Last updated: 16/10/2022

As temperatures rise, the covers come off. In the hot summer months, long trousers are usually almost unbearable. Shorts can remedy the situation and are versatile. To keep you from sweating, men’s shorts are perfect with their airy and comfortable nature. Your legs will enjoy the sun’s rays and the tanning can begin.

There is a huge choice in men’s shorts in terms of fabric types, colours, patterns and leg lengths. Whether for casual leisure or a smart outfit, you will find suitable shorts and clever combination options for almost every occasion. To give you an overview of the topic of men’s shorts, we have summarised the most important things.

The Best Shorts For Men: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying shorts for men

The selection of shorts for men seems overwhelming at first. To make it easier for you to choose the right trousers, we have listed some buying criteria that you can take into account in your search. These are the following buying criteria:

  • The material
  • The length
  • The purpose

In the following section, we go into more detail on the individual points to make your choice easier.

The material

There are many options when it comes to the materials for men’s shorts. If you get too warm quickly in high temperatures, you should opt for lightweight fabrics such as linen or cotton. They are breathable and comfortable against the skin.

With linen, however, be aware that the fabric creases easily and thus requires more ironing. Denim is a strong fabric that is very robust and therefore also durable. It is particularly well suited to a body-hugging style of dress, but has the disadvantage that it is not as breathable as the lighter fabrics. So you can get too warm under the denim on very hot days, but UV rays are also kept out well.

If you are looking for shorts that still repel wind and weather, you can go for polyamide. The synthetic fibres are particularly elastic and stretchy, which is why they have a long service life. Thanks to their water-repellent properties, they are predestined for the beach.

Men’s shorts made of viscose are inexpensive and pleasant to wear on the skin. Another advantage is that they are easy to care for and wash. The material makes the fabric flow and the lightness makes it perfect for the summer months.

The length

The length of shorts for men is an important criterion and can vary greatly. The different lengths have different advantages, which is why a general recommendation on length cannot be made. The intended use and your personal taste ultimately decide on the length.

For tall men, trousers that are too short can look too peculiar, which is why a slightly longer cut should be chosen. A longer trouser length also makes the legs look stronger and the opposite effect occurs with very short trouser lengths. There are shorts that end well above the knee and are designed more for sports use to restrict movement as little as possible.

Very short trouser legs no longer correspond to the fashion ideal, which is why they are rarely found on men in the leisure sector. Knee-length shorts are worn to the knee or about a hand’s width above the knee and are particularly suitable for leisure wear. Short chinos that tighten towards the knee can even be worn in an elegant setting.

Knee-length shorts are particularly trendy and are therefore suitable in many situations. Three-quarter length shorts for men go past the knee and cover it. Cargo shorts are usually longer, but offer a lot of storage space due to attachment pockets and are therefore popular for hiking, as you can fit all your essentials in your shorts.

The intended use

Whether at the beach, during sports, fancy occasions or as comfortable leisure wear, shorts can be the right choice in many places. Whether and which type of shorts are a suitable outfit for men depends largely on their intended use. At the beach, you attract attention with fancy designs and bright colours.

When buying, make sure that the shorts are made of a material that is suitable for swimming. Boardshorts are perfect for this purpose and allow you to cool off in the water at any time. Men’s shorts are particularly suitable for sports because you don’t lose any mobility and enough air gets to your legs so that you don’t sweat as much. Breathable material is particularly suitable here. It is important to note that men’s shorts are not suitable for every profession. If the dress code or safety regulations do not permit shorts for men, it is better to leave them at home.

Therefore, talk to your boss beforehand about the rules in your office before you show up at work with bare legs. In your free time, of course, you can always wear shorts on warm days to give your legs a dose of sunshine. In cosy barbecues, for example, shorts with elastic are recommended to have a comfortable day.

Shorts for men: The most important questions answered

This detailed topic is sure to raise some questions that you may ask yourself before buying. We try to help you choose your shorts for men and have answered the most important questions on the subject.

What types of shorts are available for men?

The choice in shorts for men is vast, but the good news is that something suitable can be found for everyone. In the table below you can see an overview of the most important types.

  • Jean shorts: Men’s jean shorts have the great advantage that they can be combined excellently and are therefore a great all-rounder. The heavy and very robust material is comfortable to wear and should not be missing from any wardrobe.
  • Chinos: Chinos for men are an elegant alternative to heavy denim. These knee-length trousers are particularly suitable if you want to use smart shorts for once and prefer many possible combinations.
  • Boardshorts: Boardshorts for men are the ideal choice for going to the beach. They are available in bright colours and you can therefore cause a stir at the beach. They offer built-in UV protection and are suitable for going swimming.
  • Sports shorts: Sports shorts for men are characterised by their excellent freedom of movement as well as good comfort. The leg length can be shorter here to ensure mobility. They are ideal for sports use and should not be missed at the gym.
  • Cargo shorts: Cargo shorts for men are ideal for outdoor use. Whether you’re going for a bike ride or hiking in the mountains, the many pockets allow you to stow away all your essentials and keep your hands free.
  • Bermuda shorts: Bermuda shorts for men are usually made of fine fabric and can also sometimes be worn to the office. The length goes from just above the knee to just below the knee. The loose wearing style also makes them ideal for all leisure activities.
  • Sweatshorts: Sweatshorts have good stretch due to the elastane in the fabric and therefore offer excellent comfort during leisure time or sports. With the elastic waistband and drawstrings, you can adjust the sweatshorts for men perfectly to your width and a good fit is always guaranteed.

Why not try out the different models so that you can find a pair of shorts that perfectly suits you and the intended use!

At what temperatures are shorts for men suitable?

When the summer days are approaching, the temperatures are slowly rising and you are already longing for summer, sun, sunshine, then the shorts are unpacked. But the longing for the warm temperatures can be too hasty in spring.

If you are not totally hardened, you will probably only put on your shorts from around 20 degrees. Make sure that the shorts are wind-resistant if you want to wear them for hiking in the mountains or at the lake. For indoor sports, shorts are of course suitable all year round.

How do you care for and clean your men’s shorts?

Of course, the care of shorts also depends on the material. However, if you want to enjoy your men’s shorts for as long as possible, you should follow a few tips.

  • Before washing, roll the shorts from the outside in to protect the material and the colour of the shorts.
  • Zips, pockets and buttons should be closed so that nothing breaks in the washing machine.
  • Do not wash your shorts too warm so that they do not shrink. Take a look at the label before washing to make sure you have chosen the correct temperature.

There are still special features for the individual materials. Denim should not be mixed with other clothing when washed for the first time, as the shorts could otherwise give off colour to the laundry and discolouration could result.

What is the dress code for men’s shorts?

In many conservative professions, shorts are not desirable in the workplace. Bank employees or lawyers unfortunately have to do without shorts at work in the summer. Workers who have customer contact also have to give up cooling off their free legs at work. In other professions where things are a little more relaxed, shorts may be acceptable.

However, be sure to check with your boss beforehand if you plan to wear shorts to work and if in doubt, leave them at home.

Styling tips for men’s shorts: How to achieve the perfect casual look

In your free time, your look is only slightly restricted; everything goes according to your own taste. So it can also be colourful and a little more unusual. Forgo long socks that disrupt the look and go for sneaker socks instead.

  1. When it comes to shoes, you have a wide choice. From sneakers to sailing shoes, you have many options.
  2. Outerwear also needs to match the men’s shorts. Whether in a casual T-shirt or a classy shirt, the overall look should suit the occasion.
  3. Tall burly men look awkward in trousers that are too short, so make sure the shorts are the right leg length.
  4. Fashionable accessories such as sunglasses, belts or wristwatches complete the perfect casual look.

With these styling tips, you’ll have inspiration for a summery look that makes for eye-catchers.


Especially when the temperatures are high, you long to cool down and that’s where shorts come in handy. Thanks to the many different patterns and fabrics, there is almost always a suitable model for you. No matter if you wear them for leisure, sports or sometimes even in the office, with a pair of shorts you achieve a casual look and prevent sweating in the high temperatures.

Shorts are great to combine and with T-shirts, shirts, jumpers and the matching shoes, you are therefore always perfectly styled.

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