are even shower curtain rails with anti-slip feet that provide a better grip when clamped. There are also suction pads for attaching a shower curtain rail.

Especially for U shapes, there are some shower curtain rails that are attached with suction buttons. Although this makes the installation of the shower curtain rail very simple, it does not provide a good hold for the rail.

The most complex way to attach a shower curtain rod is to drill holes.

Especially with a corner shower curtain rod and a U shape, this is the most common method, as the shower curtain rod cannot simply be clamped between two walls and suction cups can often hold the weight of the shower curtain.

Although the method is the most complex in terms of installation, it offers a very robust attachment. Before buying, you should therefore think carefully about what is important to you when installing the shower curtain and which type of fastening is best for you.


As a rule, shower curtain rails are made of two different materials. One is aluminium and the other is stainless steel. However, there are also shower curtain rails made of nickel and plastic. When buying your shower curtain rail, you should make sure that the material does not rust and is stable. It is also important to check how much weight the shower curtain rail can support.


The weight of a shower curtain rail varies depending on the length of the shower curtain rail and the material. As a rule, lightweight shower curtains weigh around 800 grams. Long shower curtain rails, however, can be quite a bit heavier and weigh around 2 to 3 kilograms.


Normally, a shower curtain rod is made of stainless steel and aluminium and is usually silver. However, a ceiling curtain rod now comes in a variety of colours.

Many shower curtain rods are now also available in copper, gold, black and many other colours. There are even shower curtain rods that have a bamboo look.

A black shower curtain rod gives an elegant look, especially in modern bathrooms. You should therefore ask yourself which type of shower curtain rail suits your bathroom best and which colour looks best in your bathroom.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about shower curtain rails answered in detail

Choosing the most suitable shower curtain rail for you is not easy. We want to help you find the perfect shower curtain rail and have picked out the most important questions and answered them here.

Who is a shower curtain rail suitable for?

A shower curtain rail is suitable for anyone who does not have a sliding or swing door fitted to their shower or bath and therefore needs to fit a shower curtain. The shower curtain prevents water from leaking out of the shower or bathtub. Shower curtain rails with shower curtains are an inexpensive alternative to protect the bathroom from water splashes and offer a low installation effort compared to a sliding or swing door.

What types of shower curtain rods are there?

As there are different shapes of showers and bathtubs, there are different shapes of shower curtain rails. You should therefore take a close look at your shower or bathtub beforehand so that you know which shape you need. You should also measure the area where your shower curtain rail should be installed.


A shower curtain rail comes in different shapes. One is the straight shape, the L shape and the U shape. (Image source: Andrea David/ Unsplash)

The most common shower curtain rod is straight and is usually clamped between two walls. With most shower curtain rods, you can adjust the length. However, you should still measure the space between the two walls. The rod should be slightly longer than the measurement because it is clamped between the two walls. This creates a tension that provides support. Another form of shower curtain rod is the so-called U-shape, which encloses the shower or bathtub.

This is particularly suitable for shower trays, floor-level showers and bathtubs with three open sides. There are suction pads for fastening, but also fastening pieces that have to be drilled into the wall. In addition, there is the “L shape”, also called a corner curtain rail. This is particularly suitable for shower trays built against a corner wall. As a rule, a ceiling bracket is mounted, where the corner curtain rod is hooked into place.

What does a shower curtain rail cost?

The price varies, of course, depending on the length of the rod. In the low price range, there are usually straight shower curtain rods that can be clamped between two walls. These can usually be adjusted individually. In addition, in the medium price range there are shower curtain rails in the L shape, i.e. for shower curtain rails for corner showers. In the upper price range, there are usually shower curtain rails that can take on any shape and are individually adjustable and can be assembled.

How do I attach the shower curtain to my shower curtain rail?

Once the shower curtain rod is assembled, there are two alternatives to attaching the shower curtain to the shower curtain rod. Some shower curtain poles have rails built into them. The shower curtain can be hooked into these, similar to a curtain. However, plastic hooks are the most common method. Most shower curtain rails have holes where these hooks can be hooked and thus attached to the shower curtain rail. This way, the shower curtain can also be pushed without worry.


Shower curtain rods are important for installing shower curtains. If you don’t have a sliding or swinging door on your shower, a shower curtain will help you prevent water from leaking out of your shower or bathtub. A shower curtain rod comes in different shapes, lengths and is usually made of different materials.

When buying a shower curtain rod, you should always measure beforehand where it is to be installed and what length(s) it needs to be. Usually, shower curtain rails are made of stainless steel or aluminium, but there are also other materials you can buy. In terms of colour, there are now also different versions in black or gold. Compared to other variants, a shower curtain rail is definitely an affordable option that is also easy to install.

Image source: Andrea Davis/ Unsplash