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Welcome to ReviewBox! This time we will be letting you know what are the best shopping trolleys you can find to make your life easier by moving what you buy to your home. This mini vehicle is nothing more than a basket with wheels and a handle.

It is used to hold a large amount of goods or consumables and move them from one place to another. They are, therefore, necessary in the everyday life of almost every person, since this is what you can move around with when you do a lot of shopping. At ReviewBox we know what needs you may have as a consumer.

That’s why we have put together a select organisation of information, with which we compile the details that anyone can consider essential about something to buy. This makes it easier for you to choose the best and get the most out of your purchase.


  • This item is a basket that is carried by means of a support system that surrounds it. It is equipped with wheels, giving it the shape of a “cart”. It is widely used for market trading.
  • It can have a telescopic handle, a platform or be retractable. There are versions that even add more than 2 of these variables in the same vehicle. These variables make it more or less attractive depending on your taste.
  • What colour it is, the materials it is made of such as its fabric or alloys, what design it has or whether it has additional pockets are additional factors. Look at them to choose the one you like best.

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Shopping guide: What you need to know about shopping trolleys

There are components that may be involved with one of these bags that are not visible to the naked eye. This is because when you measure the effectiveness of something based on eye comparisons alone, a lot of data escapes you. Precisely to avoid this, in the following section we will describe in more detail what this tool is all about.

They are very useful for carrying groceries home from the car (Photo: violetta /

What is a shopping trolley?

A shopping trolley is a basket with wheels on the bottom and a handle from which it is held by hand. They have varying degrees of capacity depending on their manufacturer, but often carry between 20 and 50 kilograms. They are indispensable for moving shopping, if there is a lot of it, from the market or from the car to the house.

There are versions that have platforms on the bottom. In addition to making them sturdier and much better able to support greater amounts of weight, they also have the option of dispensing with their fabric covering. In this way, gas bottles or gas tanks can be moved.

What are the advantages?

Their main advantage is that they make domestic life much easier. The plastic bags offered in stores when shopping leave marks and are difficult to move. However, by using these bags, everything can be moved more quickly and efficiently. In addition to this, many of them can also have a very useful and pleasant aesthetic function.

They can be used to decorate part of the home, or they can be tasteful and look good when you buy them. Manufacturers therefore produce them in many different designs and colours.

  • Many are affordable
  • They make the process of buying things for the home easier
  • There are many options to choose from
  • They are very mobile and moveable
  • You save on the cost of shopping bags
  • Many deteriorate easily
  • If the fabric breaks they can be useless
  • There are many cheap ones of poor quality
  • It is not easy to find replacement wheels
  • Some can be expensive

Shopping trolley with telescopic handle, platform or retractable – what should you look out for?

Like all products, these have a multitude of variables that can affect their relationship with the customer. None of them are superior to others, but each uniqueness can make it more or less suitable for your purposes.

Shopping trolley with telescopic handle. This is a handle that often has two sticks to hold it. These can be pulled out and retracted as with travel bags. Although not an overly impressive component, it can make a difference when walking on unstable or bumpy terrain.

Shopping trolley with platform. This base is useful because it further diversifies the uses you can put your product to. This is due to the fact that normally when manufacturers integrate this type of aggregates, they do it so that you can dispense with the cloth bag. This way, you can carry heavier or larger items.

Retractable shopping trolley. One of the most useful features for this good, when it comes to keeping it at home and storing it, is this. This is nothing more than a function that allows you to “make it smaller” by making it smaller in volume. This way, you can store and protect it, making it more durable.

Telescopic handle Platform Retractable
Capacity 20-50 kilograms 50 kilograms 20 kilograms
Dimensions 40 x 30 x 30 x 90 centimetres 50 x 60 x 100 centimetres 30 x 30 x 80 centimetres
Weight 1-2 kilograms 2 kilograms 1 kilogramme

They can be used for a huge variety of purposes. (Photo: Kevin Phillips /

Buying criteria

There are things to consider when you want to buy an item. These may go unnoticed because they appear to be mere details, but the reality is that they greatly affect how much something can be adapted to your needs.

Thinking about avoiding returns we made this section. Here is a list in which you can see the data that indirectly affect shopping carts. Take them all into account and don’t hesitate to ask your salesperson about them.


The colouring it is made of is something that may seem secondary, given that we are talking about an object that is, above all, useful in practical terms. But this is not so, since they can often be quite aesthetic and this will always be a point that can be demanded by the customer according to their taste.

Remember that there are all kinds of shades, and many manufacturers even make them with up to 24 different colours. This adds up to an important diversity that you should be aware of before deciding on one. Also take this into account when defining the gender for which the product is intended, as there are pink and blue variants.

Those with a platform can be used for heavier loads (Photo: Erwin Voortman /


There are basically two types of fabric with which this type of product is made. On the one hand, there is polyester and on the other hand cotton. Although it is clear which of the two materials is superior, at least in terms of durability, the truth is that both have certain advantages.

Polyester. It is generally much less durable, as it breaks easily and is less easy to repair. It also lacks the ability to absorb moisture. On the plus side, it is substantially more economical, as well as more detergent-efficient when washed.

Cotton. It is more resistant and stronger, in addition to absorbing much more moisture. In general, things made with this fabric are much more resistant and their useful life is prolonged for a long time. It is also more expensive and heavier. For something that is defined by facilitating the transport of goods, the added weight is a disadvantage.


There are also two materials from which the “skeleton” of the basket is made. That is, everything that supports the basket. The most common is plastic, but you can also find them made of metals such as aluminium. Which one to choose depends on the strengths and weaknesses of each component.

Plastic. It is quite fragile, which can pose a great threat to the product. This is because it is supposed to withstand significant weight loads, which can cause fractures between the interstices that support the wheels. Weakness is the main factor conditioning this material. It is, on the other hand, cheaper.

Metal. Being robust and strong, it has several disadvantages. The first one is to know if it is stainless, because otherwise, humidity will damage it. If you carry meat in your shopping, for example, if the ice melts, it will deteriorate progressively. It is heavy, so it is more difficult to move, as well as being more expensive.

Additional cases

The presence of pockets is something that improves the trolley’s performance. They allow you to move more things around and even reduce the need to carry wallets to pay, because you can carry your documents in the same bag.

This is not a must, but this add-on is something that definitely improves the efficiency of the vehicle. Separating items that should not be together, such as detergent and food, are options that allow for these “pockets”. (Featured image source: Mohammed Anwarul Kabir Choudhury/